Life from the Loam

Life from the Loam


Return up to three target land cards from your graveyard to your hand.

Dredge 3 (If you would draw a card, instead you may put exactly three cards from the top of your library into your graveyard. If you do, return this card from your graveyard to your hand. Otherwise, draw a card.)

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Set Rarity
Secret Lair (SLD) Rare
Ultimate Masters (UMA) Rare
Ultimate Masters Promo (UMAP) Mythic Rare
Modern Masters (MMA) Rare
Duel Decks: Izzet vs. Golgari (DDJ) Rare
Ravnica: City of Guilds (RAV) Rare

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Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Modern Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Noble Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Unformat Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Leviathan Legal

Life from the Loam occurrence in decks from the last year


All decks: 0.37%


All decks: 0.09%

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.06%

Golgari: 0.37%

BUG (Sultai): 1.18%

BRG (Jund): 1.02%

Life from the Loam Discussion

jaymc1130 on T&T Bloom Scepter [cEDH Primer]

15 hours ago


The play patterns it consistently enables to allow extremely consistent development advantages is definitely the best upside to playing a Bloom Combo package. The cards are almost never dead in the way a Thassa's Oracle, Doomsday, or Aetherflux Reservoir can often be, don't slow down the speed with which the deck can employ it's primary combo lines, and provide an almost insurmountable board development lead in games that turn grindy and go long (which is most every game in competitive EDH settings these days given the crazy amount of cheap, effective interaction available for most of standard meta fast combo win lines).

Life from the Loam is a nice complementary piece to the concept and a card that fits in certain shells, but just lacks a suitable card slot in T&T variants due to the greater effectiveness of some of the hate pieces that provide more reliable boosts to win rate given the data we've collected. I still run Loam in the Tasigur shell variation of this concept, and would strongly recommend it's inclusion for any deck running this concept in strictly Sultai shells. I might also recommend it for Simic variations of this concept since the combo is less streamlined as it requires Trade Routes, Lotus Cobra, and often a land like Gaea's Cradle.

The concept was more of a group effort by my play group than a pure solo effort. I certainly had the initial idea for looping Summer Bloom, but as with most of the highly competitive stuff I post on Tapped Out the iterations that get posted are largely the product 4 minds that all played MTG at the professional level working together. The Inception concept was a similar idea that evolved within our playgroup as a means of besting a stale, stagnant competitive meta that's been rather lacking in innovation for the last few years. I'd love to be able to claim sole credit for the ideas, but that's just never been how things in our group have worked for most of the last 2 and a half decades. Tomik, Distinguished Advokist is our latest tech that we've been trying as a means of combating the insane effectiveness of the Bloom Combo concept, but not a card that holds much value when playing against less evolved standard competitive meta staples.

SynergyBuild on T&T Bloom Scepter [cEDH Primer]

17 hours ago

Wow, been testing the bloom loops for the past 3 days ever since I saw this. Absolutely love it, it's never bad to see a Squandered Resources or Summer Bloom on a good Ad Nauseam turn, or coming off the back of a big Mystic Remora cycle needing to unload and win. The sanctuary itself is a strong piece too, though certainly is hard to pull off early game, needing so many islands.

Finishing it off, the cycling lands just allows the deck to be more efficient at coming back from mana flooding, and can really store up some straight value with the crucible style effects. Those even work just fine with a fetchland, and with all of that, the deck has additional winlines, additional ways to get more lands, returning from mana screw, and lands that allow you to return from mana flood.

It just is a pile of good cards that fix the most awful parts of the randomness of the format, while also giving you a stupid good way to win the game, even if only as a backup.

I've been testing more, and think that Life from the Loam acts extremely powerfully in this shell.

The idea is similar, however rather than comboing using the deck's pieces, adds redundancy in the way that it recurs valuable lands, and countering it just allows you to get it back. While looping cycling and sac-to-draw lands with it, the card even allows for heavy grind value too.

Again, this is more to remove the chance of both mana flooding and screwing, but I feel this pile could work with many value pieces and needs more minds tinkering with it. Did you come up with it yourself?

Skalle_the_Reckless on Dredging When Drawing Multiple Cards

3 days ago

When playing a spell or ability that allows you to draw multiple cards, is the ability to use a Dredge effect determined on a case-by-case basis?

Example: I cast Cathartic Reunion. Upon resolution, I have a Stinkweed Imp in my graveyard and use its Dredge effect for the first drawn card. After milling five cards, there is now a Dakmor Salvage and Life from the Loam in my graveyard. Can I Dredge the aforementioned for the second and third cards drawn from Reunion?

SynergyBuild on Lotus storm

1 week ago

Personally I would recommend dropping a Grapeshot for a Brain Freeze, as you want to be able to turn your Merchant Scrolls into a wincon when going off, additionally Cunning Wish is a huge help, you can toss a sideboard copy of a lot of tutor targets, and get additional copies of them, Bonus Round can also be huge if you want an insane engine that works well if you go for a red splash.

Now for the Past in Flames build, Intuition and Gifts Ungiven and a bunch more support the build well, and can use a stand-alone Life from the Loam to get back a tutored Lotus Field as well as having side-ways synergy with the deck's fetchlands and Lonely Sandbars.

Azeworai on Radha, The Lands Matter To Me!

1 week ago

Alright. Into phase two of a lands deck! So, the very best thing you can do is abuse Glacial Chasm. Use land tutors to find defensive lands, such as Maze of Ith or Strip Mine for the sake of dissuading attacks.

Furthermore, the glory of a land-based strategy is that your battlefield always remains untouched. Wraths never do, or typically don't, tarnish your board-state.

