Crystal Chimes

Crystal Chimes


, , Sacrifice Crystal Chimes: Return all enchantment cards from your graveyard to your hand.

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Crystal Chimes Discussion

freezerboy on Lynde Curses and Politics

3 months ago

Could get more value with another clone: Mirrormade. Not sure if you want to go the mill route, but Sage of Mysteries could be useful. Crystal Chimes or Skull of Orm gives you a bit of recursion.

snackelwolf on Forest of Equilibrium

1 year ago

Greetings MapPsycho I've worked on this deck tonight. I'm unsure about keeping the Elephant Grass + Scuttlemutt combination of abilities to protect me from an attacker designated as black. It is fairly situational and those two slots take away from the land gain, large creature theme.

These are the cards I have added thus far:

Dryad Greenseeker Bonders' Enclave Nylea's Intervention Ulvenwald Tracker Thaumatic Compass  Flip Evolution Charm Nissa's Triumph Lay of the Land Primal Might and Spore Frog

The cards I removed tentatively are: Buried Ruin, Blighted Woodland, Consign to Dust, Scattershot Archer, Crystal Chimes and Crashing Drawbridge. this last card I was reluctant to take out -- granting haste is such a fun surprise and option with big monsters entering the battlefield. Regardless, The cards I still am curious to add are: Yavimaya Elder, Traverse the Ulvenwald and Ram Through but I am uncertain what to remove. Should perhaps the above mentioned combo depart from the picture?

Thanks in advance if you have any time to evaluate.

carpecanum on Curse Aplenty

1 year ago

Crystal Chimes

Daxos the Returned could offer a source of blockers at least.

MagicMarc on The Mischief Makers

1 year ago

Oh, and maybe a copy of Crystal Chimes in case of an enchantment board wipe?

It's a good utility piece and trigger's Alela.

Paeldroth on Blessings of Saint Traft

1 year ago

Assault Suit is your friend here. Since he's already hexproof, but you're making him your Voltron Commander, you do not want him to have Shroud. But the Suit will help prevent effects that will cause you to sacrifice him. Board Wipes still nail him though, so you'll want recursion for the Auras. Crystal Chimes, Open the Vaults, Nomad Mythmaker, and Retether are some cards that could help you there.

Profet93 on Norin, Tries to Win

1 year ago

Forgotten Cave - With less lands, it will be less useful. Keep this land if you want, but your landcount should go down to 37-38. Maybe 39 if you want to be a little cautious.

Crystal Chimes - Make sure you have enough enchantments at the end of it for it to work. Otherwise, its not worth a spot

Uba mask is whatever for stopping combos, but yes, Teferi's Puzzle box definitely makes it more difficult. Keep teferi should you wish for your meta, but uba mask doesn't seem too good in this build.

Once you update the deck, I can see where its at and comment again :)

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