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MagicalHacker - List of All Steady Card Draw

Commander / EDH*


Green (45)

White (9)

Red (6)

Bant (4)

Rakdos (3)

Azorius (1)

Jund (1)

Blue (39)

Simic (10)

Dimir (7)

Izzet (5)

Golgari (3)

Temur (3)

Jeskai (1)

Mardu (1)

List of all pertinent "slow and steady" draw spells in EDH.

What this includes:

  • Permanents with all the following qualifications: not destroyable by Wrath of God or attacking creatures, at no point do you need to pay more than 5 mana, allows you to have access to play more lands or nonlands from your library either by making them playable or simply by drawing you more cards, starts drawing you cards at the latest by the next turn, does not cost more than 2 mana per card drawn, and with an expiration no shorter than five turns.

What this doesn't include:

  • Cards that have Curiosity built in, but with no way to evade blockers
  • Planeswalkers, because their permanence is difficult to sustain in commander, unless you're playing superfriends to try to overwhelm your opponents' ability to attack planeswalkers, at which point, you already know what planeswalkers you want for drawing cards
  • Non-indestructible creatures, because their permanence is difficult to sustain in commander, unless you're devoting extra card slots to keeping them indestructible or recurring them
  • Auras, because they too are destroyed in the case of a Wrath of God
  • Cards that require your opponent to attack/damage you or play a land or tap a creature, because opponents tend to respond to those cards triggering off optional game actions with avoiding those actions until doing so would kill you
  • Cards that only let you get a specific type of card, because card draw is important both for finding lands when you need more mana and for finding nonlands when you need things to cast
  • Cards that require you to sacrifice permanents or discard cards to draw that many cards, because that doesn't generate card advantage in the traditional sense except in token decks, and those decks are probably trying to have lots of tokens out; however, cards that make enough tokens of that type (like Sal Master Thopterist) or cards that trigger as a result of a specific permanent type going into the graveyard is fine ( Skullclamp is great for this list, Vampiric Rites is different)
  • Cards that give even one draw to another player, because even if a type of card is abusable to give you more cards than your opponents, by giving your opponents card draw, you increase their chances of finding something to remove that permanent
  • Cards that require you to have 7 or more cards in your hand to count, because those cards don't help when you need card draw the most
  • Cards that only let you draw cards if you have a certain life total
  • Cards with the severe downsides of forcing you to sacrifice a bunch of permanents or causing you to lose the game
  • Cards that don't let you cast cards from your hand (I never imagined this would actually come up, but it did!)

Please suggest steady draw spells that fit these parameters, ask about my other helpful resources for EDH, or check out this link to my scryfall search for steady draw spells.


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