Contagion Clasp

Contagion Clasp


When this enters the battlefield, put a -1/-1 counter on target creature.

, : Proliferate. (You choose any number of permanents and/or players with counters on them, then give each another counter of a kind already there.)

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Contagion Clasp Discussion

griffstick on Mono White Superfriends

1 month ago

For Proliferate I like Grateful Apparition, a lot. I think it's great. I think that proliferation shouldn't be a focus but that card should remain in the deck because it's only 2 mana. but I hate Contagion Clasp,and Contagion Engine. I think k they are way to slow and too much mana. They need to go

The_Acid_Drip on Mono White Avacyn Angels EDH

1 month ago

I can tell this is a more casual deck but here are two suggestions.

1) you need to run Leonin Abunas he's a big plus in an angel deck offering indestructible to your creatures. He protects all of your artifacts.

2) since you have Kindred Boon you should also run Myojin of Cleansing Fire

or consider running Contagion Clasp since it's cheep proliferate on a stick allowing you to wrath with Myojin at will while also supporting any other incidental counters.

3) maybe consider That Which Was Taken to add to the indestructible theme offered with kindred boon. With Leonin Abunas it becomes much harder to kill That Which Was Taken.

GrimlockVIII on Szat and Rograkh the Reanimator and the Sac outlet

3 months ago

I actually had, like, one or two if you're still interested in proliferation and/or artificially upping your main commander's loyalty.

Karn's Bastion

Contagion Clasp

Contagion Engine

Settle the Score

The Elderspell

Granted, these options aren't the one man swiss army knife that Yawgmoth is, but they are more in line with your budget at least.

nuperokaso on Simic counters

3 months ago



QuestionMarc on Vadrik's Discount Spell Emporium

3 months ago

Looking over the deck and playtesting it a few times I have what I consider a pretty exhaustive maybe list with some cards being worth considering and discussing and a few being real treasures! Here is the full list and if I did it right hopefully all the cards are links.

  1. Call the Skybreaker
  2. Capsize
  3. Cascade Bluffs
  4. Champion's Helm
  5. Clockspinning
  6. Coalition Relic
  7. Commander's Plate
  8. Contagion Clasp
  9. Darksteel Plate
  10. Deflecting Swat
  11. Door of Destinies
  12. Drown in Dreams
  13. Elementalist's Palette
  14. Expanded Anatomy
  15. Expansion / Explosion
  16. Fanning the Flames
  17. Fatespinner
  18. Fierce Guardianship
  19. Finale of Revelation
  20. Fists of Flame
  21. Flux Channeler
  22. Force of Will
  23. Galazeth Prismari
  24. Haze of Rage
  25. Illuminate
  26. Insurrection
  27. Izzet Boilerworks
  28. Jaya's Immolating Inferno
  29. Jeska's Will
  30. Leyline of Anticipation
  31. Lonely Sandbar
  32. Lunar Frenzy
  33. Mana Drain
  34. Mana Geyser
  35. Metallic Mimic
  36. Midnight Clock
  37. Mikokoro, Center of the Sea
  38. Mystic Remora
  39. Mystic Sanctuary
  40. Oona's Grace
  41. Opal Palace
  42. Prismari Campus
  43. Reality Ripple
  44. Reality Shift
  45. Reiterate
  46. Rhystic Study
  47. Ring of Evos Isle
  48. Riverglide Pathway  Flip
  49. Runechanter's Pike
  50. Sage of Fables
  51. Scour from Existence
  52. Sea Gate Restoration  Flip
  53. Seething Anger
  54. Shatterskull Smashing  Flip
  55. Spark Double
  56. Storm-Kiln Artist
  57. Swiftfoot Boots
  58. Sword of Truth and Justice
  59. Temple of Epiphany
  60. Tezzeret's Gambit
  61. Tyrite Sanctum
  62. Unleash Fury
  63. Valakut Awakening  Flip
  64. Vandalblast
  65. Vedalken Orrery
  66. Volcanic Island
  67. Volcanic Vision
  68. Wandering Archaic  Flip
  69. Whispers of the Muse
  70. Zaffai, Thunder Conductor

carpecanum on The Sea of the Damned (Theme Skel Ship/Gyruda EDH)

6 months ago

I would think Freed from the Real would be thematic and an excellent combo. Contagion Clasp and Contagion Engine both sound like cursed items you would find on a skeleton ship. I think these 3, at least, should come out of maybe board

Fallen Shinobi, Octopus Umbra

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