Ancestral Recall

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Format Legality
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Oldschool 93/94 Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal

Ancestral Recall


Target player draws three cards.

plakjekaas on Atraxa, Phyrexia's Champion

1 month ago

4 mana draw 5 on a really relevant body as the floor (assuming the creature survived) seems massively overpowered. Giant Growth on upkeep turns into Ancestral Recall on top of the cards you already draw, which seems actually silly considering the lifelink. Necropotence showed us in the 90s that losing life for cards is barely a downside. I'd say use the number of counters, not the power, to determine the amount of cards drawn, at the bare minimum, to slightly balance this card.

TypicalTimmy on MTG 30th anniversary $1K Proxies

1 month ago

Abaques, markerts are difficult to predict because you really are divided into two categories on a topic like this. Those who want the original printings (Be it alpha, beta, revised) and those who merely want a card and don't really care about print runs.

Take me, for example. I own a Gaea's Cradle. Caveat: I own a $250 gold bordered Gaea's Cradle. That card is not legal in any tournament setting. However, if an EDH group is okay with it, it can be used within one of my decks. That's what Rule 0 is for. And yes, I've had groups at the LGS say sure, and others say no. I respect the table and play accordingly.

To me, $250 for a card WOTC did in fact print (albeit for a different reason, that being a prize handed out) is superior to just writing "Gaea's Cradle" in black marker on a Forest. All the same, a card is a card is a card.

Do the $250 gold Cradles detract from the value of the original? No, not seemingly. Are there collectors who would like one? Yes. I've been offered my selection through trade binders, as well as cash. I've even had a store owner ask me if I'd like to trade for a few boxes of equal value in my selection of sets.

I personally would never spend $1,000 on a single card. I would for a complete deck, but not a singular card. In fact, I have a $1,400 deck that does absolutely nothing. (All 10 fetches, all 10 shocks, chrome mox, mox diamond. Was a Golos 5c God Tribal deck that no longer exists thanks to the ban).

Point being, for a consumer like me, no having an officially printed proxy does not demean value in any way, shape or form.

That being said, there are collectors and investors who sit on dozens of cards from the Power 9 and the reserves list.

Rudy from Alpha Investment is a great example. There were originally 1,100 Alpha Black Lotus printed and he owns about 100 of them. You should see his binder, it's magnificent.

Will Rudy freak out? No. He was a career Walstreet investor. He knows markers better than likely anyone on this entire website.

  • Hi Rudy, if you're in here!

But someone who maybe has a serious stake without the same knowledge? I could see a panic happening. And there's the crux of it all. Markets are determined by supply and demand, but also intrinsic value. If 1/2 of all investors fear their holdings lost 30% overnight and being to panic sell, guess what happens? Self-fulfilling prophecy. Their assets lose value.

I could see a very minor short term shift, but it'll balance out once investors realize there's a silver lining here. They too can buy these silly $1,000 packs and hold.

Those proxies BLs and Ancestral Recalls will likely fetch $300 - $1,000 each. Far less than the real things, but well worth the efforts to invest in and own.

But as with all investments, only time will tell. If you worry about short term gains, you'll always be chasing your tail.

Skagra42 on List of Bugs and Feature …

2 months ago

Flood and Burn Affinity is listed as being Vintage legal despite running four copies of Ancestral Recall, which is restricted in the format.

SufferFromEDHD on Millhouse | Bruvac Petitioners

2 months ago

I'm a huge fan of Brainstorm but I don't think it's being used to it's full potential here. You run 0 fetch lands and as a mill strategy top deck card quality is irrelevant. You are running Visions of Beyond which in mill/graveyard strategies is Ancestral Recall anyways. Thought Scour is a solid mill cantrip if you are looking for another 1 drop.

