Noxious Ghoul


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Planechase Uncommon
Legions Uncommon

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Noxious Ghoul

Creature — Zombie

Whenever Noxious Ghoul or another Zombie enters the battlefield, all non-Zombie creatures get -1/-1 until end of turn.

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Noxious Ghoul Discussion

RedUndead40 on Zombie Apocalypse

2 weeks ago

Even though it can kill Gisa, Noxious Ghoul is probably one of the best zombies for edh.

Also something like Shepherd of Rot can do wonders to end games especially if you're ahead on life because of Whip of Erebos.

As for cuts you could probably drop one land since your ramp is decent. Also Nantuko Husk is great but generally too transparent to really surprise anyone with a big swing.

Hope this helps!

MacNulty on Geth, the Library Destroyer

4 weeks ago

You're very tribal so Coat of Arms is a huge risk, you should replace with Door of Destinies or you are dead to almost any token / elf deck as you're empowering the rest of the table with the Coat.

I've played Geth for a year and half, gone through a lot of permutations and honestly they are based more on what mood I am in, boredom or just the attempt to try new things with my favorite commander.

Running Coat has killed me a number of time, running the Door has only killed the door.

Also that Bloodchief Ascension recommendation... no offense to anyone but I would ignore that. It ensures you are everyone's target early game and you are weak early game as you are playing a slow deck.

You should dump it and mainboard the Amulet of Vigor . I mean, when Geth is working his magic, having creature come in untapped can make a big difference. Huge.

I agree about the Graveborn Muse , she is fun for a couple of turns but becomes a big liability.

I focus more on lifegain than you are. It helps me to play a slower game because if I'm climbing high on life total I sometimes seem less impactful of a target. It's reverse logic but there it is.

That Shepherd of Rot shouldn't be underestimated. He's actually a real killer in a zombie deck with decent token generation and conversely having Noxious Ghoul and Vengeful Dead is really satisfying as you know that you are making people pay for the arrival , depature and mere existence of zombies :)

Which is such a good feeling right?

The downside to Zombies though is that they don't fly. Your deck is a huge target for flyers atm and you need to fix that asap. At least get the Stromgald Crusader in there, its very useful early game and a good protector considering the popularity of white.

Rise of the Dark Realms is rarely impactful. It seems like a win, but I've almost never had it go off and not had my board wiped before I had the chance to use what I have taken. The closest I've seen to it working was when an opponent who had red and thus the ability make everything he had have haste, steal the card from my deck and end everyone that turn.

This is where Amulet of Vigor helps sometimes, at least you have a little more potential to do stuff.

I love your Undercity Informer that isn't something I've tried.

If this is useful info, let me know and I'll be happy to talk to you about making more use of the creatures you steal. I mean there is not Sadistic Hypnotist here and there ought to be. It's worth thinking about a variety of things you can do with what you steal other than creating mana or using the creatures/ artifacts next turn.

Alexiolio on Gisa and Geralf Rough Draft

1 month ago

Going to try and keep suggestions fairly budget.

For the Zombie crazytimes stuff... Undead Warchief is rad. Nuff said. Diregraf Colossus will give you zombies forever, just like Grave Titan, Liliana's Reaver and Noosegraf Mob. Soulless One and Raving Dead could be huge. Scourge of Nel Toth and Gray Merchant of Asphodel also make some interesting plays.

In terms of some sick creature related utility... Fleshbag Marauder on repeat stops anyone else from getting creatures out. You play marauder, sack it to his own trigger, then cast it again with your commander. Hella awesome. Sidisi, Undead Vizier is either a 4/6 deathtouch, or can exploit herself to tutor for Rooftop Storm. Since she is a zombie too, you get to do this again and again...Corpse Harvester makes sure you're still in the game. Noxious Ghoul can be a board wipe if you play a few zombies in a turn. Corpse Connoisseur is another good zombie/tutor. Graveborn Muse might be dangerous, but if you also play something like Whip of Erebos you should be good. Possessed Skaab is also some nice recursion for more than creatures. Havengul Runebinder is good at pumping the team. Stronghold Assassin is good at turning tokens into Doom Blade. Advanced Stitchwing will bring some folks back.

You will definitely need some more token generators as well... Army of the Damned wins games. Empty the Pits is a great late game closer. Dark Salvation can net you a bunch of zombies while killing something huge. Dread Summons is also a powerful generator. Necromancer's Stockpile gets you a card, token, and a Gisa Geralf yard target.

