Coastal Piracy

Coastal Piracy


Whenever a creature you control deals combat damage to an opponent, you may draw a card.

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Set Rarity
Jumpstart (JMP) Uncommon
Eighth Edition (8ED) Rare
Mercadian Masques (MMQ) Uncommon

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Format Legality
Modern Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Historic Legal
Vintage Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Limited Legal
Arena Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Unformat Legal

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Coastal Piracy Discussion

Snap157 on Bruh, Tetsuko is uncommon

1 day ago

Maybe Bident of Thassa? Along with your Coastal Piracy and Reconnaissance Mission, you'd get even more of an engine going.

channelfireball12345 on All My Friends Are Dead

2 weeks ago

Coastal Piracy is strictly worse than Reconnaissance Mission. It's probably worth including both though. Oh, and Distant Melody is pretty sweet; as I'm writing this, I've realized that I should probably check to see if it's already in the list, and I see you've got it in your maybe board, so I'll just say that I strongly suggest finding room for it in your build. Sure, it's not always great because boardwipes do exist, but given the rapid tendency of this deck to be able to build/rebuild its board, I'd think you wouldn't have to worry too much about that. Long story short, Distant Melody is just a value play that's right at home in a deck like this one.

RNR_Gaming on Cunning Actions feat. Anowan the Ruin Thief

2 weeks ago

I'm finding building it as a turns/tempo build really helps it slap. Capture of Jingzhou, Part the Waterveil, Time Warp, Nexus of Fate, Temporal Mastery and Temporal Trespass all give the deck this nasty inevitably that feels very close to edric. Maybe also consider Narset's Reversal, Miscast, Mystical Tutor and Vampiric Tutor

For more casual includes

Coastal Piracy and Bident of Thassa are very good :) redundancy is king.

king-saproling on Derevi: Queen of Stax

3 weeks ago

You might like these: Mangara of Corondor (put his ability on the stack, then untap him and reuse the ability multiple times before it resolves!), Coastal Piracy, Reconnaissance Mission, Ohran Frostfang, Storage Matrix, Opposition, Seedborn Muse, Frozen Aether, Kismet, Glare of Subdual, Nature's Revolt, God-Pharaoh's Statue, Disruptive Pitmage, Spark Double (two Derevis!), Azami, Lady of Scrolls, Quest for Renewal

Jyoshaken on Anowon, Rogue's Company

3 weeks ago

SynergyBuild never thought about Bident of Thassa or Coastal Piracy. I do own a copy of bident and was thinking of adding it alongside Reconnaissance Mission but not sure what to take out.

SynergyBuild on Anowon, Rogue's Company

4 weeks ago

Love it! Could Bident of Thassa or Coastal Piracy fit in the list?

Peoni on Dalakos War of Machines

1 month ago

I'd recommend swapping out Chromatic Lantern, Prophetic Prism, and Worn Powerstone for different rocks. Lantern I don't feel is super necessary in a 2 color deck and I'd even be reluctant to run it in a 3 color deck. Usually it's run to make up for a weak land base or to help super color intensive decks, but your land base is really nice and your deck is a 2 color deck with a colorless focus. The draw from Prophetic Prism is probably going to benefit you less than ramp you'd get from another rock. Finally Powerstone comes in tapped and it's 3 cmc so it's much slower than what we'd probably like our ramp to be.

For Lantern I'd recommend Arcane Signet take its place, for Prophetic perhaps one like Prismatic Lens so you get to keep your mana fixing ability or Mind Stone so you retain the draw. Finally Powerstone could be swapped out for a Talisman of Curiosity. I personally would also swap out Commander's Sphere for an Izzet Signet but I know a lot of people like that you can tap it and then draw off of it so that's up to you.

You might also want some more card draw in this deck, maybe through cantrips like Brainstorm, Gitaxian Probe, and Ponder. There's also Skullclamp since you're running a few 1/1 token producers, and enchantments like Reconnaissance Mission and Coastal Piracy to synergize with your Thopter Spy Network.

I like this deck a lot. Hope this helps! :^)

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