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The Sea of the Damned (Themed Skeleton Ship EDH)

Commander / EDH Proliferate Tap/Untap UB (Dimir) Wither



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Desperate attempt to make Skeleton ship work with a sea monsters / cursed crew themed deck. Focus on untapping skeleton ship with numerous creature effects to rack up -1/-1 tokens, which can be multiplied by proliferate. Deck kind of crippled by omitting proliferate instants/monsters that don't fit with the theme, so it has some filler creatures that are mostly there as blockers. Currently lacks a clear win condition, so its quite low power.

Original idea was to include mono-black pirates & treasure generating spells so that Revel in Riches could be included as secondary win-con. However, it spreaded the gameplan out a bit too thin and it seems like it cripples the deck further.

Open to suggestions, as long it sticks to the sea monster / skeleton & spirits crew theme.


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