Arcane Lighthouse

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal

Arcane Lighthouse


: Add .

, : Until end of turn, creatures your opponents control lose hexproof and shroud and can't have hexproof or shroud.

Davinoth on Giada's Jihad [Angel EDH]

4 weeks ago

     PirateCptAstera: Glad you like it, look forward to hearing how it goes! =)

     abstractfive: I have been experimenting with the total volume of lands, and have found that I maybe could afford to cut one - with the volume of cards I'm drawing I've been pretty consistently able to hit every land drop. As for the utility lands, there's really no drawback in a mono-colour deck to running a few with narrow options. Arcane Lighthouse is an excellent political tool for helping the board deal with someone else's problematic creatures, and Hall of Heliod's Generosity is really just there to help me keep True Conviction (and to a lesser extent Folk Hero) around, as it's pretty much due for removal the moment it hits the board.

     As for Starnheim Aspirant - you're totally right that drawing it later in the game doesn't feel great, but even through the mid-game it's still pretty useful as it can free up mana to use for things like equipment, Divining Top or Swords/Path/Grand Crescendo after casting a 7 or 8 drop.

     Sungod: Not yet. It's on the maybeboard pending me finding one, but my Local Shop doesn't have any. I'm probably going to have to order one.

     Thanks for the comments and upvotes everyone! =)

abstractfive on Giada's Jihad [Angel EDH]

1 month ago

I feel like one place your deck could use a tune-up is in your land selection. Play-testing against it I sometimes get a flood of basic plains that leaves the deck dead in the water. Also, I don't see a purpose for Arcane Lighthouse. You are only running what generally evens out to three sources of targeted removal. Hall of Heliod's Generosity is in a similar spot. If you had 15-18 enchantments it could be useful, but what are the odds you are going to get it when you actually need it, with only 5? Very low. It's just not impactful, and you are not running sac enchantments either.

Consider removing Starnheim Aspirant. Ask yourself when you want to draw that card. To me, it's at the beginning of the game only, and it generally doesn't curve like I want it to. Giada turn 2, aspirant turn 3, 1 white mana 3 costing 3 same turn? There are 6 cards in your deck that can be played for that turn 3 combo. This isn't mathematically correct, but in essence you have a 93 out of 99 chance to lose an attack turn 4, and end up with a block fodder 2/2 on the board. Expect a board wipe turn 5/6. Removing it leaves you in the same spot, minus a potential extra attack / wasted card slot.

Thanks for posting the deck. Playing vs. yours inspired me to shift all the way out of life gain antics. (soul sisters, ext.)

DreadKhan on Pagan

2 months ago

Arcane Lighthouse can let you ignore some protection on a creature, letting you grab what you want. There is also Detection Tower and Glaring Spotlight, none are necessary if people never use those abilities though.

It's a bit harder to work with than for Merieke, but Retreat to Coralhelm isn't bad with some manner of sac outlet, or perhaps with some haste source like Lightning Greaves, so you can steal something nasty, swing with it, play a land to untap Rubinia and then use her to steal a great blocker. Not sure if the feel would be off, but Martyr's Bond really likes stuff like Miren, the Moaning Well, or any other card that involves sacrificing something of yours. While most religions have had persecutions in various times and places, not many have been as targeted as the Druids were, or the Wiccans.

Would Mother of Runes fit your deck's theme? There are a few arts to choose from, not sure if any have a Druidic vibe, but Mother is a great way to protect key creatures, or make them harder to block. TBH, the OG art does kind of remind me of a 'nice witch' type, the kind very good at helping and protecting.

Felidar Retreat is a pretty solid landfall payoff that has some synergy, not sure if Druids like Felidars or not, but cats are at least associated with Wicca in pop culture.

Hope some of these are relevant to what you're trying to do!

zretrareo27 on RW EDH Brion 2022

3 months ago

My 2016 EDH deck - revamped for 2022! use commander Brion Stoutarm to Fling your opponents creatures with cards like Act of Treason, and if you're lucky - use Bazaar Trader to keep them!

I've tried to keep this deck nearly 50% White and 50% Red.

I've narrowed the premise of this deck down to the following categories, 50 Cards to the first, and 10 cards to each other category, give or take.

