Elder Deep-Fiend

Elder Deep-Fiend

Creature — Eldrazi Octopus


Emerge (You may cast this spell by sacrificing a creature and paying the emerge cost reduced by that creature's converted mana cost.)

When you cast this spell, tap up to four permanents.

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Elder Deep-Fiend Discussion

Exit_The_Path on The Risen Tide

5 months ago

This deck is so rad! I thought of this concept earlier this week and started brewing a deck, happy to find this list that give me some inspiration! Few cards on here I hadn't thought of, I'll have to consider them. Did you find 40 lands was the right amount for this deck? Seems high for an commander deck and even for other regular sea monster lists I've seen, but if it worked for you then I'll take that into thought :)

As for suggestions, Spawning Kraken and Port of Karfell are two newish cards that fit this theme really well. I also think Elder Deep-Fiend is super spicy in sea monster decks, since its casting for 1 to 0 mana most times and has flash!

TheKamikazeBagel on Boat Tribal

5 months ago

Sarcastically says: "There's no boats in some of those lands, how dare this boat deck not have boats in its lands".

Jokes aside, I have done a non extensive search for boat inclusive lands.

PO2 Island #154/#156

ISD Island #254

AVR Island #234

SOI Island #288

XLN Island #265

XLN Island #264

Jumpstart Island #52

ISD Swamp #257

AVR Swamp #237

M19 Swamp #271

KHM Snow-Covered Island #278

SOI Highland Lake #277

Jwar Isle Refuge

Port of Karfell

River of Tears

Spirebluff Canal

Submerged Boneyard

THB Unknown Shores #249

XLN Unknown Shores #259

To note, while Innistrad #260 / Avacyn Restored #240 Mountains don't have boats, they do have lakes and lighthouses, and those fill out nicely with the other Adam Paquette ISD/AVR land cycle.

Non Lands:

Drag Under

Elder Deep-Fiend

Epiphany at the Drownyard

Grizzled Angler  Flip

Rise from the Tides

Seagraf Skaab

Vexing Scuttler

fatalzintomyum on Card creation challenge

10 months ago

Eggolas, Noggin of the tribe

Legendary creature- elf wizard

Your opponents cannot lose life.

Whenever Eggolas becomes tapped, you may tap any number of untapped enchantments you control. each player gains life equal to the number of permanents tapped this way,

At the beginning of your endstep, every player with 60 or more life loses the game.

:You cannot gain life this turn.


Really fun card to make, just realized that his name is a pun! Anyway, I hope the colours and the name make this a christmas card. Tapping enchantments is something that was never widely done, though I have had some great times with Elder Deep-Fiend.

Make a goblin horror. (:

wallisface on Simic Choke Control Needs Help

10 months ago

Also, another big creature you may like is Elder Deep-Fiend. Your Cloud of Faeries will make it cheaper to cast, and it can tap down lands if your opponent is trying to save up for a larger-casting-cost spell

tacolover25 on Budget BUG Eldrazi

1 year ago

Maybe you could use Awakening Zone instead of or in addition to From Beyond? Also, check out Elder Deep-Fiend. It kinda functions like a Mistbind Clique which can be a huge tempo swing for you.

Rageinn on When Rashmi crafts a sea creature army...

1 year ago

And i thank you for the Elder Deep-Fiend idea. Really powerful and budget!

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