Fatal Push

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
Planechase Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Fatal Push


Destroy target creature if it has converted mana cost 2 or less.

Revolt — Destroy that creature if it has converted mana cost 4 or less instead if a permanent you controlled left the battlefield this turn.

wallisface on Cut-CO knives are ehxpensive!

5 days ago

Some thoughts:

  • as Fae of Wishes will almost always be grabbing Clock of Omens, and because the Clock of Omens combo is relatively easy to assemble, i’d just suggest cutting Fae of Wishes entirely and just run Clock of Omens mainboard - to cut out the middleman.

  • I don’t think Memnite does anything for you here and should probably be cut so you can run full playsets of the cards that matter most (i.e., Asmo, Manufactor).

  • Personally i’d move Fatal Push to the sideboard and run Unearth in its place. You’re a combo deck so top priority should be keeping the combo pieces alive. Also, if you’re unearthing Asmo, she’ll very quickly be able to killspell the problem threat herself.

wallisface on Krakens

1 week ago

BurningSparrow my issue with Thing in the Ice  Flip was not how easy/hard it would be to flip - but that flipping it hurts you. It removes all your other creatures from play, none of which are particularly low-costing to cast (and none of which have etbs that would make you want to recast them). Furthermore, it permanently removes all the tokens generated from Nadir Kraken or Ominous Seas. I can see a lot of scenarios where your opponent lets it flip just to reset your own board-state, and then Fatal Pushes it afterwards.

Argy on Converting from Modern to Pioneer

1 week ago

To be a little bit more specific, you have a lot of fetch lands in your current build. None of those are Pioneer legal.

Once those are all taken out, you are now left with the problem of fixing your colours.

A lot of your creatures cost a lot of mana. You don't have time to get them out in Pioneer, unless you are playing a lot of Control cards. Which you aren't.

Black needs 4x Thoughtseize and 4x Fatal Push in Pioneer. I would also say that should run 3-4x Murderous Rider, across the Main and Sideboards.

There is no Lightning Bolt in Pioneer.

MindStone is out, so you lose that ramp, and that draw. 2x Talisman of Indulgence is also not Pioneer legal, so you lose another ramp outlet.

Just from that very quick look at your deck, I hope you can get some idea of what I was saying above.

If you want to see a Pioneer netdeck for Rakdos midrange, there is one here:

Rakdos Midrange by Brandon Bryant

I prefer to build my own decks, and I can help you a bit, if you still want to try.

It's going to take a long time, because you will need to learn the meta as you build, and you will need a LOT of play testing.

I estimate it will take about 100 hours to build an original brew, that can win a couple of matches, in an FNM environment.

Bob_Spaghet on Cerberus (Need Help)

3 weeks ago

I play a similar deck in explorer on arena. My first main thought is that playing four copies of the legendary creatures isn't necessary, and they all get very bad in multiple. Typically, you won't need or want more than one copy of each per game, so I would probably stick to one or two copies of each max. I agree with the last comment about Memory Deluge, that card is the truth in this type of deck and should probably replace Search; I also agree that Strategic Planning and Collective Brutality are clunky. I strongly recommend some split of Censor, Tainted Indulgence, or Thought Erasure replacing all eight Plannings and Brutalities. I also think any black deck needs at least three copies of Fatal Push; that card is incredibly well placed right now. Finally, I think that some number of hard counter spells are necessary in case you match up against other controlling strategies. Sinister Sabotage, Saw it Coming, or just good old Negate would probably be better than the third and fourth copies of Dreadbore or Heartless Act

Bob_Spaghet on

3 weeks ago

strong textPretty much what the last comment said. There's no real point in playing Fate Unraveler, for example, when you could just play 4 copies of Underworld Dreams, especially since your four drop slot is pretty crowded. Tutors also aren't especially useful in 60 card formats where you can play four-ofs. I also feel like the deck is trying to do too many different things; if the goal is forced draw/punisher, the Vito/Sanguine Bond stuff feels superfluous, and the random Lilianas don't add to that theme either. Some cards I would highly recommend instead: Thoughtseize for disruption, Fatal Push/Go for the Throat for cheap removal, The Meathook Massacre/Ritual of Soot as sweepers, and Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx for more mana generation since your deck is pretty expensive.

Icbrgr on Minor Misstep

1 month ago

@Gidgetimer Im sorry im just a little confused... for Chalice of the Void its MV is when in the deck/hand/battlfield/grave... but when you pay to cast it while it is on the stack it is recognized as a MV of so Minor Misstep would not be able to counter it in this case.

Is that correct?.... if so why would Engineered Explosives or Prismatic Ending be any different?.... Would Leyline Binding be treated as a MV spell if full Domain is active?

@wallisface that's actually a really good point in regards to answering something like W&6 when your on the draw... maybe your onto something with it being stronger in the late game than Spell Pierce and its more of a "keep your edge/grip/control" kinda card like to stave off a Fatal Push/Path to Exile/Lightning Bolt for a deck that is using somthing like Dragon's Rage Channeler/Delver of Secrets  Flip and something like Stubborn Denial doesn't quite fit?

wallisface on Viability of Elesh Norn, Mother …

1 month ago

Interested to hear peoples thoughts on the viability of Elesh Norn, Mother of Machines in Modern.

On the plus side:

  • it’s almost impossible to kill, being 5 mana gets around Fatal Push and most Prismatic Ending decks. She’s immune to Leyline Binding, Solitude and Fury. And her toughness evades both Lightning Bolt and Unholy Heat… there is very little in the format that can touch her.

  • Her abilities are both offensively powerful and potentially hugely disruptive to the opponents plans. I imagine if she can stay on the field for a few turns in grindier matchups, then the value gained will have almost certainly secured a win.

On the negatives:

  • She does nothing on entry, and you need to play other cards to get value from her.

  • 5 mana is a LOT in modern, and not normally a cost you’d want to be striving towards paying (most mana curves end at 3-4 mana).

So, what are peoples thoughts? Could the card be modern viable, or are there just too many hoops to jump through for this to be useful?

Pestrofa on Disappointing Dimir Delver (DDD)

1 month ago

i have a couple more kill spells to introduce to the deck if needed, such as Fatal Push and Power Word Kill

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