Sky Diamond


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2014 (C14) Uncommon
Seventh Edition (7ED) Uncommon
Classic Sixth Edition (6ED) Uncommon
Mirage (MIR) Uncommon

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Sky Diamond


Sky Diamond enters the battlefield tapped.

: Add to your mana pool.

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Sky Diamond Discussion

Rednad on Talrand EDH

3 weeks ago

Coldsteel Heart/Sky Diamond: Hast eigentlich recht. Genug Mana sollte drin sein und als Ramp Optionen kann ich die ja trotzdem mal im Hinterkopf behalten.

Boomerang vs. Echoing Truth: Ich spiel ja eigentlich eh nur blaues Mana. In welchen Fllen knnen bei EDH denn mehrere Nicht-Land-Karten mit dem gleichen Namen im Spiel sein? Wenn jeder bspw. einen Sol Ring draussen hat?

Evacuation vs. River's Rebuke : Evacuation trifft zwar auch meine Kreaturen, dafr aber wirklich ALLE. Rebuke hingegen trifft ja nur einen Spieler. Vielleicht einfach anstattdessen sowas wie AEtherize?

Miscalculation: Hier interessiert mich, warum du den Counterspell rausschmeien wrdest. Ich mag die Cycling-Option.

Capsize: Bleibt definitiv drin, allein wegen der Combo mit Stasis.

Jace's Ingenuity vs. Opportunity: Idealerweise htte ich in dem Slot ja sowas wie Mystic Confluence, aber die ist mir dann doch zu teuer. Mal schauen, hier kann ich wohl wirklich mal eine der beiden rausschmeien und schauen wie sich das Carddrawtechnisch macht. Wobei Baral da ja nachhelfen knnte.

Archwizard on Competitive Azami - Wizards and Losing Friends

3 weeks ago

Recommendations for cards-

Fact or Fiction

Dig Through Time

Fellwar Stone

Sky Diamond

Coldsteel Heart

Grim Monolith

Voltaic Key


Into the Roil

Chain of Vapor


Cut down your land base to at most 32 lands (you really won't want more than that)

Cut out your extra turn spells unless you plan on dedicating the deck to taking extra turns. If you plan on being competitive however, I do advise against extra turn spells.


1 month ago

Angrath, Minotaur Pirate, is not a legal commander because it is not a creature. Only Planeswalkers which specifically delineate that they can be used as a commander (example: Teferi, Temporal Archmage), or when they start as a creature (example: Jace, Vryn's Prodigy  Flip).

Another rule of commander is that all cards in the deck must exclusively fall within your commander's colour identity. Colour identity includes both the colorus to cast the spell, and all mana symbols in the text box. Even assuming arguendo your commander is legal (though it is not, as established herein), its colour identity would be Red and Black. Thus, you can only play cards with Red or Black colour identities.

I am well aware Boros Reckoner can either be red or white. Its colour identity is both Red and White--as such, it would be illegal with a Rakdos commander.

The following cards, would also fall outside Rakdos' colours, and thus would not be permissible:

You also cannot use any lands which have non-Red/Black symbols in their rules texts. Vivid Creek, Island, Dimir Aqueduct, Dismal Backwater, Swiftwater Cliffs, and Izzet Boilerworks are all no-goes. The same is true of artifacts, so Dimir Signet, Izzet Signet, and Sky Diamond cannot be used. While Fellwar Stone can produce non-Red/Black mana, because it does not have mana symbols in it, its colour identity is colourless, and can thus be used in any deck.

I think that covers everything. There might be more that I missed. I hope this proves helpful.

multimedia on Commander mono blue control

2 months ago

Hey, that makes a lot of sense you want creatures to use as blockers in the early game before Drakes. Another thing to consider is more mass bounce board wipes. Slivers rely on having an assortment of different Slivers in play each Sliver then gains a lot of different abilities. Bouncing the entire board of creatures breaks this interaction and slows your Sliver opponent down. This gives you more time to get Talrand into play without being pressured.

