Spreading Seas

Spreading Seas

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant land

When Spreading Seas enters the battlefield, draw a card.

Enchanted land is an Island.

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Spreading Seas Discussion

Gradeus on UW Yorion Blink

3 weeks ago

The main problem with Yorion builds comes with the sideboard, as you're filling the swaps into an 80-card deck, where you won't find them as often. Narrow hosers that you'd normally put 1-2 of in a sideboard become less effective. Aether Gust is primarily for Titan and Burn, and this version of UW handles Titan quite well already. Elspeth, Sun's Nemesis heals for 5 on turn 4 while Burn is on ~2 cards left after bringing us down to ~6-7 life, which can be backbreaking, and offers a recurring threat against some control decks.

As for Stony Silence, Affinity hasn't been doing well, and Hammer has plenty of ways around it, so it feels unreliable. Celestial Purge is decent, but one of the biggest threats coming from RB-based decks is Tourach, Dread Cantor, which this can't touch without Dress Down, at which point I'd rather use the latter to just avoid its ETB discard/pump and either fly over it or Verdict away later (less threatening at 2 power).

Dress Down has a lot of versatile applications, and while it can't be blinked and nonbos with our ETBs, can be used separately since the only things our creatures lose if already on field are Flying or Lifelink, and can also be boarded in if Spreading Seas is bad without losing cantrips, such as against 4c Money Pile, or UR Murktide. I had already gotten a set of these a while back, and can keep trying them out.


1 month ago

I'd say 12 counterspells is more than enough in a non yorion 60 card version. Honestly you could maybe go down on cryptics if you wanted. For a better wincon than Luminarch and to replace the other counterspells, you can run 2-4 Shark Typhoon which can be cycled on your opponetns end step if you held up a counter to draw a card and make a big shark, or you can hardcast it on your turn as a finisher.

1x Memory Deluge is a new dig spell which is a good 1 of.

Many control lists these days are running 4x Spreading Seas to disrupt opponents mana, since manabses are pretty greedy these days (prismatic ending rewards greedy manabases). It can also be used to fix your own mana in a pinch.

For the manabase, I recommend dropping some basics and the pathways for 4x Flooded Strand and 1x Raugrin Triome to give you a third color for p-ending.

Many UW control lists also run 1-4 Chalice of the Void maindeck. Chalice on 1 shuts down many decks and doesn't really effect ours, while Chalice on 0 stops any cascade shenanigans like rhinos, living end, glimpse combo etc.

For the sideboard Frantic Inventory seems bad. If you're worried about mill you can run 1x Emrakul, the Aeons Torn or 1x Gaea's Blessing. Rest in Peace is good grave hate. Stony Silence is artifact hate that also slows down hammertime. Mystical Dispute is some more color hate good as a 1 of. Engineered Explosives is a cheap sweeper and good against rhinos, just make sure you dont kill your own sharks. Fracturing Gust is a strong wipe too. You can also run Kaheera, the Orphanguard as companion for another free card.

zapyourtumor on UW Sun Titan Control 2021

2 months ago

Skyclave Apparition and Vendilion Clique are some additional options.

You could definitely make Yorion, Sky Nomad your companion which I think would help the deck a fair bit. Given that you can just add more counterspells and etb effects, the consistency of the deck shouldn't be negatively affected. You could add some cantripping like Omen of the Sea and Spreading Seas, maybe even some Yorion mainboard. You could also add additional counterspells like Archmage's Charm (I assume force is too expensive). Remand isn't as good as it once was so I'd go up to 4 counterspells and maybe cut some remands if you have enough counters.

NoopyNolife on Across Time and Space [Primer]

3 months ago

Love this combo. I've built a more aggressive budget version of this with merfolk and Spreading Seas to abuse the islandwalk on Inkwell Leviathan.

Would love to hear your thoughts: Big Fish (Merfolk Combo)

Gattison on This Island Earth

3 months ago

timtasticc: Apologies for missing your comment, because I like your advice. I'd like to add all of those cards in some capacity, but unfortunately I have to purchase them all. I don't seem to have any left in my collection. =(

Goblinking81: And sadly it's the same deal here. I did the 2-and-2 split because that's all I got currently. And I don't even have any Spreading Seas either. =\ And I'm not sure I'd take Aquitect's Will out completely, but I couple see using 4x Spreading Seas and 2x Aquitect's Will to even out my mana curve.

Thanks for the advice guys, wish I could follow it. =) I'll get these cards eventually, just not sure when.

Kazuhahaha on High Tide - Modern Merfolk Primer

6 months ago

zapyourtumor: vial isn't a guarantee, and in every game it's not drawn, counter spells become counter productive. the fact that "nobody uses" Aquitect's Will is irrelevant. Spreading Seas is inferior because it can be removed. i've won games against merfolk that i would have lost had they used Aquitect's Will instead. Tide Shaper does not make the will obsolete in the slightest. it costs extra mana and doesn't draw a card.

comparing vial to coco is irrelevant since i never said to use coco "instead" of vial. what i said was use both.

i know what Merrow Reejerey is, i can read. Phantasmal Image becomes a cheaper lord, and kopala offers better protection than svyelun. not anywhere near as good? maybe to scyelun, hence why i said use both. but kopala is leagues better than reejery.

in the future, don't comment just to argue with me. 24 lands in a coco deck would not be insane. i obviously would not suggest 24 lands in a deck where everything cost 3 or less. btw fetchlands exist to thin the deck, and Aquitect's Will offers card draw. so it's not as bad as you think.

zapyourtumor on High Tide - Modern Merfolk Primer

6 months ago

Kazuhahaha Merfolk has aether vial to get its creatures in, which is why it usually plays some counterspells since it can afford to hold up the mana. The Counterspell s could maybe be cut, but Force of Negation is an important piece of disruption for a merfolk deck.

No one uses Aquitect's Will because it says "in addition to its other types," which is why most used Spreading Seas instead. But now we have Tide Shaper so both of these are obsolete.

Taking out Tide Shaper for a total of 24 lands in a merfolk deck is insane.

The reason merfolk plays a playset of vial over coco is that a lot of the merfolk have 2 cmc. There is an increase in three drops due to Svyelun but it still isn't enough to warrant playing CoCo, while vial is a lot less mana intensive.

In the three drop slot, Merrow Reejerey is a lord and lets you tap down your opponent's creatures to let your attackers through, or tap down their lands, etc. Svyelun of Sea and Sky gives some protection to your whole team, is indestructible, and generates tons of card advantage. What does Kopala, Warden of Waves do in comparison? It gives a slightly improved version of the protection that Svyelun gives, on a 2/2 without any board impact and generates no card advantage. Not anywhere near as good.

NoopyNolife on Merfolk Land Hate

7 months ago

Hi Breakaway! I've spent the past week building the same concept. I fully agree with wallisface on Convincing Mirage . It doesn't look all that impressive but it gives you the ability to deal with blue decks too (and every copy of Spreading Seas should be welcome.

Since you've been brewing the same idea, would you maybe have a look at my version? It splashes green for Shardless Agent to cascade into more Seas effects: Modern Simic Seas

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