Niko9 on Do you consider "Value" = …

3 months ago

I think that value is a very vague thing, but these would definitely qualify. Have heard something like sacing creatures into Pitiless Plunderer as value, and I think that anything that is a direct benefit to you the player rather than a play against your opponents, is value. So draw, impulse, gaining treasures, or even something like untapping lands with Seedborn Muse is value because it is gaining you resources. At least that's how I see it : )

Also, and I don't mean this as a slight to any creators, but I really don't like the idea of templates for commander decks. Saying you want X of anything is such a double edged sword. Your example of Defense of the Heart is a great one. It's not really draw, but in a lot of green decks it's a straight up wincon. If I'm playing elfball Defense of the Heart will be better than even Ancestral Recall because most of the time you will have 4 mana turn 2 and it's a win if you draw it.

And even on a basic level, the amount of anything and everything you want in a deck is so highly variable. A five color deck will always want more card draw to nail land colors, but a mono color deck doesn't have that and will often have more space for spot removal and things like that. Experimentation is key : ) You won't know the best version of your deck until you try it.

Deck templates are a good place to start I guess, but so often you will find that your deck takes a mind of it's own as you test it anyways, so I don't know. I like when command zone or something does tips and tricks, but I find their structural deck design tutorials, honestly, one of the least useful things.

Tryptic on Mana Crypt is bad

4 months ago

The concept of Supply and Demand doesn't apply, because Wizards has near 100% control over both. Maybe there was a brief window of community-controlled EDH, but from the moment Wizards created Commander they have had the power to ban cards AND the ability to print them. It's all artificial scarcity in the first place.

The problem here is entirely in your statement, "This gives players to the same great cards from 10-15-20 years ago..." Sol Ring and Mana Crypt are not great cards, they are pure shit. Just like how Oko, Thief of Crowns is shit, and Tundra is shit. Powerful does not equal good, and Players like powerful cards whether they're good or not, is the problem. If you got rid of the reserved list today, which Wizards seems to be actually considering, and unbanned Ancestral Recall in Commander, players would get hyped for it but you would be teaching players to eat shit and like it.

The design space isn't infinite, but it isn't small either. It's easy to remove early, badly designed cards and add newer, more fair versions of them; Wizards does this all the time. The problem with this is that you don't know what the replacement COULD be as long as the crappy old version is around. What other mana sources could Wizards cook up if LITERALLY EVERY EDH DECK ON EARTH had to dump Sol Ring and Mana Crypt? That's 1-2 cards per deck in an entire format, which could be filled with something more fun to play, and the total monetary value of the system wouldn't decrease by much.

The problem is, Wizards have dug themselves into an awful hole by handing Rings and Crypts out like candy and stupidly expensive candy, respectively. Their shortsightedness has made it so they can't ban these cards without a huge backlash, so they're permanently stuck with this bad design in the Commander format.

Stardragon on Reworked Alpha Boon Cycle. Thoughts?

5 months ago

Alpha Boon Cycle reworked added a colorless mana to the casting cost to make them more balanced (some overpowered while other underpowered) and all useable while keeping to their core mechanic (3 of something but upgraded to 4 and raised their rarity to uncommon)

From Healing Salve to Healing Prayer:

Choose one:

Prevent the next 4 damage that would be dealt to any target this turn

Remove 4 counters from target creature you control or yourself

From Ancestral Recall to

Ancestral Foresight

Scry 4 than draw 1 card

From Dark Ritual to Shadow Ritual

Add to your mana pool

If this card was spent to cast a creature that creature gains a -1/-1 counter, if used to cast a noncreature spell lose 3 life

From Lightning Bolt to Lightning Squall deal 4 damage to any target this damage can't be redirected

From Giant Growth to Giant Surge

Target creature gains +4/+4 until the end and if blocked can deal damage as if it wasn't blocked

KBK7101 on

5 months ago

Nice! I always like seeing decks for the Ikoria apex beasts. They're just so... commander-y, you know?

See the Truth basically acts just like Ancestral Recall in Vadrok decks. Definitely worth checking out!

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