Some nasty stuff... Grave Betrayal. Dictate of Erebos. Rise of the Dark Realms. Sudden Spoiling. Cyclonic Rift. Buried Alive. Endless Ranks of the Dead is wonderful but maybe getting too pricey. Rite of Replication.

More general stuff:

Draw Spells: Ancient Excavation fixes mana or draws and fills the yard with zombies. Read the Runes is similar. Fact or Fiction, Brainstorm, and Ponder are just value. Forbidden Alchemy is neat.Phyrexian Arena, Rhystic Study, and Underworld Connections. Commander's Sphere, Mind Stone, Hedron Archive, and Dimir Cluestone.

Recursion: Victimize, Dread Return, Cemetery Recruitment, Puppeteer Clique, Animate Dead, and Beacon of Unrest.

Board Wipes: Life's Finale, Necromantic Selection, Decree of Pain, and Living Death.

Removal/Protection: Undermine, Countersquall, Counterspell, Dismiss, and Dissipate. Hero's Downfall, Tragic Slip, and Murder. Capsize teehee.

A good mix is maybe close to 30~ creatures, with 38~ lands and then another 8~ spells that help ramp mana. This leaves you with 25 cards other than creatures to ramp this deck up.

Some things you probably don't need: Aspect of Gorgon. Engulf the Shore since you will probably only have 3-4 islands in play. Hysterical Blindness is okay, but really only buys you a turn. Launch Party is neat, but on the lower end of your removal options due to the overall cost. Talent of the Telepath is cool, but a little off from your game plan. Shamble Back might just be too small to be worth a whole card slot.

As for creatures, Zombies with enter or exit the battlefield effects are strong. Also ones that can replace instants and sorceries with their effects are also strong. The best ones will be zombies that get bigger, or make other zombies bigger.

Your deck will always have creatures at its disposal, so you should be able to simply drown opponents in sheer creature advantage. You aren't as susceptible to board wipes or counters either, since you have so much interaction with your graveyard. The main weakness will just be Blue and Black's lack of consistent ramp. For that reason, you may want to add a little more artifact ramp into the deck.

Some last thoughts: Keeping your commander around is super important, so Lightning Greaves, Swiftfoot Boots, Whispersilk Cloak, and Darksteel Plate are all helpful.

ANY Liliana card would also work wonders in this deck: Liliana Vess, Liliana, Heretical Healer  Flip, and Liliana of the Dark Realms.

Non budget powerhouse combo - Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth and Cabal Coffers.

Sorry for rambling on. Let me know if you want to chat more :)

Boza on Pauper EDH (pEDH)

2 months ago

It is not really an official format by any means. You can adjust starting lifetotals and even deck sizes - my group plays with 50 card decks and 30 life.

There is a list of Pedh generals on this site somewhere. I would suggest avoiding everything that says hexproof on the general. Lawmage with Steel of the Godhead is incredibly uninteractive and ends games easily.

I played an izzet spells-matter deck with Fluxcharger and the helm and pretty much every flashback and rebound spell. My friends had decks with Noxious Ghoul Zombie tribal, boros agro with Sunhome Guildmage tokens, voltron Lorescale Coatl with counterspells and pump and draw, Ruthless Deathfang control...

Fallentesla on

2 months ago

I'm not sure how mana intensive this deck gets but maybe consider Sol Ring and Caged Sun? Some other cards that look like they might be good here are...

Graveborn Muse: While the cost of life can become pricey she can generate a LOT of pure value.

Noxious Ghoul: This one I think depends on how competitive you feel like being. Its really good because its a constant board wipe but I can also see it generating some frustration at the table.

Overseer of the Damned: While not a zombie hes just GOOD. Unconditional removal on a stick with flying that generates consistent value after he enters.

Other then that yeah. Deck looks sweat!

Brocacola on Gisa and Geralf Reanimator Toolbox V1.2

3 months ago

Lord of the Undead was considered during the pre-paper build. The deck does have ways to produce large amounts of zombie fodder, however it is not the main function of the deck so it and the other lords like Death Baron + Zombie Master were left out. If any of the lords were to be added, Lord of the Undead would be my choice and I may end up testing it.

After getting to play with the deck for a little over a month, I'd like take the deck in a more reactive direction by adding more instant spells. Here are some changes:

Out - Whispering Madness In - Unstable Obelisk

Whispering Madness is a good card in this deck, but it does need a small amount of ramp to hit the precious CMC 5 mark on curve. I feel the deck has enough card draw to make this a worthy change. Unstable Obelisk also gives me the option to blow up any permanent that may interfere with my plans. Worn Powerstone is also a consideration and may end up taking it's place if I don't find myself using the activation enough.

