Soulfire Grand Master

Soulfire Grand Master

Creature — Human Monk


Instant and sorcery spells you control have lifelink.

: The next time you cast an instant or sorcery spell form your hand this turn, put that card into your hand instead of into your graveyard as it resolves.

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Soulfire Grand Master Discussion

TypicalTimmy on Card creation challenge

3 weeks ago


Throg, God of Thunder

Legendary Creature - Frog Barbarian God

Whenever Throg, God of Thunder attacks you may discard a card from your hand. If you do, he gets +X/+0 until end of turn where X is that card's mana value.

Whenever you discard a land, Throg, God of Thunder deals 4 damage to any target.


Lmao, nice.

Back during Fate Reforged, we got two cycles of hybrid-activation creatures; Five rares and five mythics. Strangely enough, the rares were Legendary creatures and the mythics were not.

We got; Daghatar the Adamant, Shu Yun, the Silent Tempest, Tasigur, the Golden Fang, Alesha, Who Smiles at Death and Yasova Dragonclaw. For the mythics, we got Soulfire Grand Master, Torrent Elemental, Brutal Hordechief, Shaman of the Great Hunt... and then there's this guy, who breaks the mould.

Make a new mono-, non-legendary MYTHIC creature who has an activation cost that follows the pattern of the other nine.

enpc on Fortnite Secret Lair Is Bad

1 month ago

Abaques: I think the easiest way to addres your comments will be directly:

"The risk is that if the collector market crashes, which will almost certainly happen eventually, then Wizards' profits will crater. That could very well result in Hasbro pressuring Wizards take actions to drive sales... which runs the risk of impacting the health of the game."

I get where you're coming from, however you're making you're referring to a possible eventual creash (so might happen at some point in the non-descript future) and then applying an albeit crappy, hypothentical response. It's something that WotC will have to be careful of however as you've already mentioned in your next paragraph that WotC got bitten around power levels and are dialing things back:

"That already bit them and they've started pulling back."

That would imply that they're learning their lesson, which is a good thing. And sometimes we screw up in trying new things. But as long as WotC are about to acknowledge that (even if it's just via their actions) then that's a win. Growth is good and sometimes you only learn by failing first.

"Another thing to look at is the massive number of legendary creatures that are printed now compared to just a few years ago. That's all trying to drive up Commander sales. But there are so many new legends now that most of them end up being forgettable."

That's just, like, your opinion, man. But seriously, yes an oversaturation of commanders might seem frustrating, however it also provides players with more options. Remember the Tarkir almost commanders? (Soulfire Grand Master and her ilk.) A lot of peopel were really disappointed that these cards weren't legendary because they would be a lot of fun to build around. With WotC making a lot of these kind of cards legendary, they have removed that issue. Sure, the characters may be more forgettable, but now they don't have to be rule zero'd in. It also makes formats like commander more accessible to people on a lower budget as there are now a lot more < $1 commander cards.

"The risk that some people are articulating is that the players a fortnite secret lair brings in are not likely to become heavily invested core players while the players who are turned off by the fortnite secret lair are likely to be heavily invested core players."

As WotC have said, all of the secret lair cards moving forward will be getting functional reprints in upcoming sets (unless the card already exists) and so now we are just talking about alternate artworks. It's ok to not like a specific art of a card but getting actively upset about its existence seems a bit silly to me. Especially considering number of custom alternate artwork cards out there.

And that's the ting about art - it's subjective. What some people might think looks awesome, others think looks stupid. But nobody is saying you have to play with these cards.

"I love Magic, but I'm concerned about the direction that Wizards is taking. I'm concerned that it's not sustainable and could lead towards making Magic less enjoyable. Things like the fortnite secret lair are a part of my concerns."

I don't think Secret Lair will make things unsustainable - quite the opposite. It gives WotC a way to help increase profits while not having an effect on the game (assuming reprints) and effectively gives them access to new markets who may have been interested in MtG but didn't make the jump until something hooked them in.

And as for mechanically unique cards - as predicted the Walking Dead Secret Lair drop (dont dead open inside) made effectively no change to A) the competitive scene and B) little to no change ot the commander scene as a whole. It did however provide a quick method to point out vitriolic players who will target others over something so minute as whether they were willing to buy some magic cards, which is good since it makes it easier to avoid said players.

In addition I have heard stories of people who were really excited about the Walking Dead SL since they had been trying to get their girlfriend into MtG and the girlfriend actually got really excited over the drop and finally started playing.

