Polymorphist's Jest

Polymorphist's Jest


Until end of turn, each creature target player controls loses all abilities and becomes a blue Frog with base power and toughness 1/1.

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Polymorphist's Jest Discussion

JimboSliceJr on Ur Dragon Aggro

1 week ago

Hey man I like the idea of popping back the thriving lands to be able to mana fix as you go. Add in Exploration and you’ll be able to play triple the land per turn.

That Breath of Fury combo is wicked!

I already have a lot of things that give everybody haste in my deck so I took out Karthus. For a 5 drop, I like having things be a bit wild with The Prismatic Bridge rather than hoping to have a multi color dragon in my hand to use Dragon Arch .

If you like Heralds Horn and Realmwalker, then check out Descendants' Path ! Another 3 drop that cheats out dragons.

And Polymorphist's Jest is just hilarious. I used to play Curse of the Swine for multiplayer and everyone hated it XD

ElijahCallahan64 on Jeskai Dragon Control

3 months ago

If I may, I'd say about 75% of the pioneer decks I have played are young pyromancer/rakdos. You don't seem to have any creature protection( hexproof, pro colors, etc.) anyways, my point is there is a lot of removal, and discarding, and I see you have some counterspells, but most effects are activated or triggered abilities. I recommend Ichthyomorphosis and Polymorphist's Jest , Overall very nicely-themed deck. There are some other cards I would recommend at least for the sideboard, especially since most decks now use ALOT of reclamation lol. Soul-Guide Lantern Relic of Progenitus Tormod's Crypt . Also, a nice way to finish the game is Cosmotronic Wave

hmhlund on Silumgar the Drifting Death

4 months ago

This is an awesome unique brew! Ya never expect Dimir dragons. I’ve always liked Mass Diminish and Polymorphist's Jest , just never had a great place for them — but here it is!

TheMadRocketeer on Jalira

5 months ago

Good Sweepers To Maybe Bring In:

Good Control To Maybe Bring In:

Good Creature Steal To Maybe Bring In:


LostAlgorithm on Illusory Transformation - *Advice Wanted!*

8 months ago


Thanks for the tip and another deck to take a look at! I'll have to put some consideration into it!


Robe of Mirrors was going to be almost exlusively used for Lord of the Unreal to protect him if I'm unable to get a Phantasmal Image to extend hexproof to him. I'm not beholden to the card by any means though.

I'm not sure which of the two yet look more interesting to me as a replacement for Disperse. I like the flavor of Repeal more, but it could be a lot more mana intensive to take out a big threat. Echoing Truth seems potentially powerful...Would an effective combo be to go with it and add in some Polymorphist's Jest? Turn them all to frogs, then force them all back into the player's hand?

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