Soulfire Grand Master

Soulfire Grand Master

Creature — Human Monk


Instant and sorcery spells you control have lifelink.

: The next time you cast an instant or sorcery spell form your hand this turn, put that card into your hand instead of into your graveyard as it resolves.

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Unformat Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

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Soulfire Grand Master Discussion

9-lives on Aikido of the Inward Eye and Mirror Flame

4 months ago

The problem with the Zirda companion combos is that all I've seen do cycling then Zenith Flare .

If I got rid of those two cards, I could have Shu Yun, the Silent Tempest and maybe some other card?? The Akroan War is only useful if their P/T has less T than P, which means I can get rid of Rollick of Abandon . And Truefire Captain isn't absolutely necessary.

With Zirda, I can use Soulfire Grand Master 's ability for only 2 mana to bounce my instants and sorceries. That's really all I can use Zirda for, though. Kind of a waste of trading one crappy strategy for another.

9-lives on Aikido of the Inward Eye and Mirror Flame

4 months ago

If I have Lightning Helix with Soulfire Grand Master in play, I'll gain 6 health from a single Lightning Helix as well as deal 3 damage. If I use it with Firesong and Sunspeaker I'll gain 6 health, and do 9 damage. I like the lifegain aspect of it, as 6 is a ton of life, and will basically buy me time to get to what cards I need. Rollick of Abandon is not only useful with Blazing Volley but also The Akroan War . Do you know of any Jeskai cards that deal +P/-T to all creatures or just the opponent's creatures? Because I've looked through the cards and the only one that does this is Rollick of Abandon . I'll cut the sword and jeskai charm, as you have made good points about those. Roast seems good, although it only targets creatures. I'm not afraid of any creatures fighting me, as I have plenty of ways to get rid of them. The reason I chose Lightning Helix is not only because it is somewhat good on damage, but also has lifegain, and on top of that can target whatever. But Shock to me seems utterly pointless. I think I'll get rid of Blazing Volley because my intention was to use it aagainst a large amount of 1/1's but I realized that my opponent will probably buff them immediately so that Blazing Volley will be useless unless I cast Rollick of Abandon . And it's kinda funny because the meter says it's 78% competitive. Is this meter a good indicator of such?

Neotrup on Soulfire Grand Master and Soul-scar …

4 months ago

With Soulfire Grand Master and Soul-Scar Mage in play Thundering Rebuke has lifelink, but that only matters if it deal damage. If it targets a Planeswalker, that planeswalker will lose 4 loyalty and you'll gain 4 life. If it targets a creature, instead of dealing damage you'll place 4 -1/-1 counters on that creature and you won't gain any life.

9-lives on Soulfire Grand Master and Soul-scar …

4 months ago

Would Soulfire Grand Master still have lifelink when there is Soul-Scar Mage ? Say you cast Thundering Rebuke , with both of those creatures in play? What would happen?

Neotrup on Indestructible and Arcbond and damage …

4 months ago
  1. When Palisade Giant is dealt damage, Arcbond will attempt to deal an equal amount of damage to each other creature and each player, however, all that damage that would be dealt to you and your other creatures is instead dealt to Palisade Giant , triggering Arcbond again. This will continue until either all other players lose from the damage, someone finds a way to end the combo, or if neither of those happen (maybe an opponent can't lose the game), the game will be a draw instead.

  2. No. Because the damage is prevented, it doesn't Arcbond to trigger.

  3. That will work, because the damage is being redirected to trigger Arcbond again.

  4. Yes, those cards fulfill the needs of the combo: redirecting the damage, triggering off the damage being redirected, and keeping the creature from dying to all that damage. With Soulfire Grand Master you will gain life equal to the damage, but it's not exactly infinite. If you break the combo, you'll want to announce how many iterations you're having it go through and determine what your life total is. However, as mentioned, this should kill your opponents, so your life total shouldn't matter.

9-lives on Indestructible and Arcbond and damage …

4 months ago

Also another question.

Would this work? Infinite Combo of any creature, especially Soulfire Grand Master with Sheltering Light , Gideon's Sacrifice , and Arcbond ?

If it's true, then it deals infinite damage and gives me infinite health? And say that I attack a indestructible creature with it. Would that still give me infinite life? Or does the damage have to resolve as to actually harm the indestructible player/creature?

Hardhitta7 on Tips for New EDH Player

5 months ago

wereotter thank you for the advice! Yeah Lightning Bolt might not be the best here, I just included it to have some removal that can go under Isochron Scepter , what would be a better alternative?

I definitely forgot Blasphemous Act , I’ll add that in.

I’ll check out Elsha, white is a good color to have for prowess cause you get Monastery Mentor . Soulfire Grand Master is cool as well.

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