"As a very invested Commander player (I've got 50 decks) I've found that I'm losing interest in new sets because of this. I also know that I'm not alone in that feeling."

I would personally say that 50 decks is too many that that might be part of the issue why you're feeling less interested. And look, that is just my take on it (with the very limited knowledge of your situation or playgroup). But I would also mention that not all players feel this way and that well formed playgroups have a habit of becoming pretty echo chamber-y. I would also say (and I'm not accusing you personally of this - you've been very civil in your response and have put forward some good points) that people just like to bitch at times. So while you see a few opinions about people who are very much against something, the majority of people who are for or indifferent to something don't speak out.

As mentioned, I think on the whole you do raise some good points for things to watch out for however I have learnt the hard way (many, many times) not to count your chickens before they hatch.

9-lives on Aikido of the Inward Eye and Mirror Flame

7 months ago

The problem with the Zirda companion combos is that all I've seen do cycling then Zenith Flare .

If I got rid of those two cards, I could have Shu Yun, the Silent Tempest and maybe some other card?? The Akroan War is only useful if their P/T has less T than P, which means I can get rid of Rollick of Abandon . And Truefire Captain isn't absolutely necessary.

With Zirda, I can use Soulfire Grand Master 's ability for only 2 mana to bounce my instants and sorceries. That's really all I can use Zirda for, though. Kind of a waste of trading one crappy strategy for another.

9-lives on Aikido of the Inward Eye and Mirror Flame

7 months ago

If I have Lightning Helix with Soulfire Grand Master in play, I'll gain 6 health from a single Lightning Helix as well as deal 3 damage. If I use it with Firesong and Sunspeaker I'll gain 6 health, and do 9 damage. I like the lifegain aspect of it, as 6 is a ton of life, and will basically buy me time to get to what cards I need. Rollick of Abandon is not only useful with Blazing Volley but also The Akroan War . Do you know of any Jeskai cards that deal +P/-T to all creatures or just the opponent's creatures? Because I've looked through the cards and the only one that does this is Rollick of Abandon . I'll cut the sword and jeskai charm, as you have made good points about those. Roast seems good, although it only targets creatures. I'm not afraid of any creatures fighting me, as I have plenty of ways to get rid of them. The reason I chose Lightning Helix is not only because it is somewhat good on damage, but also has lifegain, and on top of that can target whatever. But Shock to me seems utterly pointless. I think I'll get rid of Blazing Volley because my intention was to use it aagainst a large amount of 1/1's but I realized that my opponent will probably buff them immediately so that Blazing Volley will be useless unless I cast Rollick of Abandon . And it's kinda funny because the meter says it's 78% competitive. Is this meter a good indicator of such?

Neotrup on Soulfire Grand Master and Soul-scar …

7 months ago

With Soulfire Grand Master and Soul-Scar Mage in play Thundering Rebuke has lifelink, but that only matters if it deal damage. If it targets a Planeswalker, that planeswalker will lose 4 loyalty and you'll gain 4 life. If it targets a creature, instead of dealing damage you'll place 4 -1/-1 counters on that creature and you won't gain any life.

9-lives on Soulfire Grand Master and Soul-scar …

7 months ago

Would Soulfire Grand Master still have lifelink when there is Soul-Scar Mage ? Say you cast Thundering Rebuke , with both of those creatures in play? What would happen?

Neotrup on Indestructible and Arcbond and damage …

7 months ago
  1. When Palisade Giant is dealt damage, Arcbond will attempt to deal an equal amount of damage to each other creature and each player, however, all that damage that would be dealt to you and your other creatures is instead dealt to Palisade Giant , triggering Arcbond again. This will continue until either all other players lose from the damage, someone finds a way to end the combo, or if neither of those happen (maybe an opponent can't lose the game), the game will be a draw instead.

  2. No. Because the damage is prevented, it doesn't Arcbond to trigger.

  3. That will work, because the damage is being redirected to trigger Arcbond again.

  4. Yes, those cards fulfill the needs of the combo: redirecting the damage, triggering off the damage being redirected, and keeping the creature from dying to all that damage. With Soulfire Grand Master you will gain life equal to the damage, but it's not exactly infinite. If you break the combo, you'll want to announce how many iterations you're having it go through and determine what your life total is. However, as mentioned, this should kill your opponents, so your life total shouldn't matter.

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