Creature — Fish Octopus Crab

: Adapt 1. (If this creature has no +1/+1 counters on it, put a +1/+1 counter on it.)

Whenever one or more +1/+1 counters are put on Sharktocrab, tap target creature an opponent controls. That creature doesn't untap during its controller's next untap step.

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Sharktocrab Discussion

marciothehero on Ravnica Cube v12

2 months ago


Simic Charm -> Quandrix Command

Immolating Gyre -> Draconic Intervention

Lightning Helix -> Rip Apart

Launch the Fleet -> Venerable Warsinger

Shifting Ceratops -> Battle Mammoth

Shrine of Loyal Legions -> Mimic Vat

Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord -> Daemogoth Woe-Eater

Polukranos, Unchained -> Daemogoth Titan

Mindwrack Demon -> Rank Officer

Winding Way -> Brawn

Abrupt Decay -> Drown in Filth

Grapple with the Past -> Llanowar Mentor

Archetype of Courage -> Selfless Squire

Unburial Rites -> Incarnation Technique

Stealth Mission -> Benthic Biomancer

Thrummingbird - > Fuel for the Cause

Assure / Assemble -> Selesnya Charm

Knight of Autumn -> Battle for Bretagard

Druid's Deliverance -> Pest Infestation

Wilt-Leaf Liege -> Glare of Subdual

Jeleva, Nephalia's Scourge -> Veyran, Voice of Duality

Legion Warboss -> Laelia, the Blade Reforged

Ral, Storm Conduit -> Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver

Experiment One -> Gyre Sage

Jadelight Ranger -> Managorger Hydra

Merfolk Branchwalker -> Incubation Druid

Sweet-Gum Recluse -> Forgotten Ancient

Sharktocrab -> Zegana, Utopian Speaker

Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath -> Prime Speaker Zegana

Roalesk, Apex Hybrid -> Tanazir Quandrix

Herald of Secret Streams -> Deepglow Skate

Nightpack Ambusher -> Arachnogenesis

Life / Death -> Tivash, Gloom Summoner

Cry of the Carnarium -> Essence Pulse

Filter Lands -> Thriving Lands + 5 Color Lands

Falta G para balancear


Quandrix Command , Draconic Intervention , Rip Apart , Venerable Warsinger , Daemogoth Woe-Eater , Daemogoth Titan , Incarnation Technique , Pest Infestation , Veyran, Voice of Duality , Laelia, the Blade Reforged , Tivash, Gloom Summoner , Essence Pulse

Lanzo493 on Your Ravnican Experience

9 months ago

In Ravnica Allegiance, I drafted Simic. Adapt was a powerful mechanic with cards like Sharktocrab, Pteramander, and especially Biomancer's Familiar. I stuck with the Simic guild due to the Simic seeded pack I got. I'm no good at draft, so I stick with a color combination even if I can't figure out how good it'll be.

Murphy77 on Adaptation

10 months ago

I would think that you don't have enough mana-ramp to get the full effect of Combine Guildmage. Your last 3 listed creatures (Parcelbeast,Sharktocrab and Zegana, Utopian Speaker are all high cmc, and could be slowing you down. I would consider losing them for Wildwood Scourge and Lorescale Coatl. Other useful cards in this deck would be Primal Empathy and Simic Ascendancy

LordBlackblade on Why is "Shark" Now its …

1 year ago

My question is: If WOTC was planning to add sharks as a new creature type, why not start with Sharktocrab and it’s ilk durning Ravnica Allegiance last year?

My understanding is the grand creature type update more than a few years ago was supposed to preclude retcons like that.

Kiran_M on Card creation challenge

1 year ago

I don't play Pokemon so I'm just going to go with the original challenge of a gym. I'm making a cyle of cards based on Jace's Sanctum. This is Gideon's:

Training Center


At the beginning of each upkeep, you may tap any number of creatures you control. If you do, put a +1/+1 counter on those creatures.

Whenever a creature you control enters the battlefield, you may tap it. If you do, put a +1/+1 counter on it.

, Tap an untapped creature you control: Add two mana of any one color.


Combos nicely with Sharktocrab.


Finish/Continue the cycle of places that the Gatewatch feel most at home. (This includes Ajani, Teferi, and Kaya.

ScionsStillLive on None

1 year ago

I would pair the card with Sharktocrab. The opponents wouldn't be able to do anything with their creatures!

Sorin_Markov_1947 on Strictly Worse Temur Emerge

1 year ago

Fair enough. You should note that Teferi's Time Twist would get rid of any counters already on Sharktocrab .

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