Siren Stormtamer

Siren Stormtamer

Creature — Siren Pirate Wizard


, Sacrifice Siren Stormtamer: Counter target spell or ability that targets you or a creature you control.

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Siren Stormtamer Discussion

9-lives on Top 5 Counterspells Of All …

3 days ago

Most of these cards are extremely high mana cost/sacrifice to do what something cheaper can easily do, besides Counterspell (probably one of the best for MV).

Ionize (on the higher MV yet dealing damage as well as countering)

Siren Stormtamer (very low MV sac counter as well as creature)

Izzet Charm (toolbox counter used if not needing to soft counter)

Disallow (one of the best for for all around denial)

Last_Laugh on Muldrotha EDH

5 days ago

Bear Umbra is worth its weight in gold here. It protects Muldrotha similar to Kaya's Ghostform but the land untap immediately pays for itself, allows for some bonkers turns, and makes it easy to hold up mana for answers.

Glen Elendra Archmage and Siren Stormtamer deserve spots for a reusable counterspell suite. Spore Frog deserves a spot for repeatable fogs too.

Command Beacon ensures you'll never pay commander tax on Muldy. Crystal Vein / Ancient Tomb are excellent pieces of ramp here. Cephalid Coliseum is a nice draw engine.

I'd also suggest more ramp that costs or less (so no Thran Dynamo). Arcane Signet , Dimir Signet , Talisman of Dominance , and the other signets/talismans. Lotus Petal is another good one here.

Feel free to check out my list for ideas. Upvotes on any of my decks are appreciated. Muldrotha's Madhouse - No Infinite

multimedia on Yarr, There be Pirates

2 weeks ago

Hey, well done so far with your budget version of these partner Commanders.

Glint-Horn Buccaneer is a pinger when you discard and has game winning interaction with both Malcolm and Breeches. Buccaneer by itself combos with Malcolm by activating it during combat to potentially be a win condition as long as when you combo you have at least two opponents and realistically more than 40+ cards in your library. If you add Breeches then even if you don't kill all your opponents with damage from Buccaneer you can exile a ton of each opponents library. If you have three or more opponents when you combo then it makes extra mana with treasures to cast a lot of your opponents spells that you exiled.

Freed from the Real combos by enchanting any pinger when it's a Pirate + Malcolm for infinite ping. Lightning-Rig Crew already suggested by carpecanum is already a Pirate who pings. Without Freed, Crew by itself is still very good with Malcom and Breeches because it pings each opponent with one activation.

Can take better advantage of Crew's untap when you're playing other Pirates such as Warkite Marauder who has flying evasion and good interaction with other pingers. When it attacks you can make a creature of defending opponent a 0/1, then ping it for 1 damage to kill it. Siren Stormtamer also has flying evasion and it can counter a targeted spell to protect a creature such as Glint-Horn Buccaneer or yourself by sacing itself.

Good luck with your deck.

9-lives on Bant Awaken

3 weeks ago

If you want more control, I recommend Siren Stormtamer . Cheap counterspell as well as a 1/1 flying creature!

9-lives on Rise from the Tides (Dimir Zombie control)

4 weeks ago

Spellweaver Eternal is very nice! Never seen that card before. I would like to use Siren Stormtamer but the sheer power of dealing 2 damage each time blocked is great! I'm torn between which to use! Nice hand control with Thoughtseize and Compelling Deterrence ! Hand control is a thing that is amazing in utility! I really can't think of anything to use that would make your deck better, but I'm not a seasoned player, so all I can do is give you my compliments.

Squirrelbacon on Azorius Aggro — Pioneer Edition

1 month ago

I have not played pioneer in a while either, so take what I say with a grain of salt I suppose... There will be a TLDR.

Generally speaking, Weenie Hut can use some of the better token producers and can run with that idea pretty strongly. I'd suggest running 3 or 4 of History of Benalia , 3 of Legion's Landing  Flip, and then you can cut down to 1 of Castle Ardenvale if that helps you mana at all! Curious Obsession is fantastic in these types of decks, and so is Adanto Vanguard , so running 4 of both is your best bet as well. Skymarcher Aspirant is also another 4-of lock in my eyes. Spectral Sailor and Siren Stormtamer are early fliers with upside.

Another option is the run some planeswalker aggression through Gideon(s). Gideon, Ally of Zendikar is probably your best bet, however, my personal favorite version of him is Gideon Blackblade . The passive ability 4/4 indestructible that also gives vigilance, indestructible or lifelink can be very helpful!

If you utilize this type strategy, it does make cutting some creatures and cards overall pretty simple. Luminous Broodmoth just won't work with tokens, so that is probably an easy cut. Search for Azcanta  Flip is too slow, so I think that comes out. I think that Ephara comes out as well since the plan might change to flurry of little creatures between turns 1-2-3, the goal is to be empty handed and threatening to kill by turn 4 or 5. That also means Dream Trawler should go, but I'd understand wanting to keep a late game insurance policy.

TLDR-- Knights/White Weenie with a splash

History of Benalia , Dauntless Bodyguard , Gideon, Ally of Zendikar , Benalish Marshal

Tempo/ Weenie

Spectral Sailor , Siren Stormtamer , Brazen Borrower , Curious Obsession , History of Benalia , Legion's Landing  Flip

Pikobyte on Muldrotha, Sac N Snatch

1 month ago

Why no ghostform combo?

I also can highly recommend Aura Thief , Mindslicer and Night Incarnate . Spore Frog also does massive work. And you should think about Siren Stormtamer to counter stuff like bojuka bog or tormod’s crypt

Pikobyte on Muldrotha, the „Fun“ in „Funeral“ *Primer*

1 month ago

Heya again PikaPrince. First you can ask as many questions as you want. But maybe discord might be easier then if you got some more.

I can’t answer your metamorph question. I would say probably metamorph is better then. You still can steal opponents enchantments with Aura Thief and copying planeswalkers alone isn’t enough upside to make up for metamorphs ability to play it as an artifact. I had perpetual timepiece in the deck before but decided to cut it. It just doesn’t do enough for you. Milling is ok but cards like mesmeric orb do better there. And yes losing your grave obviously hurts Muldrotha, but if you reshuffle it you lost it too. That usually costs you so much Tempo that it doesn’t matter anyways. Siren Stormtamer protects your grave also from stuff like bojuka bogs and other nasty cards but keeps your grave alive

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