Arcane Lighthouse

Arcane Lighthouse


: Gain .

, : Until end of turn, creatures your opponents control lose hexproof and shroud and can't have hexproof or shroud.

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal

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Arcane Lighthouse Discussion

Lanzo493 on The Good, The Bad, and The Dragons

1 month ago

In order to idealize this a bit more, I would suggest altering your mana base. You have 10 lands that tap for colorless mana. This will definitely get in the way of casting your commander as soon as possible, as well as making it difficult to cast cards out of your hand. Arcane Lighthouse and Detection Tower are great in control decks, but not so much in aggro decks. For an aggro deck, the best removal is player removal. Forge of Heroes , Opal Palace , and Unstable Frontier aren't really that good either. You don't need your commander to be big since she's flying and probably won't die in most combat situations. I would suggest more dual lands, if you have them, or at least Terramorphic Expanse and Evolving Wilds . You won't have much fun if you can't cast your commander or any of the color heavy cards in your hand.

Exoflo on Zedruu - The Path to Enlightenment [PRIMER]

1 month ago

Hi NetholonTheArchmage !

One year has passed and I'm always in love with your deck.

I was wondering why you were playing Minamo, School at Water's Edge . You've nice synergies, especially with Serra's Sanctum , but that's all the card does.

I spended many time to change some cards of your deck. I find that Pendant of Prosperity , Tolaria West and Dack Fayden fit very well in the deck, as Humility or Land Tax , but you probably already know for those ones.

Arcane Lighthouse and/or Shadowspear are great cards to deal with shroud/hexproof/indestructible, depending your playgroup. It's same for graveyard hate, but I'm still looking for a good card cause I also play with my graveyard.

I considered many time Nine Lives to Phyrexian Unlife , but still prefer the unlife to avoid loss of life cards, like Exsanguinate (where Nine Lives protect only for damage).

Trying to replace Robe of Mirrors (I don't like aura, they vanish with board wipes), I find Spiritual Asylum , wich seems perfect on the spot. But I don't feel confortable with the shroud effect it give. Sure, it protect your creatures and (most important) your lands, but it cancel the Zedruu's ability on lands, wich I'm used to give . Still keeping in mind Lightning Greaves , but it can't be tutored with Wild Research

I'm not a big fan about Illusions of Grandeur when you play Solitary Confinement . Why gaining 20 LP when you can never lose them ? I honestly find the combo unreliable and too much slow.

Finally, thank you for your work. It really make me love Zedruu, and gived me the strength to start building a deck (I mean, ctrl c - ctrl v your deck). Best of luck to you, can't wait for next update

Forkbeard on Atarka, World Render: Double Dragon

2 months ago

Going to try the following additions + cuts:

  • In: Thought Vessel ; Out: Skyshroud Claim - SC is decent ramp, but this swap makes sense due to minimal forest targets + a general effort to reduce the average CMC. The no max hand size redundancy is just gravy.
  • In: Bonders' Enclave + Castle Garenbrig ; Out: Copperline Gorge + Detection Tower - The probability of Copperline being an ETB tapped land is too great & I've still got Arcane Lighthouse in here if need be. Making room for these 2 superior utility lands feels like a good trade.
  • In: Bala Ged Recovery ; Out: Forest - A bit controversial as this takes my land count down to 35, but I've got a woeful lack of recursion in here and I suspect this will come in handy more often than not. Worst case, I have to use it as an ETB tapped Forest. Best case, a mega threat gets a 2nd shot at life.
  • In: Glorybringer ; Out: Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker - A tough cut to make as good 'ol KJ has been in here since day 1, but as pointed out, he's a big target and not pivotal the game plan. Glorybringer joins the dragon crew and the additional removal option is a welcomed bonus.
  • In: Harmonize + Rishkar's Expertise ; Out: Feldon of the Third Path + Surge of Strength - A few have pointed out the lack of card draw in here and it's a compeltely valid point. These 2 additional options should add value, even if they are a little on the casting cost steep side. Feldon was a cute idea as a recursion engine, but he's also fragile, conditional and Bala Ged Recovery is going to be preferable in most cases anyway. Surge is a sneaky combat trick, but the discard downside was sometimes annoying.

  • Those are my trades for now. I'll need to give it a few plays to see how it feels, but I'm hopeful these card swap choices are fun ones and help to smooth things out a little.

