Plague Wind


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Tenth Edition (10E) Rare
Ninth Edition (9ED) Rare
Eighth Edition (8ED) Rare
Prophecy (PCY) Rare

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Plague Wind


Destroy all creatures you don't control. They can't be regenerated.

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Plague Wind Discussion

ersatz_olorin on Endrek Tron

6 days ago
  1. If I were to pinpoint something would be that it depends too much on one card, that being Ashnod's Altar. I chose this commander because of its interaction w/ AA and while I included other options for quickly gaining mana, AA is definitely the most explosive.

  2. yes X spells, but also the high cost spells like Rise of the Dark Realms or Plague Wind. I also included Ugin, the Spirit Dragon because I saw that included in many other tron builds but it feels sort of like a bad fit

TLDR: I feel like I am grasping at the edge of a deck idea, and I am definitely missing something.

Tyrant-Thanatos on What mechanics should return for ...

1 week ago

Vindicate overload for like 3x cost I don't feel like would be unfun. It'd just be Planar Cleansing and Armageddon at once for which is a preposterous cost. At I could see that being a bit crazy, but even then, not entirely oppressive.

Thing is, a lot of cards are not written for Overload, which would actually keep the mechanic in check. The actual Overload cards that were printed, like Mizzium Mortars specify "creature you don't control", or vice versa. Overload Murder would not be Plague Wind, it would be Day of Judgment.

Now, some cards might be silly or heavily exploitable due to their restrictions, depending on the cost. Like say, Go for the Throat or Doom Blade. And this is just on the topic of Removal, but for "Destroy all nonblack creatures" or "destroy all nonartifact creatures" would be a bit crazy.

htfilm on Is Settle the wreckage viable ...

1 week ago

Settle the Wreckage is not a bad card, as a Plague Wind of sorts. I could see a few copies against decks like dredge or 5C humans, which is now very popular, so there's that. However, I agree that most other boardwipes are better.

justinspruiell on Kess' Wizard Emporium

2 weeks ago

I think you could do with getting rid of Nevinyrral's Disk in favor of a better board wipe Damnation Cyclonic Rift or Plague Wind.

justinspruiell on Sedris, the sacrifice EDH(BUDGET ~50$)

4 weeks ago

Well at first glance (if this were my deck) I would say lower your creature count by about 10.

Raise your land count by 8 and add mana fixing Command Tower Shimmering Grotto the guildgates like Dimir Guildgate and some fetching like Evolving Wilds and Terramorphic Expanse. I would also add more ramp especially in black to be able to raise the graveyard Black Market is an easy include. Then there is Manalith and the signets like Dimir Signet. You have two pieces of an infinite mana combo already Ashnod's Altar + Nim Deathmantle you could add Cathodion for colorless mana.

You can take advantage of blue card draw with Rhystic Study and black tutors with Diabolic Tutor Corpse Connoisseur and you can exploit Sidisi, Undead Vizier to herself and recast her giving you a recurable tutors.

Finally I would add a few boardwipes Cyclonic Rift Plague Wind Damnation and Toxic Deluge

I hope this helps and keep me updated on your changes and how it runs.

Steaditup on With Elenda, the dusk will rise

1 month ago

Debtors' Knell if your budget allows; it lets you get Elenda back when you send her to the yard. (Friendly rules reminder: if you send Elenda to the command zone, you get no tokens from her death trigger!) Volrath's Stronghold is useful for the same reason. Hell's Caretaker rounds out your options for returning Elenda.

Cards like Bone Splinters, Fleshbag Marauder, Merciless Executioner, Barter in Blood and Innocent Blood can be really, really strong with your commander since they cause a lot of creature death. You might consider Plague Wind as your ultimate haymaker, getting Elenda truly huge and allowing you to smash for lethal commander damage.

Finally, with all your Grave Pact-type effects, ways to sacrifice your creatures for value would be strong. Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim can be a source of lifegain, and Ashnod's Altar is a classic. Viscera Seer is even a vampire! Leveraging that creature death further with cards like Blood Artist and Zulaport Cutthroat can be really solid.

A lot of my suggestions might take you away from the Vampires path (and are almost all black), but I think they'd work very strongly with Elenda.

Cathars' Crusade can turn Elenda's death into a huge board builder. Forerunner of the Legion is coming out in a couple days and can help you find clutch vampires like Butcher of Malakir or Vona. Also coming out is a nifty boardwipe that takes advantage of Elenda's small starting size: Slaughter the Strong.

I hope these suggestions helped!

TheDeckMaker2300 on Ixalan Park (#1 Gishath Commander) V2.0

1 month ago

That's cool ideas

However there's three more thing you could/should put in

Number 1

Regal Behemoth is now a dinosaur instead of a lizard

You got another card draw and ramp at the same time card to put in.

Number twoRite of Passage it pretty much gives the whole army Snapping Sailback enrage trigger

Number 3Temple Altisaur negates all damage to all dinosaur to 1 except this one give it indestructible then all the sudden Blasphemous Act becomes a 1 sided sweep like Plague Wind (most of the time)

Oh enrage has slight more focus now

So I got three for ya

  1. Caltrops
  2. Lightmine Field
  3. Splintering Wind

The last one may not be such a good idea but with Ravenous Daggertooth + Rite of Passage it negates the damage from the leave play

TheDeckMaker2300 on T-wrecked (RIX Updated)

1 month ago

Oh you need enrage triggers well here you go

And because Temple Altisaur

I should point sweeps like Chain Reaction and Blasphemous Act become one sided like Plague Wind just give the altisaur indestructable somehow

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