Creature — Zombie

Gravecrawler can't block.

You may cast Gravecrawler from your graveyard as long as you control a Zombie.

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Gravecrawler Discussion

dropkickprime on Liliana's Zombie Horde

2 days ago

You kind of have a sacrifice theme going so I'd suggest Mortician Beetle. It doesn't look like much but this unassuming little creature can get big quickly, especially when paired with my second suggestion Carrion Feeder. Sac outlets are never a bad thing in EDH. With Grave Pact and Dictate of Erebos you can clear boards pretty easily with the amount of tokens you have. Also Phyrexian Altar + Gravecrawler + one of those two and your opponents just won't have creatures.

Arakismo on B/w aristocrat

4 days ago

seems fun, but I think Gravecrawler is better than Dread Wanderer

Hexcimal on Modern Suicide Bomber

5 days ago

Rhyno52, of course. Cutting Ghoulcaller's Chant would be a good idea, as you have plenty enough recursion and creature cards to make up for having to fish them back into your hand. Let me know how it works with more lands. General rule of thumb (for me at least) is minimum 18 lands, unless the deck's average CMC is 1.5 or less.

I know someone else has already offered and you've expressed your thoughts on it, but I'd like to make another point for Cryptbreaker. Should you ever run into more lands than you could use and feel like they're dead draws, being able to discard excess for Zombie tokens is nice.

Have you taken a look into any of the new Zombie cards from Amonkhet? Plague Belcher looks like a badass card, but is it worth the 3 CMC slot? I'd like to test it some. The -1/-1 counters don't mean anything to a Gravecrawler (or can be placed on a creature you're just going to sac anyways), and for 3 mana it's a huge body with Zombie synergy. There are other new Zombies, but I think this one has great potential.

Happymaster19 on IN YOUR HEAAAD, YOUR HEAAAAD. (AEther Zombies)

6 days ago

I have liked having access to a sac outlet. I put Nantuko Husk in my list. Sac Gravecrawler to Nantuko Husk, cast it from the graveyard and get a token from Diregraf Colossus. Rinse and repeat netting a 2/2 for every mana spent. It's just a value combo the deck gets access to.

Matticus65 on Zomblore!

6 days ago

Gravecrawler has to be put into the graveyard and, Relentless Dead has to die for it to bring anything back.

Matticus65 on Zomblore!

6 days ago

TooMuchTalent, I use Cryptbreaker to discard the Prized Amalgam. Using Gravecrawler or Relentless Dead, I can bring it in without casting it.

zephyr_chang on Zombie Drain

1 week ago

Not sure if Aether Vial is really necessary since there are no 'tricks' that your current creature lineup affords you, other than maybe Tidehollow Sculler. If you are using it just to avoid counterspells, maybe Cavern of Souls is better. The reason why a sacrifice outlet and therefore you need more than 4 is because you can set up the Gravecrawler loop. With a Gravecrawler, either a Carrion Feeder or a Viscera Seer, and either a Plague Belcher or a Wayward Servant on the battlefield, you effectively have a :Opponent loses 1 life. To stop this loop, the enemy will always kill the sacrifice outlet first. The Relentless Dead loop is much, much slower.

It does not matter that much that Viscera Seer is not a Zombie because he is going to be the last creature you'd want to sacrifice anyway.

If you include graveyard recursion such as Return to the Ranks or Rally the Ancestors, you can sacrifice all your creatures, and then get them back and sacrifice them all again.

Happymaster19 on An Answer to the Prayers

1 week ago

You can give yourself a pseudo Thopter Sword engine by combining Diregraf Colossus and a sac outlet like Nantuko Husk with Gravecrawler. You'll net a 2/2 zombie for each black mana you have available.

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