Out - Skullclamp In - Mystic Confluence

After having the clamp out in more than a few games I've decided it is not worth a slot in the deck. While providing card draw in conjunction with sac + reanimatation, most of the time I did not have a need or want to spend the additional mana to draw more cards (believe it or not). Mystic Confluence comes in to provide card draw when needed, counter spells, and bounce creatures all at instant speed.

Out - Trading Post In - Wretched Confluence

Not much to say here, Wretched Confluence fits the deck better than goat post.

Out - Imprisoned in the Moon In - Insidious Will

Imprisoned in the Moon doesn't actually do enough in the deck. I already have Hero's Downfall for planeswalkers, and Ghost Quarter + Tectonic Edge for troublesome lands. Looking to test out Insidious Will because it was so good in my prerelease.

Out - Skinrender In - Dralnu, Lich Lord

My thoughts on Skinrender were to kill opposing utility creatures and weaken other larger creatures. Noxious Ghoul can do both and does this better. Dralnu comes in as a surprise sacrifice outlet and allows me to double up on spells.

Out - Diregraf Colossus In - Praetor's Grasp

Not sure about this change. Diregraf Colossus was fine in games. Getting some 2/2 zombies would be more useful if that were the direction I wanted to take the deck, so the small giant will sit on the bench for now. I am, however, more than happy to include a part card of mine in Praetor's Grasp. Black has touble when dealing with artifacts and enchantments. PG allows you to take something from another player who can deal with those types of cards. Need a board wipe now? Grab it from someone else. Want another counterspell? Got it. Feel like having a 2nd Sol Ring? Go for it. Grasp makes it into a lot of my Black decks, and for good reasons! Of course, you'll need the correct colored mana to do all of this, but since I already play Chromatic Lantern it should not be a problem.

Out - Killing Wave In - Relentless Dead

This is not the deck for Killing Wave. I wanted to use it as a mass sac outlet for 1B, but my free sac outlets already do that. Relentless Dead comes in because I was finally able to obtain one.

Wizno on And The Zombies Come Forth

3 months ago

Happy to help a fellow zombie player, Axorian. I think your budget allows for a fair amount of upgrades while still not getting too out of hand.

Some key zombies that are within your suggested budget range to consider would be:

Gravecrawler: makes infinite combos and is just simply the best.

Cryptbreaker: token producer, card advantage, and cheap.

Corpse Harvester: land and creature tutor!

Graveborn Muse/Corpse Augur: major card draw for zombies.

Fatestitcher: helps untap your commander for some extra threat power.

Ghoulcaller Gisa: not a zombie but can make you a ton of tokens for offense, defense, or food from Grimgrin.

Havengul Lich: pricey but also a powerful reanimator.

Lich Lord of Unx: token generator and can do some major damage.

Noosegraf Mob: mana expensive but can help build a board presence quick.

Noxious Ghoul: can be a board wipe.

Prized Amalgam: pricier now because of Standard and Modern but worth the price.

Scourge of Nel Toth: zombie dragon!!

Shepherd of Rot: hurts you but can do work.

Soulless One: can be a huge beater.

Unbreathing Horde: similar to Souless One but can dodge some damage.

Undead Warchief: pricey but within your budget and a super powerful lord.

Vengeful Dead: can be devastating with Rooftop Storm, Gravecrawler, and sac outlet.

Zombie Master: another semi-affordable lord type.

Now as to the mana-base:

Underground River can be found for under $10.

Halimar Depths is a solid blue utility land.

Sunken Hollow is quite budget friendly.

Temple of Deceit is within your price range.

Unholy Grotto is an auto-include in zombie tribal.

Bojuka Bog is graveyard hate for other reanimator decks.

Command Tower is quite affordable.

Tainted Isle is also good.

Bad River is a slow but cheap Polluted Delta.

Drowned Catacomb is another cheap dual land.

Crypt of Agadeem is quite good in zombie decks.

Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth is pushing the budget a bit but is worth it especially when used with Zombie Master.

Talisman of Dominance, not a land but more solid fixing.

There are lots of spells and ideas I could offer in the enchantment, instant, and sorcery areas but I feel it's always best to beef up the creatures and mana first. I hope some of this is helpful and within your budget limitations! Best of luck!

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