Where Ancients Tread

Where Ancients Tread


Whenever a creature with power 5 or greater enters the battlefield under your control, you may have Where Ancients Tread deal 5 damage to target creature or player.

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Where Ancients Tread Discussion

king-saproling on Forest fire

3 months ago

Assault Suit could be fun here. It allows you to keep the dragon spirit that it is attached to. The haste is nice as well.

You might like these too: Where Ancients Tread, Dragon Tempest, Rite of Passage, Skullclamp, Elemental Bond, Garruk's Packleader, Kavu Lair, Rile

TheMeadiator on No Dungeons, Just Dragons

5 months ago

Thanks Ravenrose! Dragons are just SO GOOD. I love them.

Where Ancients Tread is a really amazing enchantment. I think I have it in three of my decks! Though it would do well in here, I don't want to include it in all my stompy decks, lest it become a staple (I've got a thing against auto-includes LOL). Wild Pair on the other hand would be even better! So many dragons are 4/4, so it fits really well. I don't anticipate it remaining on the board long, but hot dang is it going in the deck.

I took out Bladewing the Risen for some lesser dragon and felt bad about it, so he may go back in. Lathliss, Dragon Queen is also a great suggestion. She'll have to watch her butt calling herself "queen" when Tiamat is on the field though.

I really do like Primevals' Glorious Rebirth - especially with Scion of the Ur-Dragon in play, trashing all my legendaries.

Thanks a lot for all the tips! Much appreciated!

Ravenrose on No Dungeons, Just Dragons

5 months ago

Yaaaay!! Another dragon deck! I have a couple of suggestions you might like for the deck: Where Ancients Tread and Wild Pair . As for dragons, Bladewing the Risen and Lathliss, Dragon Queen could be decent. Primevals' Glorious Rebirth and Living Death are decent recursion spells.

zapyourtumor on Spiteburn Awakener (Modern Budget Burn Combo)

6 months ago

I forgot that you would discarding skelemental a lot of the time, so 8 duals is probably enough. Of course, it isn't optimal, but no one wants to burn 40 extra bucks just to improve their manabase by a little.

For another discard outlet, Bone Shards seems like it would work really well here and could probably replace some copies of axe. It's sorcery speed, but it destroys all creatures unconditionally, can be a discard outlet, and you can also cast it in your second main phase and sacrifice something that you reanimated with thunderkin.

Furnace Celebration and Where Ancients Tread have cute synergy but they are too slow for modern, I'd cut them. That probably makes Vessel of Volatility unneeded as well. To replace them, I suggest some Lightning Bolt for additional removal and to help burn out your opponent midgame, plus some hand disruption in Inquisition of Kozilek so you have more turn 1 plays besides flamekin.

Steven89 on Sneaky Purphy B. [Primer I guess]

9 months ago

Hello Benemortal1 :)

Thanks for your questions! Regarding Warstorm Surge , Where Ancients Tread and Electropotence : Those are expensive "win-more" cards and you can play only so many of them and I chose to play with Fiery Emancipation (and to a certain degree Homura, Human Ascendant  Flip). Fiery Emancipation fits better with the gameplan of this deck (right before your turn, you cheat several creatures into play and in your beginning turn you just slam Fiery Emancipation and hope to win). This is not possible with Warstorm Surge and Where Ancients Tread. Those two enchanments need to be played first to have an effect thus telegraphing your opponents that you just entered the "From now on, my game actions are more explosive, so save all your interactions for me" gamestate. This is not good, this deck wins by choosing the right time to battle without your opponents knowing how much damage you can pull off. Electropotence seems even worse as you need extra 2R.

Homura, Human Ascendant  Flip has really suprised me and with the recent additions from Stryxhaven ( Triplicate Titan ) I plan to further play with this "win-more" card. This decklist has a subtle "go wide" theme regarding tokens so Homura fits very well, Homura's continous abilities seem on the first glance weak compared to the potential damage output of Warstorm Surge. However, while warstorm surge triggers only once for each creature, Homura's pumps your team by +2/+2, grants flying (do not underestimate flying; flying - in a sense - can accomplish the same damage output warstorm surge would do, for example in the not-so-rare cases in which your non-evasive threats like Etali, Phyrexian Triniform, Wurmcoil Engine etc cannot connect to your opponents because of ground blocker, with flying and that +2/+2 your creatures would even do more damage by connecting than they would do with warstorm surge and not being able to connect) AND shivan breath ability thus turning a every single creature (even 1/1's) of yours into very deadly threats. In the long run, Homura's damage output is at least the same but I feel the ceiling is way higher for the reasons I just stated :D Dont get me wrong, both enchantments you were suggesting obviously fit very well in what Purphy B. does and you should definetly play them, if you want to. But for me and the philosophy/gameplan of this deck, they just dont work that well :)

Braid of Fire . I tried that one, it looks good on paper, you generate more and more mana every turn and you could even use that mana. But to properly use that mana in your upkeep, you need to actually cheat your dudes into play during your turn. This very thing (cheating the fatties into play during my turn) is something that this deck only does, when I go for the alphastriking win (pass the turn with open mana, cheat stuff into play just before my turn and then drop even more fatties during my turn). In all other cases, where I do not want to alphastrike, it is usually better to be reactive and not proactive by passing with open mana and cheating the creatures into play just before my turn. My point is: Braids of Fire is only relevant for those alphastriking turns, at least for my playstyle, and the times I alphastrike should preferentially be only once during my games. Thats why I passed on that one.

Another point worth considering: It is usually better to use your card slots for cards that provide value in form of extra cards, not extra mana (to add on that: Our commander already provides a huge discount on mana by cheating fatties). Being monored means, we dont have that many tools of getting extra cards. There are a lot of games, where I just dont draw my wheels even though I play many of them. My hand in those games is usally quite empty and having braids of fire is then extra bad, because I dont have the cards to use that mana for. This is why I would strongly recommend playing cards that actually give you more cards, e.g. more wheel effects instead of Braid of Fire, or interactive cards ;)

It got a bit lengthy, woopsie

BrassLord on Cedh Atla Dragon Shuffle

9 months ago

Looks like a fun start! If your looking for eggs and dragons, I’d recommend giving some of the changelings a try! Realmwalker could be useful for hitting egg/dragons. Masked Vandal is a changeling with a bit of interaction. Mirror Entity is one that can also turn into a win con, Irregular Cohort will also make an “ egg” token. In terms of pinging Warstorm Surge and Where Ancients Tread seem to fit with what you want to do!

libraryjoy on Mayael: big bois

1 year ago

Ok, so I took some time today to re-build my cheapest Mayael Deck. It's now at $35 dollars, as of today. I opted to go with a couple of mana doublers Nikya of the Old Ways, Zhur-Taa Ancient and Dictate of Karametra and landcycling creatures. Where Ancients Tread is something I've added and think may be worthwhile. Here's the link if interested:

Mayael the Anima Stompy EDH $35 Budget

ellie-is on Lathliss, Ramp Queen

1 year ago

Peoyogon: You're right, it does not! I said that without checking the card first, heh. So it affects only Warstorm Surge and Where Ancients Tread! Still nice, but slightly less nice.

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