Tortured Existence

Tortured Existence


(Black), Discard a creature card: Return target creature card from your graveyard to your hand.

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Tortured Existence Discussion

multimedia on Artifact Commander Turd

6 days ago

Hey, for a first deck on a low budget well done. I haven't seen this partner pairing before.

When you're first starting to deck build in Commander it can be helpful to have some guidelines for a casual basic deck structure.

This structure is meant to be a starting point for a deck in Commander. It's just a basic structure to follow, not all areas of your deck are covered and you may end up with different numbers of each area. For example you might have more ramp from mana rocks because artifacts are important cards here. Silas is quite fragile and he wants to attack therefore having some protection and evasion for him such as Zephyr Boots and Swiftfoot Boots would be helpful.

In Commander there's some budget staples to consider adding:

Both your Commanders care about cards in your graveyard, but you don't have very many effects that can get cards into your graveyard or get them out of your graveyard. Here's some budget card suggestions to consider adding to build around to improve synergy with your Commanders.

Baleful Strix is an artifact creature who you want to keep recurring with Silas as a way to draw and more deathtouch. Master of Death can keep returning from your graveyard to your hand for the cost of 1 life at your upkeep. He also has surveil 2 (self-mill) where you look at the top two cards of your library and choose to keep them there in any order or put one or more of them into your graveyard.

Pair Master and Strix with Tortured Existence as a way to discard to then return another creature in your graveyard to your hand (recursion). With Existence you don't ever have to cast Master instead keep discarding it and returning it to your hand which each turn to create a 2/2 Zombie with Tormod for one mana and 1 life.

Riddlesmith is repeatable draw/discard (loot) when you cast an artifact and you choose which card you discard which is helpful. Wonder is a powerful effect when it's in your graveyard, it's a good card to discard, since then if you control just one Island all creatures you control gain flying. Silas has deathtouch which makes it likely he will not be blocked in combat, but flying is actual evasion to make it more consistent that Silas will do combat damage to a player. Wonder can give all 2/2 Zombies flying for big attacks.

I can continue with more advice in another comment. Would you like me to continue?

Good luck with your deck.

metalrayn on Morbid Opportunist PDH

1 week ago

this looks like fun! why no Consume Spirit ? is Songs of the Damned just for Death Denied ?

now that black has Biblioplex Assistant you can infinite loop Songs of the Damned as long as you have Spark Reaper , Stinkweed Imp and Tortured Existence which is really sick we used to need red or blue. its a lot of cards but if you get imp and tortured you should just be able to combo off.

Asgeren on Volrath - No School, like Old School.

4 weeks ago

Update on Necropotence: Works very well with Tortured Existence and the likes, since discarded cards enter the graveyard before going into exile, which means they can actually be bounced to my hand before getting lost in oblivion. Perfect!

SwissArmyNarwhal on Venture Forth

1 month ago

What multimedia said about the card Tortured Existence being able to return the same card you discarded is false. As stated on gatherer: you must select targets before the cost is payed. I still recommend the card but it does require 1 creature in hand and 1 in the graveyard.

NormalPlane on Venture Forth

1 month ago

multimedia Thank you. I didn't know about Tortured Existence . I'll definitely be adding this combo.

multimedia on Venture Forth

1 month ago

Hey, Tortured Existence is one of the better budget cards with Serfis to venture. You can activate it on your opponents turns for one mana to venture and only need one creature in your hand to do this. The act of discarding a creature card is the cost of the ability therefore after you discard a creature card you can return that same creature back to your hand and do it again the next turn.

Existence is also excellent with one of the better cards to venture, Radiant Solar . You can discard Solar to venture twice and then get her back to hand to do it again when you have another creature to discard. The interaction of Viscera Seer and Reassembling Skeleton + Serfis lets you venture on each player's turn for two mana by Skeleton reanimating itself. Skeleton is a creature you can keep discarding with Existence to get back Solar. Seer + Skeleton when you control Solar can repeatedly for two mana each time to trigger Solar to venture.

Good luck with your deck.

Vessiliana on Sefris Needs a Safeword

1 month ago

Thank you! I had just ordered a Tortured Existence , and I might have a Konrad lying around.

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