Return each Aura card from your graveyard to play. Only creatures can be enchanted this way. (Aura cards that can't enchant a creature in play remain in your graveyard.)

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Retether Discussion

golgarigirl on Is there any printed way …

5 months ago

Reanimate some enchantments. If I recall correctly, auras (ex. Trollhide ) only target on CAST. If you reanimate them, you do not cast them, they just come into play attached to whatever you want them on. If you can get them out of your graveyard and into play (I can't think of any non-white spells that do an Obzedat's Aid or Retether impression), you can get them onto your Shroud'ed creatures.

klaudiohmm on Killian's C.A.L.V.E.S

5 months ago


This deck is a voltron deck, so it wants to pump a creature with a lot of auras preventing it from being destroyed. Horobi goes for a very different route, I think Horobi behaves more like a control deck, using free or cheap "target creature" effects (even with lands and bad artifacts, like Squee's Toy ) to control the board while winning the game with heavy X-spells or something like Revel in Riches (I have a Horobi list on my tappedout profile and played some matches with it).

If we cast Horobi, we won't pump Killian with Auras, and this is exactly what this deck wants to do.


The "keeping the low curve" is very comprehensible, but I don't know if the matches you'll play will be that fast (considering you're playing voltron that wins the game through combat damage, a slower strategy than combo in most cases). If the matches takes longer, I guess that you'll need more powerful spells (removal, recursion, etc), that will eventually cost more mana.

I see that you're not running Retether , another great recursion spell. I think that you should at least give it a try. It's a way to re-trigger your Auras ETB effects and pump Killian if it's removed.

I don't know if you've tested this deck and could keep up with your opponents in longer games. What are your experiences with this deck and these situations?

danthecolombian on Jumanji Aggro || Selesnya Surprise

9 months ago

{{user:psionictemplar}}, thanks for taking the time to provide me with your comments—they're much appreciated. 

I slept on your well-thought-out advice and I've taken the points made into consideration. I've also taken a stab at explaining my intention behind the deck, below, just to clarify the style of gameplay I'm looking for.

But first! I'll address your comments in chronological order:

Regarding tap lands, they were my first choice for budget concerns. But, now that I understand the speed (or rather lack thereof) effect, I'll look into acquiring the ones you and Balaam__ recommended.

  1. I'm looking less at Kaheera as a companion, but you're spot on by noting the creature types are not in alignment. Although I really like the synergies between Frondland Felidar and Kaheera, the Orphanguard

  2. Added BoP in place of the Elves.

  3. After you mentioned it, I took a good look at the purpose behind the swap mentioned above. Initially, I thought the artifact (Behemoth Sledge) might be longer lasting with an added flexibility to achieve the same effect as Unflinching Courage. But I also see the rationale for both suggestions, and I like it. I would go with Daybreak Coronet if I changed the legality of this deck to Legacy so I could make better use of the stacking life gain abilities of it and Armadillo Cloak. If I keep it Modern, I'll add in All That Glitters instead of Unflinching Courage. Nice touch!


  1. The intentions behind the fog effects might have been near-sighted (and flavorful at best), but they only work when up against other creature-centric decks. Playing responsively at Flash or Instant speed is something I enjoy and having the tools at my disposal to handle threats is in my wheelhouse as well. I also liked the notion that I would be able to buy my time with either a fog effect or an ambusher and return in kind by equipping the sledge and tapping any other creatures in my way with Frondland Felidar, essentially having enough fog and ambushers to discourage any physical assault until I had boosted my other creatures for a crippling attack or two.

  2. Cultivate is definitely not needed and was a leftover from an earlier / alternate build. Thanks for the pointers, here.

  3. In line with the fog effects, my purpose for including Ephemerate was to save my ambushers or any other creatures from targeted effects that made it through the fog. My response to losing enchantments was to use something like Retether or Replenish which is also flavorful and in line with the "come out of nowhere" theme.


