Starfield of Nyx

Starfield of Nyx


At the beginning of your upkeep, you may return target enchantment card from your graveyard to the battlefield.

As long as you control five or more enchantments, each other non-Aura enchant you control is a creature in addition to its other types and has base power and toughness each equal to its converted mana cost.

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Starfield of Nyx Discussion

Yesterday on Can Assault Suit prevent Psychic …

23 hours ago

No worries!

And yep, they'll still have to discard and sac a land.

I was just recently looking to animate enchantments for a janky Falco Saga deck. Unfortunately, options for animating enchantments are quite limited. There's also Dance of the Manse and Starfield of Nyx, but that's pretty much it unless you want to dip into turning them into artifacts and then animating them as artifacts. It's an extra step but there are a chunk of extra options.

FauxFaux on Card creation challenge

4 weeks ago

So, sort of like March of the Machines, Starfield of Nyx and Life and Limb?

Ok, sounds fun!

Spell-Sword Pact


Any player may cast a Instant and Sorcery spell from their hand, instead they become X/X colorless Illusion creatures, where X is the mana value of those spells, and gain "Whenever this creature leaves the battlefield, exile this creature."

"The only thing deadlier than a spell, is a spell without a leash."

I think its an interesting take. Basically makes all spells from the hand into impromptu creatures. Would be kinda busted in more limited formats, hence the higher CMV.


TheoryCrafter on Streets of New Capenna

1 month ago

Whatta cop-out on Palliation Accord. Nesting Grounds and Starfield of Nyx would've made that strategy legit.

TheoryCrafter on Convoluted Combos

1 month ago

LMBO! Nice!

I had a convoluted strategy in a Jeskai Enchantment Tribal Deck I theorycrafted once. The only reason I didn't pursue building the deck was because I got Priced out of some of the cards. I don't remember all the cards in the deck, but it went about like this:

  1. Start the game with Leyline of Anticipation on the battlefield

  2. Play Burning Wish to get Show and Tell

  3. Play Show and Tell to get Omniscience on the battlefield.

  4. Find and Cast Near-Death Experience.

  5. Find and cast Detention Sphere or Oblivion Ring to Exile Near-Death Experience.

  6. Cast Worldfire

Of course, this was much more linear and had Starfield of Nyx as a backup plan.

Housegheist on Gods, Shrines & Weatherlight Sisay

2 months ago

Thank you. As i said, it‘s not finished yet. I guess i will run it tonight for the first time.

As for the removal section, i don‘t like that many removal spells. I like it more, when your removal-options synergize with your deck-theme. Therefore, i’ll try to use Goblin Bombardment, Honden of Infinite Rage, Doomwake Giant, Elspeth Conquers Death (etc.) or protection pices like Gift of Immortality.

I think, Lithoform Engine can fit in any deck… and with a little preparation it can go fot the win… i hope so at least

MTGBurgeoning on Gods, Shrines & Weatherlight Sisay

2 months ago

Thank you very much for your feedback! I really appreciate the acknowledgement! The deck runs smoothly and is very formidable. If my opponents do not interact with Sisay, Weatherlight Captain early, or if she is well-protected, then the game ends very soon. I have not cast Enduring Ideal yet, so I can't comment on its effectiveness. However, as predicted during the UP & UP installment and subsequent deck tech, rarely do opponents pack enchantment-specific removal, and never any Tranquility-like effects. Removal is slanted more to creatures and artifacts. Win for Sisay! Admittedly, I fear Merciless Eviction or Farewell. I am unsure how the deck recovers, but we shall see through game-play experience. I have perused through the deck that you shared:

1) Your mana base is solid. For me, I would worry a little bit about only two basic lands. I never want to miss the opportunity for a free basic land off of a Path to Exile, Field of Ruin or Veteran Explorer effect.

2) Does your removal seem a little light...? I see Meathook Massacre as the only mass removal spell and Assassin's Trophy as the only spot-removal spell...? How has this worked for you? I'd guess that a lot of your removal comes from Shrines...?

3) Lithoform Engine is a great addition to the 99! Should be game-ending when paired with Weaver of Harmony!

4) Tell me about Starfield of Nyx. That card worries me. One of the benefits of playing enchantment-heavy decks is dodging removal. Has Starfield of Nyx been beneficial? It seems so risky to me. I have Dance of the Manse in the 99 of my Sisay, Weatherlight Captain enchantments-matter deck, and never pay more than 5 for X for fear of creature removal/exile. Tell me your experiences with this card!

5) LOVE the flavor of the deck! This is an enchantment-matters build that enchantment-fans would love!

Great deck! Love it. It seems like an absolute blast to play!!

nbarry223 on Wait... wtf

2 months ago

In your current shell, Coalition Victory does absolutely nothing for you, as most games should be over before it even comes down, looking at the rest of your list. It's a cute alternate win-con, but you would need a way to cheat it out early for it to be viable.

The best idea that I can think of to break Coalition Victory is Starfield of Nyx with an enchantment based self-mill. That's a super fragile combo that dies to gravehate though. There would also be Lost Auramancers with Vampire Hexmage and/or Hex Parasite (Training Grounds could help the later option). While you're at it, I'll just throw out reanimating Narset, Enlightened Master with Goryo's Vengeance as an option to cast it while we are at it.

All of these could probably be stuffed into the same deck, but it would end up super janky and probably not be viable though, because of how fast modern is as a format.

lagotripha on help me improve my deck

2 months ago

Its such a shame that Curse of Misfortunes can't see the back side of that card.

II'd look at the dice factory archetype (Everflowing Chalice+Coretapper backed by a bunch of counters matter stuff) as the best chance of paying 7 mana and proliferating in modern, backed by some x cost control.

Its never been competitive, but I think its your best bet for 'pay 7 mana quick, then delay for 3 turns'.

Lock pieces to avoid dying might break any budget though.

Secondary option is defender tribal tools - combo lines with their incredible ramp makes it unlikely this'll be the wincon that goes off, but you could do it.

I gave a little thought to animating sinner's to get counters onto it via ozolith, but can't think of anything that'll stick reliably - Starfield of Nyx isn't enough on its own.

Dennick + Secrets of the Dead might make for a nice U/W 'graveyard spells' control list with Think Twice and whatnot, but once again, stalling to 7 mana is hard.

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