50% of the Deck is the Commander, Land, Mana rocks, and Draw.
10% is Steal/Keep
10% is Removal/Wipe
10% is Bringing Cards Back
10% is Brion Fodder and Fetch cards
10% is Double Damage and Powerful Flyers

Your comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated. That being said, I will probably not be able to afford the more expensive cards Land Tax, Smothering Tithe, Lifeline, Smuggler's Share etc. that are not already in this deck. However - It's still fun to check them out! If you like it, up vote!

With this revision, I've cut many of the fancier, slower dual lands to opt for faster basic lands. I've also added Weathered Wayfarer.

I've removed cards that target artifacts and enchantments like Kami of Ancient Law, instead opting for better utility cards like Quarantine Field that target "nonland permanent".

I've made some recent changes to this deck, hopefully to address that mid game I am struggling with tempo, as well as running out of mana to cast the creature or steal spell and have enough to activate Brion's ability. Some cards like Deathrender and Thornbite Staff have been removed (even though they were good in concept) to add more playability.

I also found that after all the sacrificing, mid game I was running out of defense, so some additional creatures have been added with dual purpose, such as Angel of Sanctions and Emeria Shepherd.


Double Damage:
Fiery Emancipation gives me triple damage. Calamity Bearer works specifically to Brion's sac ability. Angrath's Marauders, Gisela, Blade of Goldnight, Gratuitous Violence all make the damage I do twice as effective.
When creatures I steal die, Stalking Vengeance beefs them. When I summon large creatures into play Warstorm Surge deals damage to my opponent, and when I sac those, Stalking Vengeance hits them on the way out.


Malignus, Serra Avatar, and Soul of Eternity all act as giant bombs to throw at the opponent.
Hofri Ghostforge allows for me to steal an opponents creature, fling it at them with brion, and then keep a spirit copy of that creature.

Magus of the Wheel and Reforge the Soul provide the opportunity to get a fresh hand at my whim. Humble Defector is an easy and fun, card that helps me forge alliances with other players in multiplayer while getting me TWO extra cards per turn.
Skullclamp works perfect with the sacrifice ability and is easy to cast.
Well of Lost Dreams is insane when played late game for Brion's lifelink ability and can be fetched with Hoarding Dragon or Open the Armory Sin Prodder gives me a potential extra card per turn, or the chance for an opponent to take damage to the face... and then I can pull it out of my graveyard later with my other cards! Basically a win/win. Mangara, the Diplomat and Mila, Crafty Companion  Flip serve to deter attacks and draw.

Hoarding Dragon serves as a flyer, a sacrifice, and can grab any rocks, Skullclamp, or Well of Lost Dreams.
Open the Armory helps grab Skullclamp, Well of Lost Dreams, or Gift of Immortality.
Recruiter of the Guard is specifically to get Bazaar Trader for the huge advantage of keeping my opponents things, but can also grab Duergar Hedge-Mage for removal or Sin Prodder (amongst a few others). Weathered Wayfarer can grab any land, such as Buried Ruin or Arcane Lighthouse.

Mana Rocks:

Boros Cluestone, Commander's Sphere, and Mind Stone are all serving as early ramp and later card draw.
Sol Ring because Sol Ring.


Archon of Justice is quite powerful in this deck, as it allows for a flying creature, then a source to sac, and remove a card permanently.
Angel of Serenity gives me the option of 3 recursion or 3 removal.
Duergar Hedge-Mage can be played and replayed in this deck for knocking off annoying enchantments or mana rocks.
Magus of the Disk is one of the board wipes.
Grasp of Fate, Oblivion Ring, and Banishing Light all allow for really flexible removal. Same for Quarantine Field except allows for extra targets for more mana. Chained to the Rocks works the same, but only for creatures. Angel of Sanctions works similarly, but is a creature. Ryusei, the Falling Star really just acts as weenie removal and a sac source from a flyer.

Bringing them Back (and sometimes keep it!):

Adarkar Valkyrie Sac an opponents creature, then get it permanently!
Bazaar Trader Take it with a steal and keep it!
Angelic Renewal Sac my own creature, get it back! Gift of Immortality Sac my own creature, get it back... again, and again!
Emeria Shepherd play a land, get a card! Play a Plains, get a creature to sac!
Mistmoon Griffin Flys, defends, and sac-able, then get back a creature from the graveyard!
Squee's Embrace fun and easy to play, and retrievable with Tragic Poet.
Tragic Poet, a low mana cost creature to get any enchantment in my deck back for any reason. Fun with Squee's Embrace, Angelic Renewal, etc. Returned Pastcaller a flyer that lets me grab a Threaten or Breath of Life. Angel of Serenity gives me the option of 3 recursion or 3 removal.