Bouncing the board of all creatures does hurt the game plan of Drakes because they're tokens, but you can recover from this. There's a few budget four and five drop bounce board wipes:

These bounce board wipes don't care if your opponents' creatures are attacking like AEtherize does. Engulf seems good vs Slivers because Slivers in the early game have 1 or 2 toughness and since you're playing a lot of Islands Engulf can bounce all Slivers at instant speed for four mana. Wash can bounce a bunch of permanents and not hurt you, just don't name blue.

Ramping into a fast Talrand is a good strategy. There's a few budget mana rocks that can help with this:

I always prefer two drop mana rocks over three drops. Playing a two drop rock turn two here gives you a good shot at playing Tarland turn three which is fast. Other than Sol Ring there's no budget 0 or one drop mana rocks they're all expensive Magic cards.

Sapphire Medallion is a powerful artifact with Talrand and it's the effect you're looking for. I consider it budget, but $5 is a still a lot. Baral, Chief of Compliance is also a very good creature with blue control. He doesn't help ramp for Talrand, but all spells that make a Drake are then reduced by one colorless mana. Getting to draw after countering something with a counterspell is also good.

Runechanter's Pike is another card to consider it gives you an alternative win condition needing only one Drake or even just Talrand. Give the Drake huge power and swing for a lot in the air or give Talrand huge power and swing for a lot of first strike Commander damage.

OrderlyAnarchist on Ojutai's Paradox

2 months ago


Well the two first and most obvious cuts are definitely going to be tabernacle and timetwister. They're by no means required and very expensive.

I've never really experimented with a budget list before since this is my own personal list. I'll just throw some stuff out that is probably the most reasonable cuts on a budget.

Force of Will and Mana Drain are excellent, but cuttable on a budget. That power level isn't required for 75% games anyway.

You might have to cut some of the expensive rocks like mox diamond and grim monolith. I'd replace them with weaker stuff like Sky Diamond and perhaps Marble Diamond. Thran Dynamo might be a decent monolith replacement as a rock that goes infinite with dramatic scepter on its own.

You'd likely have to cut some of the tutors like Transmute Artifact For a 75% meta I'd try cuttin them for raw card advantage spells. Perhaps like Fact or Fiction.

You can cut some of the expensive lands for budget duals like Adarkar Wastes and City of Brass

If some of the stax pieces like back to basics are considered too punishing or unfun I guess you could reeplace them with softer stax like tangle wire or blind obedience. Blind obedience has nice synergy with dramatic scepter.

Probably the most essential components are the core stax plan, especially the linvala effects and the large mana denial plans. If your playgroup isn't okay with mana denial, you may want to substitute those cards to be more voltronesque with powerful equipment like jitte and batterskull + stoneforge mystic. This deck can certainly have a different plan for a lower powered environment, but it's important you don't dilute your gameplan with too many conflicting strategies since uw is inherently pretty inconsistent.

If there's anything in particular you're looking for substitutions for beyond that feel free to message again and I'll offer suggestions.

Seetigermage on Azami - Mind over Aphetto

2 months ago

The deck really isn't bad. There's a big sense of control in this deck, as that is obviously listed out. The only thing I would change is the ramp. Have you considered adding Sky Diamond, or maybe swapping something out for a Mana Vault? Otherwise, maybe you could swing with an infinite combo like Deadeye Navigator and Peregrine Drake? Just suggestions! Otherwise, what you've got here is a great control deck. I might even borrow a bit, if you don't mind!

Bjosx on Tisk Tisk Talrand

3 months ago

Delay and Jace, Vryn's Prodigy  Flip, might also be worth playing. Windfall is good if you find yourself running out of gas and Frantic Search might be worth playing, especially if you put in the high tide. If you find yourself dying to Mana Crypt you could try putting in cards like Reshape or Into the Roil.

I'm not going to go into 1 to 1 replacements but I'd be looking at Serum Visions, Caged Sun, Sky Diamond, Dismiss, Twincast, Remand and a couple of Islands for swapping out.

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