Contentious Plan

Contentious Plan


Proliferate. (Choose any number of permanents and/or players, then give each another counter of each kind already there.)

Draw a card.

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Contentious Plan Discussion

Guerric on Mizzix puts the "X" in Excellence!

4 months ago
Impulse OUT Deflecting Swat IN

Contentious Plan Sort of replaced Impulse as my two-mana card for early counters. The value of Deflecting Swat can hardly be overstated, as it provides early protection for Mizzix while being relevant all game long.

Aetherspouts OUT Introduction to Annihilation IN

Spouts is such a conditional card, and we have plenty of board wipes when we count or kill-the-table x-spells. Intro is great in that its free permanent removal for us much of the time.

Overwhelming Intellect OUT Dramatic Reversal IN

A counterspell that can only counter a creature spell is underwhelming, and we added swat. I can't believe Dramatic Reversal hadn't been added earlier. It plays into our combo with Reiterate , and allows us to fetch the whole combo with Firemind's Foresight . A true must include!

Fall of the Titans OUT Expropriate IN

Fall was always our worst x-spell, and we have more than enough in the deck. For a replacement win con its far better to just take another turn and steal everyone's best thing. The greatest thing about this card is that its so cheap to cast with Mizzix!

Spring / Mind OUT Archmage Emeritus IN

Spring is great but sorcery speed and a one-off. Archmage will draw us cards the whole game. We're up to three whole creatures in this deck now!

Howl of the Horde OUT Solve the Equation IN

I've got plenty of copy dorks here, so another tutor is great, especially one that will usually cost me just two blue mana!

nlabelle on Atraxa(infect)

5 months ago


Budget -2 Plains +2 Forest +1 Gemstone Mine -1 Temple of Silence -1 Zagoth Crystal +1 Astral Cornucopia -1 Gyre Sage +1 Fynn, the Fangbearer -1 (3 total) more Plains for a Blight Mamba . I think we are good w/ 38 lands.

Non-Budget Not sure what to cut in this section, but if yo' wallet is feelin' like a pimp, go on brush yo' shoulders off. Vorinclex, Monstrous Raider Once you add the fetches + shocks, Become Immense becomes...immensely better. Usually will cast for G.

Personal Choices - Prairie Stream - Sunken Hollow + Vivid Grove + Vivid Creek Prairie and sunken will come into play tapped most of the time anyway, so might as well make rainbow colors and get some counters back on them late game.
-1 Render Silent (casting cost is prohibitive). +1 Fuel for the Cause -1 Fathom Mage +1 Steady Progress . Fathom Mage seems iffy for card draw. Steady progress feels more stable, instant speed, and proliferates. -1 Despark +1 Inexorable Tide . Ups your CMC aka mana value by a bit, but I'd rather go the proactive than reactive game plan. -1 Lazav, the Multifarious . He will appear as one of your infecty boiz from the yard, but at that point you're already behind, and he has no forms of evasion. Maybe +1 Sword of Truth and Justice instead. (It's slow) -1 Supreme Verdict (prohibitive casting cost, you're probably the one with the most valuable creatures). +1 Contentious Plan for more draw and more dirty HIV. -1 Phyrexian Juggernaut . Too slow, probably a dead card in your hand, chances of it not getting blocked are small. I imagine best-case scenario is that it goes unblocked and you pump it, but 'bout Roalesk, Apex Hybrid . Ain't nobody gonna attack you when they get proliferate juices on their shirt.

But wait, do you want to make the deck WORSE? Contagion Engine + Magistrate's Scepter . Take all the turns. 7 mana + a boardstate is a steep setup, but do you want to be a winner, or a JANK-ASS BISS?

I'm not really sure if these are good or not. So this section is useless. Strionic Resonator . Seems kinda win-more. But meh. Idk.

Let's f* with Hop -1 Generous Gift +1 Teferi's Protection . I am a terrible human being.

I most definitely could be wrong in this section. -1 Ancient Tomb . You'll take a heavy amount of damage, and your color requirements are strong. I'd replace with +1 Inkmoth Nexus

Aight baby gurl, bedtime. May your infectious love for infect cause infectious hate upon you. Love, Jake Stremers

nlabelle on Atraxa(infect)

5 months ago

This whatcha boi be thinkin' to improve dat' dirty poison build. CMDR next to Atraxa (on the input section) will make her appear as the commander rather than as a creature.

Non-Budget Show

Personal Choices Show

But wait, do you want to make the deck WORSE? Show

I'm not really sure if these are good or not. So this section is useless. Show

Let's f* with Hop Show

I most definitely could be wrong in this section. Show

Aight baby gurl, bedtime. May your infectious love for infect cause infectious hate upon you. Love, Jake Stremers

Spell_Slam on Level Up

6 months ago

Considering that your blink spells are great with the teacher and Mulldrifter, but really bad with your level up creatures, I really wouldn't run 16 copies. I think cutting Acrobatic Maneuver, and Momentary Blink would be a good start. Maybe cutting 2-4 copies of Cloudshift as well wouldn't be bad.

In their place, I would recommend some Proliferate spells. They will fill a similar role as your teacher, though you'll have to get the first level counter on yourself. Something like Contentious Plan , Thrummingbird and maybe Martyr for the Cause could be interesting options for you. These could also be substitutes for Drift of Phantasms, which I think was only there to get your teacher, right?

You might want some other card draw like Preordain and Ponder to find what you need and smooth out your deck.

16 lands is also too few for your deck. Considering how many 3-drops you are playing, I think 22 would be more appropriate.

TheoryCrafter on Grixis Amass

7 months ago

Have you considered Karn's Bastion ? If you replace Shivan Reef and Underground River with them it should give you some extra army boost.

Also, if you replace 2 copies of Evolving Wilds with a copy each of Fabled Passage and Terramorphic Expanse it will leave your deck slightly less vunerable to spells that allow you to go through your zones to exile all your cards of the same name.

Personally, I'd replace Honor the God-Pharaoh with Contentious Plan You draw fewer cards but you don't have to discard and the proliferate also boosts your planeswalkers.

Happy Hunting!

ConsumingKiribo on Simic Counter

11 months ago

Oh yeah, add something like Contentious Plan to play a little bit faster as you get an extra card. Forgot about that.

Savage1988 on Nicky B and his Pro-Life Posse

1 year ago

Alright Pyrra and TriusMalarky, let’s settle down now. You’re both entitled to opinions, it’s all good.

Instead let’s focus instead on what to add as additional pws, i’m sure you can both help me in that regard.

I also consider Deepglow Skate a great way to “win”. Any pws on board can pop their ult. Even better: if i drop Jace, Architect of Thought and skate i get to steal any wincons from my opponents as well.

Do you both agree to 37 for land count btw? I see a lot of decks with less but it seems greedy to me.

Also curious to your thoughts on the weaker proliferate cards in here. Spread the Sickness, Contentious Plan, Settle the Score etc are not amazing and rather slow.


Thanks :) I’m not sure about the familiar, it only contributes colorless mana in a deck that’s color-hungry, though it does so for every spell, which is nice. I’m afraid it would usually just be a chumper or something

Let me know your thoughts :)

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