Creature — Zombie

Gravecrawler can't block.

You may cast Gravecrawler from your graveyard as long as you control a Zombie.

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Gravecrawler Discussion

GEOforce20 on The Nightmare Before nyXmas

5 hours ago

I see what you mean. maybe instead of milling yourself you could run sac outlets to get the creatures bact to grave? Viscera Seer comes to mind but theres probably better stuff to run.

or another take on it would be to use wastes and deals to fill the grave, get 2/2s, draw and get mana. caress and affliction for damage. then Iona, Shield of Emeria and Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite to take full advantage of nightmare. and with all those zombies Gravecrawler might be a viable option too


13 hours ago

Tormentero, that's an interesting path to take with it. I personally am very against Demon of Death's Gate since when they remove it, it's basically a 4 for 1. As with Gravecrawler, I've definitely considered it, but this deck is already weak to grave hate, so I don't want to go all in with that strategy. At that point I might as well run tribal zombies, haha. I may even end up removing the Bloodsoaked Champion after more playtesting.

jonathan.lynd1121, thanks for the vote and the comment! All the hand disruption in black is just so oppressive, and landing Phyrexian Obliterator is just more than a lot of decks can deal with. With all the threats that just... don't... die, it's brutal indeed.


1 day ago

Haha fair enough :] This deck looks insanely fun. The relentless onslaught looks pretty insane.

Saw a deck earlier that reminded me of this, except they were running Demon of Death's Gate and Gravecrawler. With the amount of zombies you have now, he could be fun.

Tomnofx on Well, here's hell if you were wondering.

1 day ago

I wanted some more input on the deck and that was quite useful. Gravecrawler, certainly if made that I can reoccur it enough times. I'd have to play say 8 zombies then to make it a viable inclusion?

The thing with Tainted Strike is to ensure I get ten infect in with the demon, that's the game plan anyway. I do feel as I'm lacking in the numbers of those and therefore should be running the whole playset. Viscera Seer helps considerably to find the answers I need. That's a fair enough point there. Possibly even though the lifegain isn't too relevant unless I'm up against burn for instance. Thank you for the suggestions. I believe I'm somewhat getting closer to where I need to be with it. :)

Wizard_of_the_Broke on Well, here's hell if you were wondering.

1 day ago

Quick thoughts:

Gravecrawler. Sooo much better than Pulse Tracker. If you can fit in 2+ more Zombies (Diregraf Ghoul?), you're good to go.

What's the deal with Tainted Strike? Your biggest dude swings for 9, if unblocked, and you have no other way to make poison counters in the deck. That means you need to draw Strike at least twice to win through infect, which isn't that likely. So if you attack with Demon plus Strike, and don't draw another Strike pretty soon after, you've wasted that first attack where you could have done 9 damage - allowing your opponent to live at least a turn longer. If you want some kind of bonus for attacking with Demon, maybe Vampiric Link?

TetrAggressive on Meren's Morbid Masterpiece

2 days ago

Nether Traitor is a good extra Bloodghast / Reassembling Skeleton that isn't as hard to make useful in your list as Gravecrawler. There's also always the OG Nether Shadow if you're feeling nostalgic haha.

MightyPazza on The Necro Wars

3 days ago

Thanks for the suggestion Bobby654, I will look at picking up a Gravecrawler sometime in the future.

kengiczar on Enemy-Colored Commands

3 days ago

@ ABadMagicPlayer100 - While I prefer the last option for Tesya's Command not to be limited if it is limited it should be chosen based off "what do you not want , and to reanimate turn 4?". In other words "What creatures are to good to be allowed to be cheated in on turn 4?"

I just threw what feels like 30-40 minutes into making these lists to cover as many angles as possible concerning Tasysa's Command in modern.

I thnk for 6 drops all of them are fine, nothing OP. (Bloom Titan is alreadya thing and it's T2 remember?)

For 7 drops I also have no qualms. Really this is the only way that Avenger of Zendikar will do work in an Abzan list.

For the 8 drops it's important to not freak out and to see what is available to stop them once Taysa's Command resolves bringing back fatty!

Hardest to stop once resolved Show

Options to prevent/escape Taysa's Command strategies Show

As you can see EVERY color has options to play around Taysa's Command, even if it's instant, and even if it can reanimate any creature.

While I could see limiting it to creatures with CMC 7 or less as an instant speed spell for modern I would also happily play both with and against it if people had a shot at reanimating Griselbrand, Akromas, and Jin Gitaxus.

Also I want to note that Vengevine strategies would absolutely CRUSH these bigger reanimation strategies because can play Ground Seal and get back Vengevine, Bloodghast, and Gravecrawler.

Also abzan could take a Rally the Ancestors approach and still use Ground Seal while winning pretty damned hard.

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Power / Toughness 2/1
Color(s) Black
Cost B
Converted cost 1


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

Printings View all

Set Rarity
Dark Ascension Rare
Promo Set Rare


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