    Grind on Kozi Commander

    2 months ago

    sweet deck!
    i have a kozi deck also, so i have a couple thoughts..
    if you want to make Kozi a one-hit-kill, you could try some things like Hedron Matrix, Grafted Exoskeleton, Fireshrieker, Eldrazi Conscription

    Also, if you want to work on your mana base, i would consider removing:
    Evolving Wilds, Terramorphic Expanse. Warped Landscape, Ruins of Oran-Rief, Ash Barrens as these lands either enter tapped or fetch basics. i also opted not to run the urza's lands as it is so unlikely to get all 3. But if you do run them, you could run Expedition Map to help you fetch a useful land.
    some nice lands to add could be:
    War Room, Bonders' Enclave, Geier Reach Sanitarium, Ghost Quarter, Blinkmoth Nexus, Rishadan Port, Tectonic Edge, Arcane Lighthouse

    anyway just my thoughts, hope you enjoy playing with Kozi and have fun!!!

    kpres on "You Made Dis?....I Made Dis!" Yasova Theft EDH

    2 months ago

    I feel like this deck wants to be fairly aggro, but you've built it to have quite a bit of control.

    Shadowspear or Arcane Lighthouse would help you to target things that would be otherwise untargetable.

    Arena and other fight effects could help you ditch your stolen creature similar to the Fling mechanics you currently have. I feel like you'll run out steam really quickly with all of these one-off effects. Maybe use Jalira, Master Polymorphist for a repeatable way to transform random stuff you steal from opponents into useful permanent stuff you need. I would also recommend Prime Speaker Vannifar or any other card with this effect like Birthing Pod. Throw in some really good, efficient green creatures too.

    You should be getting enough card advantage by stealing opponents' stuff and transforming it into flings and polymorphs, but the deck needs to win. You're relying on the opponents having good creatures to steal, but you need to have good creatures too.

    Yasova is a really cool commander, not one I see often. I like where you are going with this. Good luck!

    grievances on Toshiro, Ghost of Tsushima... or EDH

    5 months ago

    Made a few edits last night - took out some "Exile" effects from my instants list (Deadly Rollick for example, even though I like the free aspect of it) since they wouldn't trigger Toshiro. I also tried to add a few more things to give me wincons, like Lashwrithe, Hatred, and even other creatures like Drana, Kalastria Bloodchief. Also a couple more pieces to combat hexproof like Detection Tower and Shadowspear to complement Arcane Lighthouse. I will keep play testing this though!

    TotesMcGoats on Counteracting large hexproof creatures.

    5 months ago

    Righteous Aura is so underrated. Notice how it doesn't say 'target'. 2 mana to play, 1 mana and 2 life, and it prevents the damage completely. Never take Commander damage again.

    Also, can confirm, Arcane Lighthouse goes in all of my decks. The opportunity cost is so low because its just a land, which makes it hard to interact with, and you forever get the ability to shut off your opponents' protection. Detection Tower is less good, but still very playable, and the next best is Shadowspear. The others are a bit more niche and I've never really played them.

    shifthappen1 on Queen Marchesa: Politics, Aikido, and Control

    5 months ago

    Has there been any notable new cards ever since war of the spark? I just found out this gem of a commender deck (and read MegaMatt13'sprimer as well), gosh, I'll never look at commander in quite the same way. I did want to make some political-ish sort of deck with sphinxes and riddles and pillowforts / redirection stuff, felt like a nice theme, sphinxes and riddles (aka, politics and decision making), but its nowhere near as good as an archetype as what I'm seeing in yours and the other one's deck, I'm sold.

    What do you think about

    1-Crown of Doom how is it as a card to make enemies waste time / mana and to help redirect attackers elsewhere? too unreliable? it seems very fun and in the theme, so I assume the issue is reliability?

    2-Coercive Portal too expenssive for draw even if it works over many turns? / unreliable when the board state seems too good for opponenets? or since it kills creatures, it doesnt redirect them to enemies?

    3-Azor's Gateway  Flip filtering into potential mana ramp for x cost spells?

    4-Lithoform Engine it seem like it does a lot of nice things for reasonable cost. anything it could potentially replace?

    5-Act of Authority as an enchantment and artifact removal? doesn't look like your list has things that would be high priority target, so, is it because of the speed and / or that it destroy stuff and might target you as well, as unlikely as it is?

    6-Isolated Watchtower and Detection Tower/Arcane Lighthouse as utility lands?

    I assume all of these are not there because they aren't as efficient as the alternatives currently in the deck, just wondering if they have ever been discussed before.

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