Wrenn and Six

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Historic Brawl Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Planechase Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Wrenn and Six

Legendary Planeswalker — Wrenn

+1: Return up to one target land card from your graveyard to your hand.

-1: Wrenn and Six deals 1 damage to any target (creature, player, planeswalker or battle).

-7: You get an emblem with "Instant and sorcery cards in your graveyard have retrace. (You may cast that card from your graveyard by discarding a land card in addition to paying its other costs.)"

wallisface on burn deck help to refurbish

4 months ago

jethstriker yeah i could see it being a potential local-meta-call for a particularly rough matchup.

UG infect hasn’t existed in a competitive meta since Wrenn and Six & Lava Dart got printed, and I can’t even remember seeing RG tron - but if you local meta has specific problems only a niche card can answer, then it’s always the correct choice to include it.

wallisface on burn deck help to refurbish

4 months ago

9-lives if you're asking which brew you built is more competitive for modern burn, then it's going to be whichever list more-closely resembles the established list, which was you're Boros list.

I'm aware of what these red-green cards can do, I still don't think they're anywhere-near remotely playable, particularly in burn, and I've already detailed on why these cards feel unideal. But I'll give some further detail below:

  • Questing Druid is just a much slower Monastery Swiftspear. Yes the stat-buffs are permanent, but its at the cost of double the mana, no haste, and an initial toughness of 1, making it far too vulnerable to the abundant number of cards that deal 1 damage (Orcish Bowmasters, Wrenn and Six, Lava Dart, etc). The card is much better suited for longer, grindier games where its adventure and stat-buffs become more relevant - it's not useful in an archetype that's hoping for the game to be over on turn-4.

  • As stated earlier, burn decks never need more than 2 mana. By the time you can cast Black Market Tycoon, you already have all the mana you need to play the game. This card wastes a turn not dealing damage to the opponent, but also takes 2 full turns to create enough treasure to regain the mana you lost casting it to begin with. Burn has never had an issue with needing more than 2 lands, and so gaining treasure is largely pointless. Added to this, making treasure means this card isn't dealing damage, which means it's putting you further behind for achieving a turn-4 win.

  • Atarka's Command is situationally useful in some decks, which is why it's occasionally in some sideboards - however it needs to be stressed that the card isn't particularly useful for aggressive strategies. 99% of the time if you're putting this in a burn deck, you're either doing modes 1&2 (so, just a Skullcrack), or modes 2&4 (which is probably just doing 4 damage, so a Boros Charm). Remember that competitive burn is already not running Skullcrack at the moment, so that option isn't particularly powerful. The card isn't bad, but its not particularly strong when it means splashing green instead of the much-more capable white.

At the end of the day, you've already said you're playing a deck for being creative and having fun, and so if winning isn't a factor, then play whatever you want and don't worry about it. But if you are trying to make the deck stronger, then the correct option will always be to make changes which get the list closer to the established competitive list. In that vein, changing the deck from BW to BG will have made the overall deck weaker - not having options like Lightning Helix means you'll lose any burn-vs-burn matchups, as well as a lot of other aggro-races, and not having Boros Charm means missing out on one of burns biggest damage-dealing spells.

wallisface on burn deck help to refurbish

4 months ago

9-lives While having some variance to a deck from the established meta can be useful/powerful, your deck doesn’t need to go more off-script, it needs to be reigned-in closer to the meta-list. It would be unhelpful & actively-harmful suggesting more cards that deter you even further from what burn is supposed to look like, because it’s just going to worsen a list that already has a lot of issues.

Satyr Firedancer is not “really useful” in burn, it is actively a detriment to the deck. It’s going to cost you more games than help you:

  • it immediately dies to either Orcish Bowmasters, Wrenn and Six, and the various other cards that can prey on X/1s. Bowmasters in particular are in 35% of decks and’ll just immediately dunk on this card.

  • ever nonland card in burn needs to deal at least 3 damage to justify this card is never reliably doing that - and even if it can accrue 3 damage, the earliest it can do so it turn-5, which is already longer into the game than burn wants to be.

  • spending turn-2 casting this card and only this cards puts zero-pressure on your opponent and gives them a LOT of breathing room to establish their gameplan. This card being 2 mana makes it very slow in terms of burn.

  • burn has never really had an issue with creatures, as they already have Searing Blaze main and access to Searing Blood sideboard (note, there’s a reason they don’t bother running both main - it’s unnecessary).

This card is a prime example of something which will lead it to underperform, and a prime example of why the deck is top-slow.

Chasmolinker on [Primer] - Jund Midrange

1 year ago

Thanks for the feedback MTWEmperor!

Banefire was added as a mana sink late game where you just need to get the few last points of damage through. It is great against grindy control match-ups since it can't be countered at X=5+. It can kill bigger threats than lightning bolt in a pinch. And on top of all of that, it's only 1 damage when Bob flips it. The deck tends to get a lot of lands in play especially with Wrenn and Six so it fits well as a late game Win-Con.

Delphen7 on Our First Battle Card Has …

1 year ago

My fear is WotC will try so hard to balance battles that they will be nigh unplayable or one will be so powerful WotC will have to tame every future one they may print to the point where no other is playable.

On the flip side though, we've come a long way from Venser, the Sojourner (cough Wrenn and Six cough), so maybe Battles will get better as time goes on and WotC figures out how they want to explore it given initial play.

Daveslab2022 on Modern Benevolence

1 year ago

9-lives Spell pierce is necessary due to the prevalence of Wrenn and Six and other 2-3 mana non-creature spells.

Being on the draw this gives you an opportunity to counter a T2 Wrenn when you only have 1 land.

Icbrgr on Modern Benevolence

1 year ago

@Dani3377 I think Declaration in Stone is more of a sideboard card if anything and in order to justify Planar Disruption in Modern you would need some sort of "enchantments matter" theme to your decks gameplan. Make no mistake I dont think either of these are bad cards though.

From the hip the reasons I see why Prismatic Ending is preferred over Planar Disruption is it has a wider range of targets; Ending is PERMANANT universal extra removal. 3 CMC/MV can hit a lot of relevant targets it can hit Chalice of the Void, can hit Amulet of Vigor, can hit Wrenn and Six/Tarmogoyf can hit Teferi, Time Raveler/Heliod, Sun-Crowned ect. ect. and not everything in these mana value slots need to attack or be activated... vs Planar Disruption something the opponent can get back if they have enchantment removal and hits less things... kinda like pro and con to Leyline Binding very easy to essentially have instant speed removal for almost everything but if the opponent has enchantment removal then it can just feel bad if you really needed it gone... not a perfect card but objectively a Modern staple even pushing out Path to Exile to being a sideboard card for many decks because of its versatility.

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