The Gurt Box is a long box of about 500 Cards.

  • - All Players agree on a starting life total of either 12 or 20 life. Max life is 20 regardless.
  • - All Players agree on a Library Size of 30 or 40 Cards.
  • - Players take a portion of cards from the cube equal to of the length of a magic card and arrange a deck.
  • - Players have 15 minutes to arrange their decks.
  • - Players have no maximum hand size and may draw on the first turn of the game.
  • - Mulligans do not decrease starting hand size.
  • - Players may only have one copy of each card other than basic lands.
  • - All Players start with 1 available Undo for any play.
  • - Lands tap for one mana of any color. Spells with mana producing abilities still follow the card text.
  • - Players cannot lose when there are no cards in their library.
  • - Players may once per turn, Discard a card in exchange for a random card from the cube.

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