Stealing their Creatures:

Captivating Crew steals every turn! No wasted card space here, just a reusable sorcery.
Conquering Manticore powerful flyer, that steals!
Zealous Conscripts You can steal anything! Anything! Lands? Mine. Artifacts? Mine. Works great with Bazaar Trader.
Act of Treason, Portent of Betrayal, and Threaten are all basic steal spells.
Malevolent Whispers, Mark of Mutiny, and Traitorous Instinct all give me steal with buffs for Flinging.
Harness by Force allows for more than one thing to be taken if the extra cost is paid!

Powerful Creatures:

I'll be the first to admit, these don't reallllly fit in with the deck. But they're so awesome it's hard to remove. Akroma, Angel of Fury
Akroma, Angel of Wrath
Aurelia, the Warleader

Cowmmunist on I'm the reason people hate Child of Alara

4 months ago

ThoAlmighty Thanks for the considerations!

I honestly think I am pretty set on fixing, and I am not comfortable dropping below 2 of each basic land. Several of my ramp spells reference basic lands and I need to be able to react to effects like Ghost Quarter, Field of Ruin, Path to Exile, or opponents Tempt with Discovery and other effects like it. Really need that buffer so I can dish out my own basics, and not be down a land when I play against effects like these, and I think 10 is a good number right now.

For cards like Command Tower and Arcane Lighthouse to find a home here, I'd wonder what you might swap them out with? I'm still in the process of testing out the channel lands and so far I have not been a huge fan of Eiganjo, Seat of the Empire because it can only do 4 damage. Which has actually been a great way to deal with commanders, because it's an ability activated from the hand, not a cast spell. But 4 damage is pretty restrictive, and it has only really helped me in the early game while I am still collecting my colors. For instance it has kept me alive against Edgar Markov who is a very scary aggro deck, and absolutely can blitz down Child.

EldritchAbomination on I'm the reason people hate Child of Alara

4 months ago

Cowmmunist Thanks for the response!

borneuw seems to be right on the money when they suggested Arcane Lighthouse. I am glad my observations have been investigated upon. Also, yes, I was also playing against an Avacyn deck that was running a TON of indestructible and hexproof, and it was a pain... especially when you have a target on your back for playing the nuke baby.

Cowmmunist on I'm the reason people hate Child of Alara

5 months ago

borneuw thank you so much for the comment!

After looking over the 3 cards, I am not going to consider Glaring Spotlight because I don't really think it has a place in the deck. I agree that of the 3 it is the weakest.

Shadowspear and Arcane Lighthouse are really strong options. I love that Arcane Lighthouse enter's untapped and has good utility. I could very easily throw this card into the deck. Shadowspear makes me think about how I can utilize the card's effect more than once If I really have to. Since it will be destroyed by Child's death trigger, it feels like a tough sell compared to Arcane Lighthouse. Now, that being said I do think that Shadowspear is the best of the bunch because of it's ability to hit hexproof and indestructible at the same time while also providing some sustaining lifegain. Which can be incredibly important if we were behind in getting Child on the board. This in combination with Diamond Valley can net us a huge buffer when our opponents begin to see us as a threat. Not to mention just how brutal 7 commander damage is for our opponents.

I think at this point either card could easily replace maybe one of the neon dynasty lands with channel like Eiganjo, Seat of the Empire. I'm gonna add both to my maybe list to keep in mind if I find that I need more tech in that department.

borneuw on I'm the reason people hate Child of Alara

5 months ago

Shadowspear, Arcane Lighthouse, and Glaring Spotlight are all cheap options for dealing with hexproof/shroud/indestructible.

Shadowspear seems like it would work best with your grind game Child of Alara voltron wincon. It costs 1 generic mana, and can give Alara +1/+1, lifelink and trample, while also being able to remove hexproof and indestructible at instant speed for only 1 additional generic mana. You could possibly replace one of your least useful disruption spells for this.

If you can spare a land drop or land slot, arcane lighthouse can remove hexproof or shroud, and you can sacc it later to search your guildgates using Scapeshift. The one concern is that it taps for colorless mana. I don't know how much that would inconvenience you when you are building up your manabase in the early game. Overall I thought this should be less of a priority than Shadowspear, but it is immune to Alara's destruction effects so it might actually be more synergistic with your deck.

Glaring Spotlight seems to be the worst of the three options for your deck, but it could be considered as a side deck option.

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