Nature's Spiral

Nature's Spiral


Return target permanent card from your graveyard to your hand. (A permanent card is an artifact, creature, enchantment, land, or planeswalker card.)

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Nature's Spiral Discussion

BRG24 on Pioneer Pingers/Sac/Grave interaction

1 month ago

Hello again. Personally, in a deck with the amount of card draw as this one, I think that Nature's Spiral is better. Since the ability to hit non-permanents doesn’t matter to you, you’re just paying one extra mana to draw the card that would otherwise go on top of your library, which seems an important improvement since you don’t have any additional card draw.

I’m also curious about Sanguine Bond. Firstly, for the effect I would always run Vito, Thorn of the Dusk Rose instead, since as a creature it fits better into your strategy, as well as being cheaper to cast. However, since you only have one effect that can gain you any life (Zulaport Cutthroat), this probably isn’t going to be able to give value proportional to its cost. I’d recommend including a cheaper recurrable creature instead, something like Reassembling Skeleton or Bloodsoaked Champion, as cheap and repeatable sacrifice targets, since at present you only have one and it costs 4 mana.

Finally, I don’t believe that you can edit comments. It kinda sucks sometimes, and is probably why I make such long posts (sorry about that).

I hope this is helpful for you, and I’m more than happy to help more if you want it.

Spell_Slam on Rhys the Redeemed

2 months ago

Eternal Witness could easily replace Nature's Spiral.

Wirewood Lodge is a great way to take advantage of your Commander. Bonus with Llanowar Tribe.

Flawless Maneuver can also protect your Commander for free (and the rest of your board).

Cryptolith Rite seems perfect for your deck. Seems better than Song of Freyalise.

Hour of Reckoning is a great boardwipe for you. Pretty cheap to get your hands on too.

Divine Visitation seems absolutely insane in Commander. Seems better than Devout Invocation.

Priest of Titania is an expensive Llanowar Elves, but with your Comander out it already exceeds value and gets even better with just a few elves out. Bonus with Wirewood Lodge. I could see it over Palladium Myr.

Mirror Entity is yet another great finisher for your deck.

Fade into Antiquity could easily be Unravel the Aether, which costs one less and is an instant. Shuffling into the library is often just as effective as exiling.

Warxuaroz on

4 months ago

Why Nature's Spiral over Regrowth?

Yarok on Yisan the Yiople Yirson

5 months ago

This deck look A-M-A-Z-I-N-G Cards I would suggest Nature's Spiral for Recursion Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx for mass devotion mana, because you are running mono-green Lignify for getting rid of really big creatures, or even stopping your opponents commander from getting its ability.

Rasaru on High Risk, Higher Reward

6 months ago

Again, excellent information, Profet93! Can you tell I’m still a bit “green” when it comes to deck building?

FYI – There are 2 brutal flyer decks in my playgroup. Alela, Artful Provocateur and a dragon tribal, piloted by Torbran, Thane of Red Fell. That is why I originally added cards like Predator, Flagship, Clip Wings and Whirlwind.

It's frustrating that they can just fly over everything… but if there are better cards, then let’s add them! My notes are below!

Predator, Flagship - see comment above

Emerald Medallion – I see that you’re saying here. I currently have x8 1, x2 artifact creatures and x3 others, for a total of 13, that wouldn’t benefit from this card. However, I still have 26 creatures (that includes my commander) that can use it. Is that not enough to justify the 2 cost of the artifact?

Burgeoning – You’re probably right, plus it would give me some additional budget to work with.

Prodigious Growth – I originally added this for 4 reasons (prob not good ones!) 1. I could slap it on commander for more dmg. 2. I could slap it on my larger dorks for survivability. 3. I could slap it on one of my creatures with reach to take care of some dragons without dying. 4. Card draw, based on creature toughness. I definitely like bear umbra though! Colossal Majesty – I’ve never played elves before, but it seemed while most of their power is lower than 4, their synergy allows them to build quickly. However, I def like Rishkar's Expertise more!

Clip Wings – I can see how this card can be weak, given that the opponent gets to choose which flyer gets destroyed. And obviously this only works against flyers.

Jungle Basin – Understood. Consider it out of there! Replace it with a forest?

Desert Twister – I totally understand what you’re saying here and agree. I’m just trying to stay under budget!

Tranquility – Understood. What would you replace it with?

Whirlwind – see comment above

Journey of Discovery – Replacement options?

Nature's Spiral - Eternal Witness,

Regrowth is strictly better. - I can see why after reading the text!

Overrun - Roger that!

Gaea's Bounty – I see that it’s like Journey of Discovery. Replacement options?

Rude Awakening/Sylvan Awakening – I don’t think I get the “combo” you’re talking about. Are you just saying that you wouldn’t have to tap the lands for mana, but attack with them because you could use cradle to produce mana?

Rasaru on Profet93

6 months ago

Again, excellent information, Profet93! Can you tell I’m still a bit “green” when it comes to deck building?

Rasaru on High Risk, Higher Reward

6 months ago

Again, excellent information, Profet93! Can you tell I’m still a bit “green” when it comes to deck building?

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