Pillar of Origins


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Arena [BETA] Legal
Brawl Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Ixalan (XLN) Uncommon

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Pillar of Origins


As Pillar of Origins enters the battlefield, choose a creature type. : Add one mana of any color to your mana pool. Spend this mana only to cast a creature spell of the chosen type.

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Pillar of Origins Discussion

hungry000 on

6 days ago

I suggest playing 4 Heartless Summoning. It'll ramp you 2 mana instead of 1, and the downside isn't bad at all when you can play 5 mana dragons on turn 3. I'd replace the Pillar of Origins or Dragonlord's Servant with it. If you go that route, you'd also be able to go down a couple lands, which would let you play more creatures such as Thundermaw Hellkite or Stormbreath Dragon (both of which are good dragons you should try out).

BreadOfJustice on 360 degree angel

4 weeks ago

Prismatic Omen is a good choice for five color deck, IMO. Darksteel Ingot, Coalition Relic, Chromatic Lantern, Mana Bloom, Mox Amber and Pillar of Origins are super great Mana fixers, and I love Path of Ancestry/Cavern of Souls in this deck. I am glad you included Maelstrom Archangel, great angel!

mikexbustillos on Standard Constructs

1 month ago

Hey! Great deck! I've always wanted to brew a constructs deck, so I was excited to see this one.

I playtested 4 matches with it and here were my experiences.

It often had explosive ground attackers if Chief and Inspector were in the opening hand.

Karn is a fabulous card advantage engine. Add more Karn.

Voltaic Servant is kind of a cool combo with Throne of the God-Pharaoh, because you get to order the triggers however you like, you can get the damage for your attackers, then untap them afterwards.

Scrap Trawler really helps the deck be resilient to Fumigate, but does very little against Settle the Wreckage. If there were a few more 1 and 2-mana artifacts in the deck, Scrap Trawler may have more targets available when he does trigger.


Consider going up to 4 Inventors' Fair! This card is fabulous in an artifact deck, and, although it's legendary, you can use it as a spell in a flood situation. Since there are a few artifacts--namely Chief of the Foundry that make or break the aggro strategy, being able to search for them is pretty valuable.

Consider a color! I understand that you like the colorless deck build, but it does some serious drawbacks. Most apparent to me, in playtesting, was that the deck lacks nearly any interaction at all. Disruption, removal, anything really to stop an opponent's deck from comboing off or running unopposed. If you draw the perfect curve you can get a turn 5 kill, but only if the opponent has NO removal. Abrade, Naturalize, even Lightning Strike can really disrupt the deck's tempo badly, and it lacks anyway to return the disruption and keep tempo at parity.

Consider more copies of fewer cards. There are a handful of really cool artifacts in the non-creature category, but since they are all 1-ofs, I rarely drew the same one twice. The deck will be more consistent if you pick the ones that work the best for your strategy and play more copies of them.

I recommend:

1 more Powerstone Shard! Go big or go home! It's not terribly useful as a ramp until you play the 2nd, and having 4 makes getting duplicates much more likely.

Take out Paradox Engine, Pillar of Origins and Thran Temporal Gateway. None of them were really useful in any of the games that I drew them. The times when they will be effective are much rarer than the times they will be useless in hand I think.

Go up more copies of Throne of the God-Pharaoh. It supports your deck's strategy very well, and you want to be able to play it early. Even if you end up with duplicates in hand, it is a very attractive removal target, so you will have chances to replay it--and at only 2 mana you will be able to afford it.

(Maybe controversial, but) Consider Ornithopter! It's a 0 mana card, and playing it can trigger lots of other benefits. It's always a target for Scrap Trawler. With Chief of the Foundry in play, it gives you evasive damage, and gives you some blockers against enemy flyers.

Consider Treasure Map  Flip! It is a terribly helpful artifact, as it lets you scry for several turns, then flips over and helps with ramp and gives you card draw advantage for several turns.

Consider Improvise! I never had enough non-creature artifacts to be able to play Metalwork Colossus, but there are a couple of big constructs that use Improvise instead, which lets you tap any artifact for mana. Combos nicely with Voltaic Servant's ability.

Last, but not least...

Consider more aggression!

The deck looks like an aggro deck, and that is your stated objective, but cards like Sparring Construct and Voltaic Servant are more effective as defenders than attackers. Get some more power-heavy artifacts in there! Go down some 5+ drops, go up some more aggressive 2- and 3-drops. Some hasty attackers, some creatures with Fabricate maybe, some cards that can swing in for more than 1 point of damage when they can attack. Heart of Kiran is great for that, as is Cultivator's Caravan, and Aethersphere Harvester. Plus, then your valuable Foundry Inspectors and Chief of the Foundrys don't have to expose themselves in combat, but can still get help damage in.


Hope that helps!

Love to test it out again after the next update! Keep up the good work!

griffstick on Dinosaur Rampage

1 month ago

Take out Pillar of Origins for Strionic Resonator. Getting 2 triggers on your CMDR seems great. Secondly you might want to consider adding in Spirit en-Dal so you can give your CMDR shadow and swing him uncontested

pizzanui on Gishath's Brawl

2 months ago

I'm thinking of putting together a Gishath brawl myself, but I'm worried at the incredible shortage of 2-drops. Looks to me like the first few turns you'd be incredibly vulnerable, especially when more aggressive dfecks like UB Pirates can use their first three turns to curve out with plays such as Siren Stormtamer, Fathom Fleet Captain, and Jace, Cunning Castaway. Considering Pillar of Origins and Llanowar Elves for this reason. Thoughts?

Chiberia on Mono-White Angels

2 months ago

Shield of the Realm is simply bad, remove it. You need more control so that you can stay alive till you can put some angels on the field. Pillar of Origins also needs to be taken out, mana rocks won't do much for you.

I recommend you put in two more Seal Aways' and find some room for Fumigate in the mainboard

A complete rework so that the deck is Selesnya colors might be more beneficial to you as well.

ButterMyBiscuit on Mono-White Angels

2 months ago

I feel On Serra's Wings is waste of a spot as all angels are flying, most have vigilance, and some have lifelink. Flavor-wise it's perfect though :p

Maybe something like Pillar of Origins to ramp and get them earlier if you wanna stay within the tribal theme. Or some early removal as MochiCatParty said.

Love that wizards are pushing Angel tribe. +1

mbaggs on Here Comes the Sun

2 months ago

Definitely include some sweepers, Wrath of God is a solid example. You typically want at least 3 or 4 board wipes (sometimes more, sometimes less, it really depends on the deck) in an EDH deck; I guess Pyrohemia can act as one but you do need a few more.

Card draw is also super important in EDH. Sylvan Library is pretty much the best you can get in green, Momentous Fall is also good in a deck with big creatures. Over all you probably want around 10 cards in the deck that can draw you more cards.

Ramp is also a necessity, especially in this kind of deck. Cards like Atzocan Seer and Pillar of Origins do fit with the tribal theme, but there are just better ramping spells out there. Birds of Paradise and other single mana dorks are very effective, and you can get them out on turn one. Other cards like Traverse the Outlands and Kodama's Reach are also quite good.

Making sure you have all this stuff is a solid start. I cannot stress enough the need for card draw in EDH. Card draw helps you rebound from your own, and other peoples' board wipes, it helps you find your ramp spells, as well as your creatures to cast with all of the mana you've ramped into. Card draw can help a shitty deck perform decently, while on the other hand, a lack of card draw can cause an amazing deck to fall flat on it's face. Oh also Sensei's Divining Top

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