Ur-Golem's Eye


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2014 Uncommon
Ninth Edition Uncommon
Darksteel Common

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Ur-Golem's Eye


Tap: Add (2) to your mana pool.

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Ur-Golem's Eye Discussion

MagicalHacker on Stop Hitting Yourself! (Silumgar Primer)

1 week ago

chaosumbreon87, thanks for the feedback! Phyrexian Metamorph, along with other fantastic ways to clone cards, such as Clever Impersonator, Copy Artifact, and Copy Enchantment, just don't fit with the deck because I would rather use cards that steal, since they're more effective and there are plenty of them to use. Shared Fate would let me cast opponents' cards, but it would prevent me from being able to draw my cards that let me steal cards, and I find that trade to be hurtful rather than helpful. Decree of Pain has always been either too much mana or not enough effect in my experience.

Everflowing Chalice along with Sisay's Ring and Ur-Golem's Eye are just ways to ramp by or more, and if we ever get better ramp options for that in these colors, you can bet I will be dropping them for those. I think I'll probably drop Coalition Relic first before any other ramp spell, but the three previously mentioned ones are next in line. Future Sight and Magus of the Future are a lot better than I thought they would be when I played with them for the first time, as I was able to draw a card whenever I played ANY card, as long as it was the one card on the top of my library. In a way, it let me generate a huge board presence without losing card advantage in my hand, and it only gets crazier due to the fetchlands and Sensei's Divining Top. If you don't find them that good, I would highly recommend playing with them, because they have the possibility to absolutely blow you away with value!

Seniorhobo on BEST BBQ EVER

2 weeks ago

How do you feel about Dragonlord Atarka?? She's great for a card that just comes in and wrecks a few weenies, or gets rid of a pesky planeswalker.

Violent Ultimatum feels grossly over costed, and could probably be replaced with a Beast Within?

Do you like cards like Ur-Golem's Eye, Wayfarer's Bauble, and Worn Powerstone? Also what are your thoughts with Grave Pact, since it doesn't seem to synergize well with the rest of the deck.

As far as other suggestions: Scourge of Kher Ridges is a great board wipe on a 6/6. Skyline Despot is great for drawing an extra card. (and I love bringing monarch into edh). Possibility Storm is an absolutely hilarious card, and ruins decks that need some sort of plan to function well. Thunderbreak Regent is good for protecting the rest of your dragons, just through fear of getting smacked. Hoarding Dragon is good for grabbing all the artifacts you're running. and the last one, Gratuitous Violence combos super well with Warstorm Surge and Crucible of Fire to just turn any one of your dragons into an etb maelstrom of death.

BlackWitch on Griselbrand [20 HP] Update

3 months ago

Hi LordQuirion

I also play Duel Commander, and I playtested your deck a couple of times.

I really like it. It's super irritating for my opponents. All the point removals, and sacrifice cards, discards work really well with keeping board control until Griselbrand hits the board.

Although after recent update for Dual Commander that reduced players life to 20 I think it still is a bit too slow. I often get mana flood, and too much artifact ramp. I think You could remove some ramp or lands and add something that would give a little bit of speed to your deck. Or more control.

Basalt Monolith, Coalition Relic, Everflowing Chalice, Expedition Map, Gilded Lotus, Hedron Archive, Thran Dynamo, Ur-Golem's Eye, Worn Powerstone is just too much.

Ur-Golem's Eye and Gilded Lotus are really to slow and to expensive for what they do. They will help You win, when You are already winning.

Anyway +1. I really like this deck.

Ra on Rise of the Dragons

3 months ago

+1 from me cuz Dragons.If I were you, I would consider replacing Ur-Golem's Eye with Urza's Incubator.

Lord.of.Innistrad on Karn EDH

3 months ago

Also, Hedron Archive is strictly better than Ur-Golem's Eye.

Xynarth on Kaalia of the Vast

4 months ago

Spirits Angel of Despair is fantastic, and I definitely recommend it too.

Looking a bit more carefully at your list, I'd recommend swapping out Font of Mythos for Phyrexian Arena. You should hoard the rights to card advantage. Instead of Ring of Three Wishes I'd go for Demonic Tutor or Vampiric Tutor (if you have the budget for both even better). You could also switch out Ur-Golem's Eye for Thran Dynamo instead.

And while the Swords are nice, I don't feel they have that much synergy. Same for Deathrender. It needs to be equipped in order for you to reap the benefits, all people have to do is remove the creature before the equip resolves.

SaberTech on Mistmeadow Blink (Pauper EDH)

6 months ago

I may be misunderstanding the Wormfang Drake combo, but is it supposed to net you an extra mana with each turn with Peregrine Drake and Mistmeadow Witch? If that's the case, isn't it easier to run more mana ramp like Azorius Signet, Silver Myr, or Ur-Golem's Eye? Although I can see how bouncing Wormfang Drake with Cloudshift would net you an extra 4 mana off the returned Peregrine Drake, so I guess it's situational.

A couple cards I could recommend are Wall of Glare and Palace Guard. The wall and the guard make you a far less appealing target to attack, and they have also helped me out a lot against Sigil Captain decks that try to go wide with tokens and have have access to the Village Bell-Ringer and Presence of Gond combo.

It's always surprising how many cards opponents will let you draw off Rhystic Study in a multiplayer game, so I recommend it as one of the few solid card-draw engines in Pauper EDH. And with the high costing creatures you have in your deck, Rush of Knowledge would probably work well for restocking your hand in the late game.

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