Heartless Summoning

Heartless Summoning


Creature spells you cast cost less to cast.

Creatures you control get -1/-1.

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Heartless Summoning Discussion

burferking on Marchesa Hugs You to Better Stab Your Back

1 week ago

I wonder if I should keep Nightscape Familiar instead of Heartless Summoning. The former lowers the cost of 28 cards for 1 (I include Vandalblast's Overload) , and the latter lowers the cost of 20 creatures for 2, where only Ebonblade Reaper dies in the nonbo. Mathematically, I potentially save 40 mana with Heartless Summoning, but for only 20 cards.

lagotripha on Modern Giants

1 month ago

Making giants work in modern is something of a battle - most of their good cards sit at 4+ mana, meaning its really high on the curve. Crossing that 'cast first big spell' boundary, and making sure that spell is relevant is going to be most of the battle for the deck.

Cards like Pentad Prism or old fashioned mana dorks will be essential. Stinkdrinker Daredevil doesn't make the cut, but I could see a build going black for Heartless Summoning.

Their tribal support has some clear themes to work with - 1 sided boardwipes in Realm-Cloaked Giant+Thundercloud Shaman+Battle of Frost and Fire, direct damage to face, and big creatures. I'd personally lean more heavily into rushing out a 1 sided wipe to survive my local meta, but efficient creatures (with changeling support) will do a lot, as will a 'slower' burn deck focussed more on efficient 4 mana damage to face.

Some of the odder tribal support is pretty good- Giantbaiting is an incredible source of damage on an empty board when you have smaller creatures, which might play well in a Mothdust Changeling build.

lagotripha on Elemental combo

1 month ago

This feels like a cool idea.

I wouldn't be able to resist being a Heartless Summoning list (probably with a Myr Retriever loop) myself, but in mono red some stuff like Storm Entity & Brighthearth Banneret deserve consideration.

My biggest rec is Fossil Find - its ability to loop with itself is substantial before the utility of retrieving combo pieces is considered, and it fights through etb effects well.

RaidenShogun69 on Hulk Ballista

2 months ago

Cogmancer: right i was thinking the Triskelion combo with mikaeus. with ballista he would need a sac outlet like Viscera Seer , or something like Heartless Summoning

lagotripha on Simic Morph

3 months ago

Morph is a really cool mechanic which I haven't figured out how to make really 'kick' for competitive modern, but is still really fun in casual formats. Colourless, mana value 0 creatures that don't use the stack to become something else and have an activated ability in hand feels like something that should have a silly interaction that makes it great, but it just isn't there. Colourless interactions with eldrazi, artifact creatures & combos built on them crowd it out - people already pack hate because other setups have silly payoffs.

If I was trying to push it, I'd lean into Heartless Summoning and obscuring to try and cast a lot of morph cards, but without a second secret plans that feels awkward.

It is worth looking at Den Protector and Fathom Seer combo options- if you can loop a Time Warp you win the game, with some old Brine Elemental decks built around that, but looping morph effects is pretty tricky - it is usually easier to return to hand then recast since the usual suspects like Necrotic Ooze don't play nice. Have fun experimenting - there are a lot of cool interactions when you aren't using the stack, which will make it a blast to play.

TheVectornaut on Cycling Artifacts

6 months ago

A fairly popular combo that comes up in Marionette Master decks is to use multiple copies of Myr Retriever with Heartless Summoning for infinite death triggers. Technically, Bastion of Remembrance , Falkenrath Noble , and Syr Konrad, the Grim are some other cards that can accomplish the same thing as Master, as are ETB triggers like on Impact Tremors or Altar of the Brood . Since Summoning has anti-synergy with the other 1/1s in the deck, I probably wouldn't add more than 1 or 2 but it's something to consider. Otherwise, Disciple of the Vault provides great redundancy for the more expensive puppeteer.

Daedalus19876 on The Infinity Machine

8 months ago

The deck looks awesome, and the background is COOL, but damn did it give me a headache XD

I'm surprised not to see Deadeye Navigator in here, as a supplement to Emiel. You might look into Heartless Summoning to accelerate some of your lines, it makes a lot of the Peregrine options mana-positive :) I'd also highly recommend Swan Song over Arcane Denial (I never like granting two cards to my opponent), and Eldritch Evolution in addition to Neoform. Finally, you seem a little light on card draw.

iammute on I Am Fire, I Am Death

8 months ago

X-Factor11105 curious to hear which dragons you consider to be nonbos with Molten Echoes. Even if a legendary dragon dies straight away it’s still another Dragon Tempest/Scourge/Terror trigger. It’s also an immediate Ryusei/Kokusho trigger as you’ve pointed out. You can even send the original to the graveyard to reanimate later and swing in with the token. Unless your opponents’ decks are built around gaining value from your creatures dying the downside seems low.

Hazoret's Monument is a possible replacement for the familiar. It costs slightly more and only affects creatures but the looting could be helpful. I like Heartless Summoning in big creatures decks too but there maybe aren’t enough creatures here to be worth it.

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