Bone Shards

Bone Shards


As an additional cost to cast this spell, sacrifice a creature or discard a card.

Destroy target creature or planeswalker.

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Bone Shards Discussion

wallisface on Obliterator devotion

4 days ago

Some thoughts:

  • 20 lands seems super low when you're trying to cast 4-and-5-drop cards. I'd raise it up to 23 at a minimum, probably 24.

  • Liliana Vess is just not worth it. If you can't afford the more expensive Liliana of the Veil, I personally wouldn't bother with Planeswalkers at all. You don't want to be playing any 4-or-5-drops outside of Obliterator and Gary, imo, as otherwise you'll just make your deck too clunky.

  • Bone Shards seems bad because you want to be getting permanents into play. and keeping them there. There are also far, far better options than Doom Blade. I would suggest replacing both of these with the new Infernal Grasp

  • 4 copies of Village Rites feels excessive. To be honest, i'm not sure running any copies is worthwhile in this shell, because you don't gain much from losing creatures. I think this would be better spent on cards that actually increase your devotion (Phyrexian Arena comes to mind, if you're after card draw).

BlueSnakeMagic on Decayed Battlefield

5 days ago

Honestly, fair enough. I tend to do such when making a deck based around recent cards- It would likely spread out as time went on, though those suggestions help. I forgot that Bone Shards existed if I'm honest.

Gravecrawler was in originally but I second-guessed it, namely as I'm trying somewhat to focus on instants and sorceries.

Lolth, Spider Queen seemed viable due to plenty of things dying, permitting an easy-to-access emblem to help finish folks off but, maybe I'm mistaken.

wallisface on Decayed Battlefield

6 days ago

Some thoughts

  • this feels waay too close to being a standard deck. For example, being modern you can play Vindicate over Anguished Unmaking, and play Bone Shards over Eaten Alive.

  • Even outside of card upgrades, it feels like you’ve missed some essential zombies. Running Gravecrawler and Carrion Feeder here would provide some much needed recursion, which helps out a lot of your board - namely Champion & Procession.

  • There is no way Lolth, Spider Queen is worth running. It’s a pretty weak planeswalker anyway, but even so, needing 5 lands when you're only running 19 means you’ll be unlikely to cast it before the game’s over.

zAzen7977 on AETHERIC SWARM - Vial Zombie Tribal [MID]

1 week ago

FlamingHail, thank you very much for the detailed comment. I know what you mean about Bone Shards. Once I test Eaten Alive I may discover that I want Shards instead for the extra discard. Eaten Alive helps mostly for indestructible critters like the germ with Kaldra Compleat. But the flavor for Eaten Alive is spot on! ;)

Also I believe you are slightly mistaken with how Geralf's Messenger and Plague Belcher interact. Regardless if I choose to sacrifice Messenger first with Feeder or target it first with Belcher, the outcome will be the same. Below is a slightly different analysis, where I sac Messenger first before I play Belchers. In my original write up, I play Belchers first and then sac Messenger to Feeder after. Regardless, that’s still at least 25 life loss by the end of the turn. To anyone reading this, if I’m missing something big, please let me know.

“I must play Aether Vial on turn 1, followed by Carrion Feeder on turn 2. Next comes Geralf's Messenger on turn 3 (opponent loses 2 life).

Then on turn 4, I sac Messenger to Feeder and Messenger returns with +1/+1 counter (opponent loses 2 life). I then use Vial to cheat-in Plague Belcher, targeting Messenger with the -1/-1 counters, removing its +1/+1 counter. Then I sac Messenger to Feeder (opponent loses 1 life with Belcher). Messenger returns with +1/+1 counter (opponent loses more 2 life - 7 total so far).

I then hard-cast another Belcher targeting Messenger, removing Messenger’s +1/+1 counters. I then sac Messenger to Feeder (2 life loss from Belchers and 2 more when Messenger returns - 11 total).

I then sac Messenger to Feeder again when Messenger returns with +1/+1 counter (2 life loss from Belchers, 2 more when Messenger returns, 15 total).

I can then cast Unearth to return Messenger to play (2 life loss). I then sac Messenger to Feeder and again when it returns with undying (2 life loss from Belchers, 2 more when Messenger returns, 2 more from Belchers - 23 total).

Finally, I sacrifice Carrion Feeder to itself (2 life loss from Belchers).

In total I have drained 25 life from the opponent by the end of my fourth turn.“

multimedia on Artifact Commander Turd

2 weeks ago

Hey, for a first deck on a low budget well done. I haven't seen this partner pairing before.

When you're first starting to deck build in Commander it can be helpful to have some guidelines for a casual basic deck structure.

This structure is meant to be a starting point for a deck in Commander. It's just a basic structure to follow, not all areas of your deck are covered and you may end up with different numbers of each area. For example you might have more ramp from mana rocks because artifacts are important cards here. Silas is quite fragile and he wants to attack therefore having some protection and evasion for him such as Zephyr Boots and Swiftfoot Boots would be helpful.

In Commander there's some budget staples to consider adding:

Both your Commanders care about cards in your graveyard, but you don't have very many effects that can get cards into your graveyard or get them out of your graveyard. Here's some budget card suggestions to consider adding to build around to improve synergy with your Commanders.

Baleful Strix is an artifact creature who you want to keep recurring with Silas as a way to draw and more deathtouch. Master of Death can keep returning from your graveyard to your hand for the cost of 1 life at your upkeep. He also has surveil 2 (self-mill) where you look at the top two cards of your library and choose to keep them there in any order or put one or more of them into your graveyard.

Pair Master and Strix with Tortured Existence as a way to discard to then return another creature in your graveyard to your hand (recursion). With Existence you don't ever have to cast Master instead keep discarding it and returning it to your hand which each turn to create a 2/2 Zombie with Tormod for one mana and 1 life.

Riddlesmith is repeatable draw/discard (loot) when you cast an artifact and you choose which card you discard which is helpful. Wonder is a powerful effect when it's in your graveyard, it's a good card to discard, since then if you control just one Island all creatures you control gain flying. Silas has deathtouch which makes it likely he will not be blocked in combat, but flying is actual evasion to make it more consistent that Silas will do combat damage to a player. Wonder can give all 2/2 Zombies flying for big attacks.

I can continue with more advice in another comment. Would you like me to continue?

Good luck with your deck.

Balaam__ on I'm A Fungi

3 weeks ago

Looks nice overall, although I’d run Bone Shards over Bone Splinters. It’s strictly better here, offering potentially more utility.

wallisface on Immortal Counters Pezzent! (10/12 Euro/$)

3 weeks ago

Some thoughts:

  • Bone Shards should replace Spark Harvest.

  • For a deck that cares so much about creature sacrifice triggers, it feels like you’re not running a lot of creatures. A count of 28ish might do you better?

Pezz22 on Food Deck

3 weeks ago

nonk I have looked at those cards before, and I may yet use them in a discard/cycle/madness deck I am still feeling out. However, I think I would have to overhaul too much of the deck to refocus it around those additions. I can't decide if I want Crack Open or Bone Shards in this deck. May end up tweaking it to put 2 of each in, but we will see.

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