In short, I'd recommend perhaps 2-4 wraths and a Glacial Chasm package. Drownyard Temple goes well with it. Effects such as Crucible of Worlds and Ramunap Excavator are imperative for replaying the Chasm from the bin, thusly negating the sacrifice cost. With extra-land effects it can be very potent. Life from the Loam is also strong, granting another form of card advantage with cycling lands.

These crucible-type strategies also grant another line of attack with Strip Mine. I sometimes randomly "win games" turn three by just an Azusa, Strip Mine, and Excavator.

There is a time in the game when you do not need more mana, so saccing some of it to Dust Bowl or the sort takes away from others' resources whilst you hide behind Glacial Chasm.

For wraths, Blasphemous Act is always strong, Molten Disaster's split second is great (combos with Glacial Chasm), and Chain Reaction is just good.

If you need to live more, just more interaction is great. I only run a few in my lands build, but it's a matter of taste. Beast Within is never lacking.

With great wraths comes great planeswalkers. You need some more value engines and constant draw! I don't care what people say, they're still fine in commander. Especially in lands decks, for a multitude of wraths keeps the table away:

  1. Wrenn and Six is just lovely with a cycling land.

  2. Vital Force ultimates quickly and draws much.

  3. Best Nissa  Flip is ALWAYS strong, for she finds a land early and draws cards late.

  4. Vivien Reid draws and murders. She's great but slow.

  5. Chandra, Torch of Defiance may not say "land" but draws, ramps, kills, and kills some more.

For non-planeswalker card draw, Harmonize is solid, Outpost Siege is always fine, Mirri's Guile and Sylvan Library are great if within budget, and Once Upon a Time goes within all green decks I own.

For what I would cut:

Chandra's Ignition is cute but an eleven-mana kill.

Boundless Realms just ramps you more at seven mana.

I'd remove one of either Mage Slayer or Power Matrix. The deck should probably be a little less punchy and opt more for a long game.

The rest of what you remove comes down to repeated gameplay. The standard I hold my decks to is having ramp and draw fully assembled by the end of turn-four if uninterupted, if you need a reference.

So, more lines of attack outside of combat, disruption, and defensive options.

Good luck! It all comes down to choice.

Wihito on Baevictis & Friends

2 weeks ago

Coward_Token: I'm slowly making the deck more creature heavy, so I might exchange the two of them later on!

zulado: I used to have Drownyard Temple in the deck but the cost felt like it was too much each time, and there's little space for colorless utility lands so I'd rather have other card take the sacrificial role for Vaevictis. There's too little benefit from trample with Dragon Fangs, while haste is a huge benefit from Dragon Breath. Thanks for the suggestions though!

VorelNailo: Splendid Reclamation along with Life from the Loam would be the first cards I'd put in if I ever scrapped my "only permanents" restriction! The other cards fits well with a creature token strategy, which this deck doesn't have. Though I'd like to put in more non-creature token generators because Oath of Druids is a pet card of mine and having it putting out heavy threats is awesome.

king-saproling: Used to have Herald of Leshrac but it felt too slow for its mana cost. Mimic Vat looks like a much better fit now compared to last time I considered it! Path of Discovery and Titania, Protector of Argoth are good additions but I'm very unsure on what to take out for them. Replaced Sneak Attack with Purphoros, Bronze-Blooded to power down the deck, but if I get my hands on a Sneak Attack I'll put it in! Not a fan of the one time use Generator Servant, I'd rather have repeatable haste enablers and mana rocks, and I'm trying to lower the number of small creatures for Oath of Druids to accidentally hit.

SynergyBuild on Daveslab2022

2 weeks ago

Blue is the key interaction color, black is good too, but green is effectively a mandated color. Loam is the best grindy value engine, and effectively says "permanents" instead of lands in this format. On it's own that is op, dredge makes it beyond busted. Scapeshift is a strong wincon too, but manlands, Field of the Dead, and Dark Depths/Thespian Stage all work.

Remember unlike legacy where that's a 1 hit win, in this format it does take two hits. I enjoy Awakening of Vitu-Ghazi, but I enjoy it because it can hit hard on end-steps and just has the haste value. Against Field of Ruin you can toss it on a basic, but putting it on a Lumbering Falls or Raging Ravine, maybe even a Celestial Colonnade, so if you activate them they get really buff.

Secure the Wastes, Sylvan Awakening, Finale of Glory, etc. Can win as well, trust that a lot of decks have numerous wincons they can run, and while when entering the game without creatures it seems hard, its certainly not impossible. The goal is to build around the card advantage of the game.

Life from the Loam is overpowered because of this, and the fact countering it doesn't stop the engine. There aren't a ton of these type of card advantage engines without most permanent types, and that's why the few we have are valuable, and while Ponder, Brainstorm, Preordain give card selection, advantage is hugely in need, so when looking through what you want, here are the following pieces of card advantage:

Hymn to Tourach and Gerrard's Verdict both are cheap ways to grind out value by 2 for 1ing an opponent from cards, it's no engine, but it functions well to disrupt whatever your opponent has going on. Be scared of Misdirection or Divert as they can blowout this style of card advantage, and are highly valuable pieces of "anti-interaction", but even a Veil of Summer can be a seriously bad turn for this card.

Castle Locthwain, Castle Vantress, Castle Ardenvale, Kjeldoran Outpost, Westvale Abbey  Flip, Vitu-Ghazi, the City-Tree, etc.

Sorry, started writing this I need to follow up later, hope this gives a brief intro!

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