Raise the Draugr

Raise the Draugr


Choose one —

  • Return target creature card from your graveyard to your hand.
  • Return two target creature cards that share a creature type from your graveyard to your hand.

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Raise the Draugr Discussion

passimo on B/R Pauper Allies

2 months ago

Allies are underappreciated in pauper imo, +1. If you want a mana-cheaper alternative, I'd consider Return from Extinction or Raise the Draugr over Aphetto Dredging .

GrimlockVIII on Suicide Goblin Pezzent! (10/12 Euro/$)

3 months ago

Yo, Saccox

I think Raise the Draugr is a straight upgrade to Return from Extinction given how you can play it at Instant Speed.

multimedia on Fear the Swarm

6 months ago

Hey, nice budget version of Edgar.

You have the right idea with wanting to cast Vamps quick to take advantage of eminence, but the manabase also needs to match this strategy. There's too many lands that will always ETB tapped which reduces the consistency of casting Vamps quick. More dual lands that can ETB untapped would speed up game play.

Some budget land upgrades to consider:

Some other budget cards to consider adding:

Higher CMC Vamps as less needed because you have Edgar who's the six drop you want to cast more than the others, but Necropolis Regent is a budget second. Like Edgar, Regent is also good with a Vamp swam as well as with Edgar and other flying Vamps.

Some cards to consider cutting:

Good luck with your deck.

TheRoaringRegisaur on Callous Clerics (Budget)

7 months ago

I'd look at Rally the Ranks , Call of the Death-Dweller , and/or Raise the Draugr . But as of now, your deck could technically have Umori, the Collector as a companion (but idk its price or usefulness).

ShadeyJ on Looking for Advice on this …

7 months ago

Any thoughts on this insane 4-color Snow deck from my first ever Kaldheim Limited event?

weird, the link works fine when I preview the post, but disappears when I submit it. Until I figure out how to fix it, I'll just post the URL for copy/pasting

All But Yellow Sno


My concerns are: 1) All the dang colors of course, but even more so, the Mana Sources. Even tho my breakdown is 12 Green, 10 Blue, 4 Red, and 2 White... my sources are 5 Green, 5 Blue, 3 Red, and 4 White (not including the 2 Shimmerdrift VAle). Obviously a result of needing so many Snow Lands, but still, can this work out with any consistency?

2) Is it possible I'm over-doing the Snow Mana sources? I know with Ascendant Spirit, Faceless Haven, and 4 other cards that care about Snow, that may seem like a crazy thing to ask... but I should point out I have EIGHT lands that are Snow, a Human and a (ghost) Bear that can draw me a Snow Land, a Troll that can create Snow Mana Rocks, and two otherwise terrible Enchant Lands that can produce 2 Snow Mana where there were none before. Am I supposed to cram all this into a single 40-card deck? I'd love to drop one of the 2 Glittering Frost but I'm worried since so many of my cards require LOTS of Snow Mana.

3) My deck is 42 cards (17 Lands). I know, I know... but I honestly couldn't cut anything else, at least not until I see the deck in action first.

I listed my best unused cards in the Sideboard of the deck I posted. Can you believe I was originally Splashing Black as well for Raise the Draugr and Karfell Kennel-Master? I recently took out Draugr Thought-Thief for Forging the Tyrite Sword which just seemed to go perfect with my 4 colors and 3 Equipment.

Sorry for all the reading, any advice AT ALL would be so appreciated. I'm so nervous to play this deck, I can't tell if its Genius or Insanity. Can you?

MrXilas on Advertise your deck!

8 months ago

Patty's Pretties: A Pauper Commander Deck

From My Reddit Post:

I've always wanted to do a Oops All Rats commander deck, but always found it to be a little bit tight on resources due to wanting to go three-color with it. I have wanted to make an Indulging Patrician PEDH deck ever since I saw it. Lifelink tribal felt a little cliche and felt too much like my Liesa deck, so I decided to combine these ideas instead.

The deck is pretty much wrapped up, but I have about six cuts I want to make. I'm trying to find room for Village Rites for draw, Spare from Evil for closing the game, Invoke the Divine for instant speed removal or a IP trigger if used on my turn, Raise the Draugr for recursion, Shields of Velis Vel to save my rats from Electrickery effects, and Angel of Dawn as another potential closer. Any thought on what should go? Anything from the other maybes I should put priority on?