Praetor's Counsel

Praetor's Counsel


Return all cards from your graveyard to your hand. Exile Praetor's Counsel. You have no maximum hand size for the rest of the game.

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Praetor's Counsel Discussion

Profet93 on Atarka, World Render: Double Dragon

2 months ago


I agree with most swaps except for...

  1. Adding in Thought Vessel over Skyshroud - Skyshroud thins the deck, provides tempo. I agree, the lack of forests is harmful, thats why you should add "dual lands" that are both forests and mountains, which promotes colorfixing as well and thins the deck. Thought vessel is nice to have, lower CMC is great too, but I wouldn't cut skyshroud, because if you were to cut some non basics like reflecting pool and/or mossfire valley. While I think you should cut one of the discussed enchantments, I respect your decision. If not one of the enchantments, then perhaps mirage mirror or better yet Sarkhon Vol. His "act of treason" effect is cool, +1 is meh, and ultimate is not reliable enough, nor impactful enough. Mirage mirror is fun, cool, jank utility. But doesn't immediately improve the deck. Ramp does!

  2. Bala Ged is cool, I personally never been a fan. I think there is better recursion from best to worst IMO.....

Eternal Witness - Simple recursion on a body

Seasons Past - Recursion with a twist that recurs itself

Road of Return - Might be best fit for you, although I like the above 2 better. Limited recursion with utility for reducing cost of expensive commander is something to be considered

Praetor's Counsel - Super recursion, but expensive, great late game, horrible early game unless filled with ramp and even then

Earthsfire on Competitive Ashaya Combo

2 months ago


The average power of my creatures is too low for me to run Rishkar's Expertise , I had it but many times I was only getting to draw 2 cards and being able to cast a 5 drop for free isn't really that impressive in a deck this full of mana, same with Garruk, my creatures are just too weak to make them worth running, and same with Shamanic Revelation . I play against a lot of blue so the anti blue is a meta choice. I don't have any combat tricks or need for the Maze of Ith combo, nothing really to do with the mana at instant speed, too much of what is done is sorcery speed. I am not a fan of the creature only portion of Castle Garenbrig because the majority of the time I see fewer than 4 lands, so I don't run it, I don't need the extra mana anyway. Praetor's Counsel is better imo because I get everything back, and 2 mana in this deck is nothing. Emerald Charm is there for the utility, though usually it untaps a land, cradle/nykthos/lodge or a creature like Priest of Titania .

As far as combos, the majority of the deck is infinite mana combos, then I either kill with craterhoof or ballista. I didn't feel like making a primer, so I'm not.

Hi_diddly_ho_neighbor on Commander Legends Spoilers

5 months ago

Coward_Token - The card advantage it provides already makes a lot of mono red interested. Especially burn decks where you can 21 someone with Fiery Emancipation or Neheb, the Eternal decks for the free 7 mana. I'd also think most red based group slug decks would like this card. Lastly, pillow-fort decks running red (like Queen Marchesa) can use it as another way to close out games.

It's nice to see white get arguably the strongest iteration of a cycle in Triumphant Reckoning. It may be a slightly more limited Praetor's Counsel, but returning to the battlefield is quite strong.

Volcanic Torrent is a pretty interesting variant on Storm. At the very minimum it is a 2 damage sweeper for 5.

Frenzied Saddlebrute is freaking awesome. Granting haste to the entire table as long as they don't attack you is the kind of group hug that I can get behind.

I find Hamza to be rather interestingly designed. I tend to not really enjoy the Selesnya color pair or +1/+1 counter themes, but this guy has peaked my interest.

piejdav on Golos, 5 Color Spellslinger

5 months ago

Zada, Hedron Grinder is a major upgrade from Beamsplitter Mage for 2 more mana

Temur Sabertooth is a repeatable Deputy of Acquittals for 2 more mana

I would switch out Neutralize for something more cost-effective (you'll probably never want to discard it). Consider Counterspell or Arcane Denial

Volcanic Geyser is good, Fall of the Titans is better.

Check out Sea Gate Restoration  Flip and Praetor's Counsel

Another good thing to keep in mind is that Golos' activated ability does not bode well for spells with (X) in their mana costs, because X will always be 0 because you have to cast it "without paying it's mana cost"

Lanzo493 on Voidbirth: A Custom Set (Renamed)

5 months ago

Basically, this ability for recursion is similar to Athreos, Shroud-Veiled, Praetor's Counsel, and Tamiyo, the Moon Sage. I would word it like Athreos's ability, when it dies or gets exiled "return it to it's owner's hand." You don't need to say instead. You also don't need to say "if one or more" since it doesn't matter how many times the ability triggers since the result will be the same in the end. "If one or more" is a phrase meant to nerf an ability like The Ur-Dragon so you don't get ridiculous. Also, you can't put opponent's creatures into your hand, so you have to say it goes to it's owner's hand. I would also add that the dryad only triggers off of "other" creatures dying or being exiled. It would be very difficult to remove otherwise if it could eternally recur itself. I think it fits a green-white ability well. Green gets it from the yard, white gets it from exile.

golgarigirl on Lord Windgrace

7 months ago

If we want to run a land destruction suite we certainly can, but no matter what, people gonna get salty. Targeted removal is going to be less salt-inducing than mass land destruction (MLD), but it's gonna make people upset enough to counter punch you a bit. You gotta acknowledge and be prepared for that if you're going to do getting upset if someone reacts to you blowing a few land by knocking you for 20 (even if it may be an overreaction). Picking and choosing your targets carefully instead of going for everything will also help. We can also be sneaky about like Decimate, Star of Extinction, and Terastodon aren't explicitly or primarily land destruction, but they hit land anyways, and people are less likely to be upset at that.

Here's what I'm looking at for big spells (I would pick 4 or so at most): In Garruk's Wake, Rise of the Dark Realms, Liege of the Tangle, Praetor's Counsel, Terastodon, Star of Extinction, Destructive Force, Omnath, Locus of Rage, Boundless Realms

Kamerot on Om nom Trample

9 months ago

Profet93, Questing Beast is indeed a meta card. There's an atraxa deck that is planeswalker heavy, but I run it mostly because our meta is creature intense. Due to that, most decks run fog type spells. So while not overly synergistic with the deck, Questing Beast is a necessary evil to make sure I kill whoever I swing at.

Praetor's Counsel has been invaluable and has help me bounce back from board wipes and win quite a few games.

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