Creature — Elemental


When Vesperlark leaves the battlefield, return target creature card with power 1 or less from your graveyard to the battlefield.

Evoke (You may cast this spell for its evoke cost. If you do, it's sacrificed when it enters the battlefield.)

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Vesperlark Discussion

zapyourtumor on 5C-Elementals

1 day ago

Vesperlark is funny with Thunderkin and makes it very hard to permanently kill anything

Zendikar's Roil is kind of meme, but if you get it down with Risen Reef shit gets out of hand fast.

NPElemental on Vesperlark text query

1 week ago

for Vesperlark does a creature with its power * count as being 1 or less?

many thanks

lagotripha on RW Foil Kiki-Jiki Combo

4 weeks ago

If you're prepared to wreck your budget, Ephemerate/Fury/Solitude is a hell of a package when you can get secondary value from flickering recruiter and pitching dead combo pieces.

Vesperlark gets back bellringer, felidar and recruiter if you want to extend your hand into the graveyard, and so is worth a look as a 1-of.

Slam magus of the moon and hate out lands is a powerful option, especially with cleansing's help to strip low basic decks entirely of mana, but watch out for higher basic lands in meta, and the pace you need to meet to avoid dying while that happens. There are serious tempo decks right now, and trying to just race to a combo with 3-5 mana pieces will be hard against any ragavan list.

nbarry223 on Glittering Company

4 months ago

So to me, that means that:

Cartel Aristocrat, Good-Fortune Unicorn, Kitchen Finks, Impromptu Raid and to a lesser extent Revival / Revenge, Fiend Artisan, Knight of the Reliquary are win-cons.

I'd say the first 4 in that list are definite staples that need to stay. Revival / Revenge seems to do it's job well too. Everything else does its job, but doesn't have haste or has some minor downside, so there's potentially room for improvement.

Personally, my top choices of everything I'm going to throw out there is as follows:

Liliana, Heretical Healer  Flip (maindeck recusion/utility)
Sigarda, Host of Herons (potential side anti-removal)
Dragonlord Dromoka (potential side anti-counterspell)

I also see a lot of cards in here to counter control/removal. Have you considered a bigger hexproof/shroud creature, or something that's just uncounterable and a threat? There's also recursion, which Revival / Revenge does a pretty good job at, but some other options I can think of for that are Liliana, Heretical Healer  Flip, Lurrus of the Dream-Den, Necropanther, Vesperlark or Nethroi, Apex of Death.

Also, I know you don't have red, but General Ferrous Rokiric seems like it would be a good consideration for that type of a slot. Hexproof agaianst most removal and it synergizes with all of the multicolored you have going on.

Better fits as far as colors go are Reaper of the Wilds, Sigarda, Host of Herons, Thrun, the Last Troll, Witchstalker, Carnage Tyrant, Loxodon Smiter or Dragonlord Dromoka. Some are wish targets while others aren't, figured i'd throw out anything that had potential though.

To me, a wish target has to either be low enough that you can cast it same turn, or big and strong enough that you can cast it next turn and it turns the game around/seals the deal.

I just think you have a lot of slots in the sideboard that accomplish the same basic thing and you might be able to get away with condensing it a bit more to give more versatility for broader answers like psuedo-board wipes, silver-bullets, etc.

So if all that rambling somehow allows you to free up maybe a slot or 2 and still cover everything you need to cover, then maybe you will have the space to consider a broader selection of counterplay instead of just furthering your own strategy.

There's also things like Vindicate that hit lands too, which could help with the tron match as well as covering basically everything.

Tarlfgar on Vesperlark Boros Reanimator

6 months ago

Abubs this is probably not the right deck for Thunderkin Awakener , since Vesperlark would be it's only target. Thunderkin would be a dead card without Vesperlark in hand

Coward_Token on Modern Horizons 2 Spoilers

7 months ago

Lucid Dreams: A nice late game self-mill payoff; I think Treasure Cruise is a fair comparsion. At a max it can draw 8 for 5, which is obviously good but getting checking the box for Tribal or even Planeswalker isn't far from guaranteed in EDH at least. Still, 6 isn't bad either, compare Tidings . (I wonder if making it Tribal — Lhurgoyf was ever considered.)

Late to Dinner: Functional Breath of Life reprint that comes with a snack, not super dramatic

Young Necromancer: flickering shenaningans with this can probably be interesting, but I still feel it's not quite as cool as the OG Pyro

Garth One-Eye: lol OK, at least they didn't keep the ugly original version. Go stick Pemmin's Aura on him, make too many lotuses, then draw your library. Repeatable Regrowth is probably abuse able too.

Grist, the Hungering Tide: what in the ever-loving fuck is that?! It randomly being an off-screen Insect is really weird but I understand that it matters for e.g. Vesperlark

RA_HORAKHTE on Nethroi and Umori, Aristocrats to the bone

9 months ago

Nice version of Nethroi!

By far my favourite card type are the creatures, having a deck with Umori to only play this type of card wouldn't be a real deal! I also play Nethroi but in a more standar build without companion, and for the moment with a limited budget as I'm currently in the process of improving older decks I own.

Some ideas I play in my deck and I found both fun and powerful to play:

Vesperlark it's like a little Reveillark and will give you a dead trigger when you evoke it and a 1 power reanimation, wich in this deck you have lots of possible targets.

Meren of Clan Nel Toth people usually think of her as only a commander, but in the 99s, is still a very powerful engine, will give you nice graveyard recursion. I know she is human and doesn't synergize with mutate, but she will recur you lot of creatures that can be mutate targets.

Elenda, the Dusk Rose as a safety device against Mass removal, or just to finish the game by generating a lot of sacrifice fodder for your aristocrats: You can sacrifice multiple creatures to make Elenda very big and when she dies, she will generate a big army of tokens. You can also mutate Nethoi on a big Elenda full of +1/+1 counters to make him a very big threat. She is also a base 1 power in the Nethroi reanimation count.

Karametra, God of Harvests indestructible mutate host, gives you ramp with every creature you play.

Sun Titan nice body, powerful reanimation effect. He also have infinite ETB combos with cards like Fiend Hunter .

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