Light of Hope

Light of Hope


Choose one —

  • You gain 4 life.
  • Destroy target enchantment.
  • Put a +1/+1 counter on target creature.
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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pauper Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Pioneer Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

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Light of Hope Discussion

Apollo_Paladin on Ultra-Budget Speed Dredge (2x 5-Card "Gold Hands")

4 months ago

@ darkbuff

Not especially, no. I mean, in lieu of having other cards in my build it could work, but it's nowhere near as mana-efficient as my current Discard/Dredge combo(s).

Nevertheless, I enjoy the card immensely just because Exodus has a lot of nostalgic cards. Back in the era when it was new, Recurring could be seriously OP, but anymore there's far quicker/better ways of achieving this effect in my opinion.

Figure, especially with this deck, you'd be using the effect on Recurring Nightmare the same turn it enters play (if you're aiming for optimal efficiency with this build), so it's effectively a 3-mana GY-to-Play option.

Mana-wise that isn't awful, but Exhume is only 2CMC and Dread Return while being 4CMC is included because it can be cast from the GY for zero mana (just the weenie creature costs). Also, I've got a playgroup where Enchantment Hate isn't all that uncommon, so I don't see a ton of benefit of using it here. Consequently, this is also why I have Animate Dead sideboarded instead of in the Main Deck; one Light of Hope (or similar card) and it's trouble. In practice Enchantments with this build just haven't been reliable.

Give it a try though! If it works out I'd be curious to hear how it went. I'm always curious to hear about variants on my build here!

Sorin_Markov_1947 on Heads I win, Tails you lose

5 months ago

I think this deck lacks identity. From what you've said, you're trying to be an Orzhov lifegain deck, but there are so many cards that don't fit with that plan and/or don't bring a lot of value to the table. We should also probably just make this a Clerics deck (with Angel of Destiny), as that fits the lifegain build and packs extra synergy.

First, I think Vito, Thorn of the Dusk Rose should be a four-of in the deck. He's just so good in a lifegain deck. Righteous Valkyrie should probably be in here as well, as it helps gain life and provides a buff when you do. Speaker of the Heavens should also be a four-of, as it gains some small life and when you hit 27 starts really giving value! If we're going Clerics, Orah, Skyclave Hierophant is a good idea.

As for cards that don't give a lot of value, Dream Devourer , Firja, Judge of Valor , Giant Killer , Skemfar Shadowsage , Invoke the Divine , Light of Hope , Revitalize , Poison the Cup , and Pacifism all probably need to go. There are better options for what most of them do, and the rest you don't need the effects of. Doomskar too, because you're a deck that likes a full boardstate (lots of creatures) so you don't want to be wiping the board almost ever.

There were several removal options in what I pointed out. Bloodchief's Thirst and Heartless Act are good replacements, but you don't want too much removal, you should be focused on your own board most of the time.

Don't forget as well that having a list of mainly 1-2x cards won't make for a consistent deck. Ideally, you have as many of your good cards as possible.

Those are my initial thoughts. There's some value lost in the list even after those edits, but it's a good start, I think.

Mechanon on angel of destiny

5 months ago

Hey there! I don't play around with white very often but it looks like an interesting deck. For the sake of having Elvish Mystic , I would get rid of them completely and swap the forests over to plains; just stick with mono-white. Speaker of the Heavens would probably be a good replacement. There's also a lot of high cost creatures. Kaldheim came out with a lot of interesting angel cards such as: Youthful Valkyrie and Righteous Valkyrie . Some cheap and early spells to help you make it to bringing out an Angel of Destiny that I think would be good are Pacifism , The Birth of Meletis and Light of Hope .

DemMeowsephs on TOO MANY TOKENS [Fun Standard Synergy]

5 months ago

Sorin_Markov_1947: Thank you for the comment! I include Witching Well and Light of Hope for two pretty different reasons, but I assure you they work rather well. Witching Well is vital for finding and filtering the deck in order to get Cubwarden or Huntmaster Liger, as it can scry the top two for just one and then give us the option to draw if we aren't getting the proper lands to cast things like cubwarden, etc. Light of hope is also great because the deck takes a bit to assemble the synergy, and I can end up taking a LOT of damage before I get things out. I also like to include Vulpikeet because when I mutate it on a Cubwarden it can make it a flier, and if my opponents have no fliers I can usually swing in for lethal damage, however, like you mentioned I think it could still be better used in the form of Essence Symbiote , as Essence can be a great blocker before I get much out, and provides both lifegain (if I took a lot of damage while assembling the combo) and power value! With Pollywog Symbiote I've found that I usually have no cards in my hand after I play Cubwarden or a turn after, and then whenever I mutate something I draw, I draw a card and am forced to discard it, getting rid of some stuff I could dearly use. I suppose I'm saying by the time I'm getting into mutating, it's unlikely that I'll end up needing to draw that many cards with the risk of simply having to discard it. HOWEVER, the deck doesn't see too much played on the board at the beginning, and as drawing is vital, I think you are completely right and Pollywog would certainly be worth it, especially since it also reduces costs, AND could be a great blocker- thanks! Essence will go in for Vulpikeet, and Polywog will replace a few lands! Thank you very much!

SnakeByte77: Gosh that slipped my mind, I was working with rare cards on arena (yeah it's a pretty odd system) and I didn't have any rare wildcards, and I just used Branchloft in the meantime and completely forgot. I'll definitely be changing that thanks!

Sorin_Markov_1947 on TOO MANY TOKENS [Fun Standard Synergy]

5 months ago

Why Witching Well and Light of Hope ? Both seem underpowered to me.

Vulpikeet can easily be replaced by Essence Symbiote or Mysterious Egg . They're cheaper, at a small downside of not being able to go on an existing stack. Pollywog Symbiote is also work considering instead of some lands, as it'll help filter and make it easier to go off. 27 lands seems like too many, but Pollywog will help make up for those missing lands anyway.

Werk0rt on Lifegain Selesnya Counters

5 months ago

Hi Saccox, thanks for the suggestion. Totaly forgot Light of Hope exists. When I playtested this deck there were times when I couldn't gain life so this should fix that. Will try to fit in couple copies.

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