Counter target spell. Ionize deals 2 damage to that spell's controller.

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multimedia on Fort Burn

1 month ago

Hey, interesting budget version of Kykar.

Lots of burn here doesn't have enough oomph when each opponent will have 40 or more life. Glacial Ray, Magma Spray, Lightning Helix and other single effect burn spells like this are subpar in multiplayer Commander. Flame Rift doesn't do enough, hitting all players for 4 damage a single time is not worth a card. Even being able to flashback these spells with Backdraft Hellkite isn't good enough because they're only doing damage to one player. Some advice is research Torbran, Thane of Red Fell burn decks and mimic the burn strategy with Kykar?

Impact Tremors and Zo-Zu the Punisher are good, it's the kind of repeatable burn you want in multiplayer Commander. Consider more repeatable burn sources?

Barbs and Earth seem like very good repeatable burn sources with Kykar since have lots of mana rocks (could have more), Spirits can make red mana and playing lots of basic lands. Tremors and Goblin Bombardment want an infinite combo for they're burn that can create infinite tokens with Kykar or Saheeli, Sublime Artificer.

By adding this budget combo you add some more competitiveness to your deck and Guttersnipe is another burn win condition with the combo. You can't do this combo if you control Spellshock. But with Jeskai you have many options that can bounce/tuck/destroy an enchantment before comboing while still keeping it in your control to burn your opponents until you want to combo.

What Kykar provides for a burn strategy is extra damage from attacking with fliers, 1/1 Spirits and Kykar. Animosity can make Spirits more of attacking threats and with a lot of them a win condition. Consider increasing the fort with Obedience and Prison? Obedience can also be a nice source of repeatable life gain with extort since you gain life each time equal to the number of opponents you have.

Consider adding more draw as well as more mana efficient draw to expand on spellslinger?

Tandem Lookout when soulbond to a creature who can do damage to an opponent or all opponents you draw cards. Use this interaction with Guttersnipe since when he does damage you draw a number of cards equal to the number of opponents you have. Zo-Zu the Punisher is also good with Lookout because all players can play lands including yourself to draw. Lookout can change who it's soulbond to which is really helpful to first soulbond with flying Kykar or a Spirit and then change when a creature ETB who can do damage to opponents.

Some cards to consider cutting:

Good luck with your deck.

9-lives on Top 5 Counterspells Of All …

2 months ago

Most of these cards are extremely high mana cost/sacrifice to do what something cheaper can easily do, besides Counterspell (probably one of the best for MV).

Ionize (on the higher MV yet dealing damage as well as countering)

Siren Stormtamer (very low MV sac counter as well as creature)

Izzet Charm (toolbox counter used if not needing to soft counter)

Disallow (one of the best for for all around denial)

9-lives on Pioneer Prowess

4 months ago

And Ionize ?

Angel_Zero on Brazen Blue Moon

5 months ago

would Ionize fit the theme?

TheoryCrafter on

6 months ago

since you're trying to maximize the Niv Mizzet ability, I think you're better off replacing the Avaricious Dragons with Behold the Multiverse . If you choose to keep the Beacon Bolts, the damage is as effective with the cards in exile as if they were in the graveyard. That will also give you the excuse you need to replace Lava Coil with Demon Bolt. If you choose not to keep the Beacon Bolts, then you can always replace them with Fiery Temper as Jump-Start fodder for Risk Factor. With as many discard cards in your deck as you have, embracing a little madness would be an oppurtunity. If Fiery Temper is not suitable to your needs, then I would suggest adding either Izzet Charm for flexibility or Ionize for the damage.

Happy Hunting!

TriusMalarky on Aikido of the Inward Eye and Mirror Flame

6 months ago

Use Disallow as a catch-all and Absorb if you end up playing against a lot of aggressive decks. Ionize is just glorified Cancel , and in the decks that want 3 mana counterspells the 2 damage might as well not even be on the card.

9-lives on Ionize and other Counters in …

6 months ago

Ahhh thanks plakjekaas and Erza421. I see that Disallow has great versatility to block abilities as well as spells, but I wonder how I'm going to spend 3 mana to block one ability? Considering I don't have many countering control cards, I think it would actually be more useful in my deck, since I won't be always countering their creature spells or whatever gives them triggered and activated abilities, like artifacts or enchantments. I'm only running two of these cards in my deck. However, I find Ionize more useful just because of the damage dealt, along with countering whatever from being used. And I have plenty of card draw, so those aren't really useful for me. Thanks for the heads up on Disallow though, as I kinda figured it would be better, and I think i plan on using that for the aforementioned reasons.

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