Regarding the other cards, I like Oversoul of Dusk and Unbreakable Formation but the others don't necessarily fit into the theme or style.

All in all, I really appreciate the time you spent on this. It's been eye-opening and educational to say the least and crafting my response has helped me better understand the direction I'd like to take my deck with a few much-needed tweaks. Any other suggestions are more than welcome!

Orange+ on Palladia Win-Mors

11 months ago

Cool deck! I'm in the process of tweaking my own voltron deck, so I might have some helpful card suggestions for you.

I see that you are running Plea for Guidance. Since you have mostly aura enchantments, I can recommend Three Dreams instead. It is however a bit more $ expensive.

If you need more board wipes, Winds of Rath is great in aura-voltron decks.

And if you like Scourge of the Nobilis, then maybe you'd like Runes of the Deus or the bit more $ expensive Shield of the Oversoul aswell.

Lastly, I see that you play Retether, which is a very good card. However, if you need a budget version or an additional recovery card, then Open the Vaults might be a good fit.

ellie-is on Tana the Enchantress

11 months ago

Peoyogon: Thank you!!!! Yeah, it took me a while to find something that felt unique and just right for me but I'm really glad to have found it!

Retether looks awesome! I totally want to replace Open the Vaults with it now (or maybe run both?), but because of the price I'll keep it in the maybeboard for the moment. Flickering Ward seemed great at first glance, but after thinking about it, I can only reliably pick protection from black and blue (which's still not that bad I suppose!) or it can get rid of other auras on Tana, so it might not be as great here—the downside of a 3-color deck with 3 colors of enchantments haha.

I'm not a hundred percent sold on Second Harvest here (which's a shame because I love the card and own a couple), but the other two are pretty neat and in a worst case scenario Overwhelming Stampede can at the very least just double Tana's power. I had it in in an earlier draft but I'll think about whether I can find room to bring it back :)

Peoyogon on Tana the Enchantress

11 months ago

Wow, this looks like a lot of fun! I must say, I don't see a lot of enchantress + Voltron + red; I really like that you are going into a unique build that's all your own!

I really like Retether; I use it in my mono white Sram, Senior Edificer Voltron deck and it is amazing! Conviction/Gryff's Boon/Flickering Ward (in acending order of efectivness) are also deceptively good cards if you reliably have enchantresses out on the field.

I know you are wanting to keep to a strict theme but if you want any emergency 'go-wide-now panic buttons, Second Harvest, Glaring Spotlight, and Overwhelming Stampede are powerful options that still seem like they would operate well within the greater strategy of your deck.

hkhssweiss on Tuvasa of the Eternal Aeon | Primer

1 year ago

sopcich04 Yo! So sorry for the late response, haven't been on tapped out to often and been streaming a bit more lately!

But yes this deck was definitely built with multiplayer in mind, if you are going more in the 1v1 aspect you would be running a different suite of enchantments and also more creatures that would be hard hitting!

Replenish and Retether are your backups in the advent of a boardwipe or lets say a Bane of Progress, if ya need any more ideas feel free to message me!

MagicBr3w81, what Inkmoth is pretty much correct. Rafiq is definitely a fun commander to switch into, what I would suggest to run in addition to Rafiq would be cards like Qasali Pridemage, Noble Hierarch, as well as Sublime Archangel (personal favorite card). What Rafiq does is that he hits hard and threatens more of a 2 shot or heck even ohko. Solid commander for more aggro play, I just like Tuvasa more as it is CA in the command zone.

Inkmoth appreciate ya buddy glad to see ya!

Paeldroth on Blessings of Saint Traft

1 year ago

Assault Suit is your friend here. Since he's already hexproof, but you're making him your Voltron Commander, you do not want him to have Shroud. But the Suit will help prevent effects that will cause you to sacrifice him. Board Wipes still nail him though, so you'll want recursion for the Auras. Crystal Chimes, Open the Vaults, Nomad Mythmaker, and Retether are some cards that could help you there.

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