Storm Herald

Storm Herald

Creature — Human Shaman


When Storm Herald enters the battlefield, return any number of Aura cards from your graveyard to the battlefield attached to creatures you control. Exile those Auras at the beginning of your next end step. If those Auras would leave the battlefield, exile them instead of putting them anywhere else.

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Storm Herald Discussion

seshiro_of_the_orochi on Win Con for Gruul Enchantress?

5 months ago

To make the flavour very Gruul, how about Rampage of the Clans ? This could beautifully be combined with Creeping Renaissance and/or Storm Herald if it somehow isn't enough.

itsbuzzi on Ensoul My Artifact

7 months ago

I took a look at the deck, and I think the potency of the cards just isn't there. Facing competitive decks I feel this build (ensoul) works best to win fast, not with value late game, but you still need some sort of value to draw cards and keep going until you win the game or if you get dragged into late game by control or midrange.

Sram may be good to draw more cards but in your build the potency of the cards you draw aren't as good as in a normal ensoul deck. You should try testing him in a generic ensoul build and see how many draws you can get to see if he is good enough.

As for Emry/Lurrus both are great at recurring cards and keeping resources up by being able to play cards from the grave, but there is a lot of easy graveyard hate cards that simply turn off these abilities but out of either of them game 2 and 3 but I feel Emry is more consistent because if you run Lurrus in the side you need to waste a turn putting her in your hand then a turn casting her and you might be able to get value right away if she isn't killed afterwards. Emry has the same problem but can cost a lot less and is run in the main deck. I personally wouldn't run any of these are Emry/Lurrus can be shut down too early.

For value I found Hangarback Walker is amazing in a board stall and The Royal Scions are great at being cheap, can get through damage and draw cards with high loyalty so you don't need to worry about them dying the next turn even getting hit for 5 damage (in the mirror). I run 2 Hangarback Walker as it's just a 2 drop and I'd like to see 1 on occasion and I run 1 The Royal Scions as I really don't want to see them until I really go to late game and need an amazing topdeck. As for other value cards I told you I run Experimental Frenzy which is fun but I saw a funny deck running Storm Herald . Could be worth it to see how they work.

moo1234 on Ultimate Adept (Standard hidden Gems#3)

1 year ago

I want the next one to be out tommorrow. I'm planning on doing Storm Herald + Colossification

ilovemydoghisnameistuna on

1 year ago

This deck isn't actually my idea. The point (at least, of my deck) is to cast a bunch of really aggressive card draw/cycling to get a Conscription in the yard (fairly easy given Goblin Lore, Burning Inquiry, and Cathartic Reunion all draw 3+ cards and the cycling on Street Wraith is practically free). After that you cast a Hollow One for probably free and a Storm Herald for 3 (this is not a great cost, I may add some Simian Spirit Guides to make it a little easier), bringing the Conscription back into play attached to the Hollow One or even Flameblade Adept if it's gotten big enough. Because of this it isn't actually that difficult to get an ideal hand; the only things necessary are a card draw piece and some type of way to hold off your opponent like a Bolt.

I might add some discard pieces and go into black a little, just because cards like Thoughtseize are so powerful, but I want to keep the deck budget and a big part of that is keeping the land base mono color.

VorelNailo on

1 year ago

Very nice synergy between Storm Herald and Eldrazi Conscription. Needs a rather god hand, but could be very hard to answer.

Great deck!

Flooremoji on Colossal combo?

1 year ago

Anything that Flings

Burning Anger can be used in reponse to the tap trigger for Storm Herald decks. However this isn't standard, so probably bot as iportant to you.

There are things like Claim the Firstborn which can untap. Plenty of thoose so I won't go into detail.

Ram Through could be interesting.

Return of the Wildspeaker cares about power.

Flooremoji on SeekerofSecrets

1 year ago

I have just started working on a Storm Herald Combo deck! Seems pretty sweet, but has alot of room for improvement. :) I'll share the deck.

Boza on A Good Year for Commander …

1 year ago

I think that aside from the monocolor gods (athreos and klothys are overcosted and underpowered, respectively), almost no other single card has any potential in Commander. The satyr tribal card is bad and there are no playable satyrs. The escape cards are mostly grosly over costed, either in their exile other cards cost or their alternative mana cost. Idyllic tutor and banishing light are reprints, so they do not count.

The only cards with any potential in Commander so far are Storm Herald for a Voltron deck and nyx lotus as a second copy of that devotion land.

dalakos, crafter of wonders is the most egregious Commander plant in the set - because equipment commanders are perfectly fit for the enchantment set.