Creature — Zombie

Gravecrawler can't block.

You may cast Gravecrawler from your graveyard as long as you control a Zombie.

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Gravecrawler Discussion

Ghomrag on B/U Tribal Zombie Swarm

23 hours ago

Hey man so for this deck my recommendation would be switch all Lord of the Undead to Diregraf Captain since it is a much better creature. Then to make up for the loss of the recursion ability run a playset of Unholy Grotto. It will be more resilient to removal since its a land and the ability is cheaper. I think Grave Titan could go and be replaced with Grimgrin, Corpse-Born. With good token generation he can be super powerful. Or even playing Gravecrawler a lot. Altar's Reap is better card draw for this deck in my opinion because I think Tidings isn't efficient enough. Dread Slaver is not very good because while his ability is cool, no one is going to block it and you have no way of forcing blocks so it can have better cards in its slot. One card that I think could be good is Cemetery Reaper. It buffs other zombies and it has a really nice effect you can dump mana into for tokens. Another thing is with the enchantments. I think you need to be a bit more focused. Like don't have 3 one-ofs. I would say do like 2 or 3 Rooftop Storms or Grave Pact. I think the weakest enchantment is Call to the Grave and you might not need 4 Endless Ranks of the Dead. Lastly some other cards I have seen that you could use are Undead Alchemist which would be better if you run Grave Pact and more sac outlets or the card Vengeful Pharaoh.

Ouranos139 on Prized Amalgam Rusalka Bridge Dredge

3 days ago

I used to play Drowned Rusalka in my dredge deck but I took it and most of my Bridge from Belows out because bridge dies to sufficient hate (which most decks currently have) and Rusalka is only good for feeding bridge.

Nice deck! You are the first person I have found (other than myself) who doesn't play Vengevine or Gravecrawler; I don't think those cards work well in dredge, as they require that you already have a prized amalgam in graveyard when your Bloodghast trigger resolves.

P.S.: -3 Greater Gargadon, +3 Stitchwing Skaab

Here's a link to my dredge deck: Narcomoeba Dredge

Ouranos139 on Dredgevine

4 days ago

I see what you are trying to do with Gravecrawler and Vengevine, where you get a Bloodghast while Prized Amalgam is in graveyard, thus giving you a zombie, meaning that you can then cast Gravecrawler from graveyard and get Vengevine, but that combo requires that you have at least one land in hand, and one Bloodghast, one Prized Amalgam, one Vengevine, and two Gravecrawlers in graveyard, making the combo very rare and the deck very inconsistent.

I suggest that you take out the Gravecrawlers and thus the Vengevines as well, because without Gravecrawler you don't cast any creatures. Add blue and play Narcomoeba, which is a good creature to have early game and an easy way to trigger Prized Amalgam. Also, Stitchwing Skaab is ridiculously good, it triggers Prized Amalgam and is a discard outlet, along with being a great attacker. Lotleth Troll has little to no use in dredge, as it takes up to much mana that you could otherwise use for drawing/dredging and Stitchwing Skaab. Thought Scour is a great draw spell as well as a mill engine; it allows you to dredge on turn one (occasionally) and at instant speed. Dakmor Salvage is great for getting back Bloodghast and it gets you a land when you need one, as you aren't drawing any cards and thus can't draw into lands you need without disrupting your engine.

I learned about your deck on reddit while reading about other people's dredge decks, and I just want to point out that, in my experience, Insolent Neonate is by far the best possible turn one play, as you can dredge on turn one, which if you go first, is before your opponent can play any of their sideboard hate (except for Leyline of the Void), and, if you go second, it is before they can crack their turn one Relic of Progenitus or play a turn two Rest in Peace (it doesn't do anything against turn one Grafdigger's Cage).

I often play Modern Dredge competitively, so I hope you like these suggestions. Great ideas though, I really like your deck!

P.S.: Always sacrifice the Insolent Neonate during your opponents turn if it is game one, and during your turn if it is game two or three.

P.P.S.: This is the link to my dredge deck Narcomoeba Dredge

michaelmtg92 on The Zombies Are Comming

4 days ago

Hey therequintonimor2 I built a deck very similar to this a few weeks ago I have Reap the Seagraf in my side board as well as Grave Betrayal a few copies of Necromancer's Stockpile (Which synergizes amazingly with Gravecrawler) and a playset of Soul of Innistrad

lagotripha on Zombie Madness (Modern)

4 days ago

I've been testing this thing (Knight of the zombies) which grew out of my zombie tribal attempt. I've found Mind Slash to be insanely strong in concert with Gravecrawler, and oddly enough Dregscape Zombie and Shambling Remains to be stong in concert with a Relentless Dead->Anathemancer with backup Vengevine plan. Extractor Demon is pretty good if you can get it in your graveyard. Zombie Infestation and more graveyard shenanigains? It all depends on what you're having trouble with as to what I'd suggest.

RoCueto on BW Aristocrats

5 days ago

Thanks all for your comments.

In regards to Zombardment, it never tested well for me, it doesn't really have any relevant good matches and I kept losing to Burn which is popular in my city's Legacy scene. This deck does much better against them, Delver and Sharldess, even if it also does much worse against D&T and Omnishow, and just as bad as ZB against Miracles.

Therefore I don't want to play Zombardment instead of this, I want to make this work as well as possible. It's a pet project and I don't lose anything by holding on to it since I already have Shardless and Dredge for when I want to win.

In regards to Carrion Feeder, he's awesome. His interaction with Gravecrawler whenever there's an Artist on the field pretty much makes the deck. If I'm replacing a sac outlet, because Viscera Seer really is a great idea, it's gonna be Cartel Aristocrat.

I do feel more removal could be optimal and Tidehollow Sculler is both discard and a zombie, but I'm not entirely sure what to trimm. Dark Confidant is OP, specially when your Av. CMC is 1.5. Vindicate has protected me from cards that had otherwise lost me the game such as Umezawa's Jitte, Sulfuric Vortex and Leyline of the Void. The discard suite, specially Cabal Therapy gains me a lot of time to find the engine pieces.

Maybe cut the Doomed Traveler for 2xTidehollow Sculler and 2xSwords to Plowshares

Pterozacktyl on Planeswalkers: The Other White Meat

5 days ago

I really like Grave Titan and Gravecrawler. Just thoughts!

LeaPlath on BW Aristocrats

5 days ago

So, the thing is, there is already an Aristocrats style deck in legacy called Zombardment. The lists vary, but the aim is generally to use a bunch of tokens and bombard people to death.

There are two ways you can go I think. Heavy on the tokens, Young Pyromancer, Monastery Mentor and then stuff like Innocent Blood and Gitaxian Probe Or you can go for a more GY based abuse, with Tidehollow Sculler (MVP in this deck, 2 mana you can exile any card from their hand), Bloodghast, Gravecrawler etc.

Either way, the red is a must, it gives access to Lightning Bolt, Faithless Looting etc

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Tiny Leaders Legal

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