Marshal's Anthem

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

Marshal's Anthem


Multikicker (You may pay an additional any number of times as you cast this spell.)

Creatures you control get +1/+1.

When Marshal's Anthem enters the battlefield, return up to X target creature cards from your graveyard to the battlefield, where X is the number of times Marshal's Anthem was kicked.

Vessiliana on Giada Hopes for Help

1 month ago

Thanks for the comments and questions, Guerric!

Well, so far, I've only had Marshal's Anthem come up once in a game, but when it did, it was sweet. Of course, that was mid-game, and I had plenty of mana, so I was able to get back several angels. I do know, however, from long experience with the card, that it can be hit-and-miss. The thing I like about it is the potential for mass recursion in mono-. I do have my eye on it, though. I run Karmic Guide and Reya Dawnbringer and Emeria, The Sky Ruin already, but my Avacyn deck is hogging my Bruna, the Fading Light  Meld.

If it is a question of either-or, I would recommend Together Forever over Marshal's Anthem.

This deck is still pretty new, so I've not actually drawn Speaker of the Heavens yet. It has been good in my Avacyn deck for a while, though, and I can only think it will be better in Giada.

Victory's Herald is a blast for the lifelink, and Sanctuary Warden is a gem!

Guerric on Giada Hopes for Help

1 month ago

Hi Vessiliana! How's Marshal's Anthem been for you? I had thought about playing it as a recursion piece, but I stuck to my mainstay of using the pieces that are attached to creatures (Karmic Guide, etc), but the upside could be good in a rebuild situation. Also, how do you find Speaker of the Heavens? This deck definitely wants one drops and at least in my build it'd be easy to activate (tons of lifegain), and if they remove it would probably be at a mana disadvantage. Nonetheless I wonder because its not an angel and therefore one less angel in my deck. Any thoughts? Thanks so much! Also, I forgot about Victory's Herald, so thanks for reminding me! I also missed the full import of Sanctuary Warden, so I'll think about that one as well.

rambunctiousOrator on it's a deck alright

2 months ago

Hey, sweet deck. Let's take a look at win conditions and lands. I've identified a problem with your deck: You aggressively want to control the board with your 1-3 drops. While other players are playing 6 mana bombs every turn your are trying to eke out board advantage with 3 or 4 creatures a turn.

  • You don't need board wipes in this deck, they actively go against your game-plan, and in no way help you win.
  • Less removal in general. I counted 18 pieces of removal in your instants and sorceries. Keep Path to Exile, Swords to Plowshares, and Damn and get rid of the rest. You ARE the threat, if your deck is running slowly to the point that you feel like you need removal, you need better creatures.

As for lands, use this mana base.


How would I change your win condition...well you are trying to do knight tribal...

Consider these cards:

Remove these cards:

-15 pieces of removal from instants and sorceries, keep Path to Exile, Swords to Plowshares, and Damn

Good luck, and happy hunting. Let me know if you want to continue the conversation or have questions

CamraMaan on I need some clarity... strive, …

2 months ago

I missed that Marshal's Anthem was an ETB trigger... I already know those won't trigger Hinata. But I didn't know that additional costs were covered in the spells total cost... I was still under the impression it was only what is printed in the corner, adjusted by the paid value of an X cost. That's good to know. I appreciate the responses and help! :)

Rhadamanthus on I need some clarity... strive, …

2 months ago

Marshal's Anthem isn't a good example because the spell, itself doesn't have any targets. It's the "enters the battlefield" triggered ability that has targets. Let's use Comet Storm instead.

Hinata, Dawn-Crowned doesn't reduce kicker costs, but it does work with kicker cards like this because it reduces the total cost to cast the spell. The total cost to cast a spell is the base mana cost (or an alternative cost that's replacing the mana cost), plus any mandatory or optional additional costs (kicker is an optional additional cost), plus any cost-increasing effects (Sphere of Resistance, etc.), minus any cost-reducing effects (Hinata, etc.), and then applying effects that set it to a specific amount (right now Trinisphere is the only effect that does this).

So let's say you cast Comet Storm with X=4 and kicked 3 times because you want to have 4 targets. The total cost is then (base) + (kicker) - (Hinata) =

Polaris on I need some clarity... strive, …

2 months ago

Marshal's Anthem isn't a good example because the spell doesn't target. It's an enchantment with an ETB trigger that targets. Same with Quarantine Field, even though it's an X spell.

The multikicker spells Hinata can help with are things like Comet Storm. The last steps in casting a spell are determining its cost and then paying that cost, so you'll pick a value for X, choose how many times you'll be kicking it, select all the targets, then determine its cost as plus the number of times it's kicked plus any other additional costs, then subtract cost reductions (1 per target from Hinata). In practice, this means that with Hinata you will always pay minus for Comet Storm, regardless of how many times it was kicked, making the spell basically a one sided board wipe that hits players.

CamraMaan on I need some clarity... strive, …

2 months ago

Like we'll use Marshal's Anthem as a multikicker example... does Hinata reduce its kicker cost per target...?

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