Glaring Spotlight

Glaring Spotlight


Creatures your opponents control with hexproof can be the target of spells and abilities you control as though they didn't have hexproof. 3, Sacrifice Glaring Spotlight: Creatures you control gain hexproof until end of turn and are unblockable this turn.

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Glaring Spotlight Discussion

Peoyogon on Poison cannons pew! pew!

4 weeks ago

How do you fare in the mid/late game? If you need some extra evasion to get around clogged boards after your first kill, Glaring Spotlight and Shinen of Life's Roar might be cards to consider!

Masterful on Necronomicon | Teysa Karlov | Primer

1 month ago

Eloniel Chances are, if you already have/had Sol Ring and Skullclamp, you're pretty far ahead or its late in the game. Either way, losing Urza's Saga in two turns without anything to tutor probably won't matter. Playing it for the opportunities to tutor clamp or sol ring when you don't have them is more than worth the downside of it dying without tutoring anything lategame. Playing something like Glaring Spotlight could dilute the consistency of the deck since it seems very niche. I could see running it if your playgroup relies on Hexproof a ton, but normally, I'd play Saga with only the two tutor targets. I'd even play it without sol ring, that's how powerful tutoring clamp is from a land slot.

Eloniel on Necronomicon | Teysa Karlov | Primer

1 month ago

Thanks for yours answers.

I grabbed an Urza's Saga from a pack, i'm willing to add it to my Teysa deck, but i fear the situation where i would already have my sol ring and my skullclamp in play/hand/graveyard, i would feel safer with a 3rd target but i can't afford a mana crypt or vault, any suggestions ?

I was thinking about Glaring Spotlight as an hexproof hate and a boardwipe protection & potential win condition.

libraryjoy on Yisan Tames the Savage Beasts - Ultrabudget EDH

1 month ago

Taunting Elf is in there over Shinen of Life's Roar, because it fits the elf-tribal aspects of the deck ( Marwyn, the Nurturer , Jagged-Scar Archers , Wren's Run Packmaster ). And Glaring Spotlight made the cut to a non-budget edition of the deck. Thanks for the input though! I'm glad you like it. I focus on budget builds in casual and EDH, so if there's something you're looking for, let me know. I don't play or build black besides to help friends, but anything else I'll take a stab at.

Peoyogon on Yisan Tames the Savage Beasts - Ultrabudget EDH

1 month ago

I really love ultra-budget builds like this! And I love how packed your creature list is :)

I noticed you have Taunting Elf in there! If you are in the market for a similar effect, I've had a lot of success with Shinen of Life's Roar . It's a little more expensive but Glaring Spotlight is another, more direct way of giving board evasion for those massive late-game attacks.

Ghool on Kira the Thief

2 months ago

I like it, thank you! But now it's - what do I take out?!? Maybe Glaring Spotlight . Everything in the deck works too well except Carry Away which sat in my hand with no target most of the time. One other is the spotlight that is useless if no one is using hexproof.

Arkhanuin on Ayara - MonoBlack - TEST

3 months ago

Thank you very much your feedback and suggestions.

I really plan to cut out Breeding Pit and Aphemia, the Cacophony , I just feel I need more token factories and those are my only possibilities right now. Ophiomancer and Bloodline Keeper  Flip are brilliant cards for my deck, unfortunately I don't have money for them right now.

Ghoulcaller Gisa is a good call, but I really won't have big power creatures, I could sacrifice only 0-1-2 power creatures, and for 5 mana it's too much from a creature without ETB effects.

I don't want Glaring Spotlight and Daring Fiendbonder in my deck, since these cards are for attack support. I don't feel like attack at all with this deck. Probably all my creatures will defend my health and my PW's and they will be sacrificed before the summoning sickness wears off.

I made some changes tho, some cards arrived, what I ordered previously: Sword of the Animist instead of Sword of Body and Mind

Crypt Ghast instead of Solemn Simulacrum

and I took off some "targeted removals" for more Damge//Gain Life effects like: Blood Artist , Bontu's Monument and Vindictive Vampire

Gontilordofmtg on Ayara - MonoBlack - TEST

3 months ago

For a test deck you already seem to have a lot right. In terms of improvements you can make, I would definitely cut a few cards. Breeding Pit and Aphemia, the Cacophony are both extremely small impact token creators that take a long time to get considerable value, specifically aphemia who does nothing when faced with graveyard hate and likely won't have many enchantments to target in the first place. I would replace these with Ophiomancer , Ghoulcaller Gisa , and maybe Bloodline Keeper  Flip. I would also remove Sword of Body and Mind in favor of better protection at a lower cost, since its attack triggers are mediocre at best. I would recommend adding a few equipment pieces that give hexproof and indestructible, so that ayara can stick around during boardwipes and drain lots of life. Finally, two last cards I would attempt to make room for are Glaring Spotlight and Daring Fiendbonder .

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