Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Blessed vs Cursed Rare
Dark Ascension Rare
Promo Set Rare

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Creature — Zombie

Gravecrawler can't block.

You may cast Gravecrawler from your graveyard as long as you control a Zombie.

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Gravecrawler Discussion

hosshughes on Gisa and Geralf Workshopping

1 day ago

Since you have Gravecrawler and Blood Artist/Vengeful Dead already, I would suggest Phyrexian Altar if you can afford one. Goes infinite.

SultaiAscendancy on Sidisi, Voodoo Chile

2 days ago

Suggestions: Gravecrawler will give you infinite ETB/death triggers with Rooftop Storm and a sacrifice outlet but is still good without them. Speaking of sacrifice outlets, Altar of Dementia and Grimgrin, Corpse-Born. Cryptbreaker is a great utility card for Sidisi. Havengul Lich is an amazing reanimation card and is can cast Fleshbag Marauder repeatedly. Crypt of Agadeem is like Gaea's Cradle for Sidisi EDH, but much cheaper. You can check out my Sidisi list here if you want (it's not zombie tribal though). Hope this helps.

Jewishman on The Darkness, Beckons

2 days ago

have you considered replacing Diabolic Servitude with Recurring Nightmare, also Culling the Weak with some Gravecrawlers or Bloodghasts might be night for early game ramp.

Xica on Black / green, what deck?

3 days ago

10-20 power in tun 2 would require astronomical luck, like dredging/drawing 4x Prized Amalgam, 4x Gravecrawler, 4x Narcomoeba, or 4x Bloodghast

So to achieve this, you need to put some kind of dredger into the grave on t1, preferably either Golgari Grave-Troll, Stinkweed Imp or both. (the decks also tend to run 3 cards with "dredge 3")

At best you can Dangerous Wager on t2.
Chances: 44,48% (48,75% on draw)
This gives you the chance to return 2 dredgers. (well if you discarded them 45,44% (52,54% on the draw)) (having one dredger in the grave has over 82% chance btw)
This would mean that you dredged 12 at best. (chances of it happening are 15,95% (21,68% on draw) - after adding the chance of having few lands.The average dredge value of dredge cards is 4,81.This puts around 17-19 cards in your grave.

At least 4x prised amalgam, and 8 other cards must be between those (Narcomoeba, Gravecrawler, Bloodghast) to allow the claimed 20 power. the chances of that are just terrible.(~0,0002465%)

So while dredge is a powerhouse of the format, we should at least try to paint a honest picture of it.
And 20 power on the battlefield on t2 is near impossible.

ErTidda on Mardu Knights

4 days ago

Phyrexian Crusader is a lot interesting for his color protections, but I think he's a little in trouble for his Infect ability, not having any other source to abuse of that.

Stillmoon Cavalier as always makes his spot in my mind, but as a 3cc is a little underpowered imho: 2/1 with flying and first strike not free. Meh, I can see him only with Gravecrawler and Stromgald Crusader, in a Haakon, Stromgald Scourge focused build.

Nameless Inversion. Same as Stillmoon Cavalier: for me, Nameless=Haakon, so I can see it only in a heavy Haakon-focused environment (see Abzan Haakon Loam Knights).

Appreciated the comment, but I'd rather prefer an explanation of the suggestions, to discuss it with proper thoughts.Yes, I'm a demanding b*tch

Xica on How to protect skaab ruinator?

4 days ago

Thought Scour - it mills 2 and draws one. Problem is that i would be nearly as good off with milling 3. And such spell exists, and it has flashback.
And in a self mill deck flashback worth more than cantripping.
I can't draw with it once its in the grave.

Problem with counterspells is twofold:
1 - they are not permanents, thus can only protect the creature one time.
2 - they don't have flashback, and i don't have many ways to find them, so they are probably in the grave doing nothing.

Bloodghast, Gravecrawler, Prized Amalgam, Vengevine are all awesome cards.
Problem is that they are not much use when exiled by Skaab Ruinator - while they don't help in milling in any way shape or from , so make the said beater more accessible.

frusciante7 on How to protect skaab ruinator?

5 days ago

First off, you need Thought Scour. Blue, one mana, mills 2 and replaces itself. So good with Snapcaster Mage for reusing spells and makes Skaab Ruinator more likely to get in T3 :)

Then, IF YOU HAD TO SPLASH, I'd say :

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