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MagicalHacker - List of All Recursion

Commander / EDH*


Ally To Battlefield (1)

Any Card To Battlefield (Aristocrats Theme) (1)

Any Card To Hand (30)

Any Card To Hand (Bolas Theme) (1)

Arcane Card To Hand (1)

Arcane To Hand (1)

Artifact, Creature, Or Enchantment To Hand (1)

Artifact, Instant, Or Sorcery To Stack (1)

Artifact Creature To Battlefield (1)

Artifact Creature To Hand (1)

Artifact Or Creature To Battlefield (1)

Artifact Or Creature To Hand (2)

Artifact Or Enchantment (Aristocrats Theme) (1)

Artifact Or Enchantment To Battlefield (2)

Artifact Or Enchantment To Hand (3)

Artifact To Battlefield (12)

Artifact To Hand (16)

Artifact To Hand (Aristocrats Theme) (3)

Aura Or Creature To Battlefield (1)

Aura Or Equipment To Hand (1)

Aura To Battlefield (5)

Bird To Battlefield (1)

Black Creature Or Red Creature To Battlefield (1)

Black Creature To Hand (1)

Blue Instant Or Red Sorcery To Hand (1)

Changeling To Battlefield (1)

Cleric To Battlefield (1)

Cleric To Hand (1)

Colored Card To Hand (1)

Creature Or Enchantment To Hand (1)

Creature Or Land To Hand (5)

Creature Or Planeswalker To Battlefield (3)

Creature Or Planeswalker To Hand (2)

Creature To Battlefield (73)

Creature To Battlefield (Aristocrats Theme) (4)

Creature To Battlefield (Evasive Creature Theme) (1)

Creature To Battlefield (Mono-White) (1)

Creature To Battlefield (Tokens Theme) (1)

Creature To Battlefield (Tribal Theme) (1)

Creature To Battlefield (Tribal Zombie Theme) (1)

Creature To Hand (46)

Creature To Hand (2-Drop Theme) (1)

Creature To Hand (Aristocrats Theme) (1)

Creature To Hand (Big Creatures Theme) (1)

Creature To Hand (Changeling Theme) (1)

Creature To Hand (Mono-Black) (1)

Creature To Hand (Mutate Theme) (1)

Creature To Hand (Tokens Theme) (2)

Creature To Hand (Tribal Theme) (3)

Dragon To Hand (1)

Elemental To Battlefield (1)

Enchantment Creature To Hand (1)

Enchantment To Battlefield (4)

Enchantment To Hand (6)

Equipment To Battlefield (2)

Goblin To Hand (2)

Green Card To Hand (1)

Human To Battlefield (1)

Instant Or Sorcery To Hand (17)

Instant Or Sorcery To Hand (Mono-Blue) (1)

Instant Or Sorcery To Stack (4)

Instant To Hand (1)

Instant To Stack (1)

Instant To Stack (Sorcery Theme) (1)

Knight To Battlefield (1)

Knight To Hand (1)

Land To Battlefield (7)

Land To Battlefield (Aristocrats Theme) (1)

Land To Battlefield (Vehicles Theme) (1)

Land To Hand (9)

Legendary Card To Hand (1)

Legendary Creature To Battlefield (2)

Legendary Permanent To Battlefield (1)

Multicolored Card To Hand (2)

Nonland Permanent To Battlefield (Mono-White) (1)

Nonland Permanent To Hand (1)

Permanent To Battlefield (3)

Permanent To Battlefield (Cycling Theme) (1)

Permanent To Hand (9)

Pirate To Battlefield (1)

Small Artifact To Hand (1)

Small Creature To Battlefield (12)

Small Creature To Battlefield (Aristocrats Theme) (1)

Small Creature To Battlefield (Auras Theme) (1)

Small Creature To Battlefield (Evasive Creatures Theme) (1)

Small Creature To Battlefield (Heroic Theme) (1)

Small Creature To Battlefield (Historic Theme) (1)

Small Creature To Hand (6)

Small Instant Or Small Sorcery To Hand (1)

Small Instant Or Small Sorcery To Stack (1)

Small Instant Or Sorcery To Hand (1)

Small Noncreature Artifact To Battlefield (1)

Small Noncreature To Battlefield (1)

Small Permanent To Battlefield (3)

Small Permanent To Battlefield (Counters Theme) (1)

Small Permanent To Stack (1)

Sorcery Card To Hand (1)

Sorcery To Hand (2)

Spirit To Hand (2)

Spirit To Hand (Aristocrats Theme) (1)

Vampire To Battlefield (1)

Wizard To Battlefield (1)

Zombie To Battlefield (2)

Zombie To Hand (4)

List of all pertinent recursion in EDH.

What this includes:

  • Cards that can return one or more cards from your graveyard to your hand, battlefield, or top of library.

What this doesn't include:

  • Cards that only recur one creature to the top of library or hand for more than 1 mana, unless it's a land. This also counts recurring a creature with a maximum converted mana cost on cards that cost more than 1 plus that converted mana cost. If a card gets multiple creature cards, it is not on this list if it costs more than an additional 2 mana per additional creature. In a similar vein, this list is also not including cards that cost 7 mana or more per creature recurred to the battlefield.
  • Cards that take a long time to recur cards.
  • Cards with massive drawbacks, such as losing the game or losing half your life.
  • Cards that exile the creature cards recurred, making them unable to be recurred again.
  • Cards that cost more than 3 times the maximum number of cards they can recur to the hand/library.
  • Cards that recur cards at random.
  • Cards that only recur cards with specific abilities, like Abandoned Sarcophagus and Halimar Tidecaller.

Please suggest recursion spells that fit these parameters, ask about my other helpful resources for EDH, or check out this link to my scryfall search for recursion spells.


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