Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Blessed vs Cursed Rare
Dark Ascension Rare
Promo Set Rare

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Creature — Zombie

Gravecrawler can't block.

You may cast Gravecrawler from your graveyard as long as you control a Zombie.

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Gravecrawler Discussion

zephyr_chang on Mono-Black Midrange Mowdown!

19 hours ago

Mono colour decks always lend themselves well to a devotion theme. You have enough black mana symbols to make Gray Merchant of Asphodel a good curve topper. If you go devotion, you can play some copies of Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx. If you want to maximise Zombie shenanigans, you can cut Bloodghast for Gravecrawler (an equally resilient threat), play some Relentless Dead to set up a recursion engine with Merchant, Geralf's Messenger, and Phyrexian Crusader.

Rhyno52 on Zombie Mill

20 hours ago

You have to put the cards into your maindeck there is a formular thingy for that. I recommend Prized Amalgam and maybe Gravecrawler or something.

ObamaIsIlluminatiOhYeah on Savra: Blood for the Blood God!

4 days ago

I have a similar build... you can check it out for ideas. Meren's Grave Shenanigans

I feel like a Savra build needs a crap-ton of sac outlets. Evolutionary Leap has been really good in my Meren deck. Phyrexian Altar is amazing, and opens up infinite combos with Gravecrawler.

As for possible combos, Triskelion combos with Mikaeus, and Necrotic Ooze, Triskelion, and Phyrexian Devourer combo as well.

saturn999 on DEATHCRUSH

1 week ago

Memphismaymagic5 I took your advice, Gravecrawler is really good in here. Thank you!

WryAssassin501 on The Never-Ending Zombie

1 week ago

Seems like a good prototype, especially for it's low cost. It seems a bit split though between a re animator style deck and a swarm type. If you're going for reanimator, try looking into Dregscape Zombie and Ghoulraiser as budget options for Gravecrawler and Relentless Dead. If you want more of a swarm type, maybe look at Sarcomancy and Graf Harvest. As for what you have, Liliana's Elite is a little counter-intuitive for both kinds of deck. In reanimator, you (hopefully) wouldn't have many creatures in your graveyard, and with swarm, you'd be using tokens, which don't stay in the graveyard. I'd say the other card I'm not sure of is Highborn Ghoul. It depends on how many people in your playgroup play black, I guess, but between intimidate and menace, I'd go with menace. Still though, I like what you came up with, especially considering you had a pretty strict budget it seems. I hope my suggestions help, even if a little bit!

magicthe on Lots a mill

1 week ago

Hi Millathon

Your current build seems unfocused. Your deck is split in two ways of attacking the opponent. Your attacking your opponent library with semi-aggressive milling cards like Altar of the Brood, Memory Erosion and Jace's Phantasm. Simultanously, you want to have defensive creature so that your combo of Undead Alchemist and Alter of the Brood works.

Most of the suggestions you've gotten so far, has been expand of the mill strategy with Jace's Phantasm and Memory Erosion as most important cards of this plan. I will suggest cards, that might help you build an aggressive Zombie Milling with the combo you likely love of Undead Alchemist and Altar of the Brood

Creatures you might want: Gravecrawler Geralf's Messenger Geth, Lord of the Vault Fleshbag Marauder Diregraf Ghoul Cryptbreaker Dregscape Zombie Lifebane Zombie Relentless Dead Risen Executioner Unbreathing Horde Undead Warchief Diregraf Captain Prized Amalgam Lich Lord of Unx

For Support, you might want to look at cards like these: Cryptic Command Exhaustion Dark Confidant Remand Graf Harvest

CommissarKaz on Zombie Horde

1 week ago

Hey Supahpikmin, I edited my deck to take your suggestions and some from another person helping me with this. Specifically, I:

I think that's everything, anyway. Any suggestions for the updated deck?

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