Ancestral Recall

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Format Legality
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Oldschool 93/94 Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

Ancestral Recall


Target player draws three cards.

Stardragon on Reworked Alpha Boon Cycle. Thoughts?

2 weeks ago

Alpha Boon Cycle reworked added a colorless mana to the casting cost to make them more balanced (some overpowered while other underpowered) and all useable while keeping to their core mechanic (3 of something but upgraded to 4 and raised their rarity to uncommon)

From Healing Salve to Healing Prayer:

Choose one:

Prevent the next 4 damage that would be dealt to any target this turn

Remove 4 counters from target creature you control or yourself

From Ancestral Recall to

Ancestral Foresight

Scry 4 than draw 1 card

From Dark Ritual to Shadow Ritual

Add to your mana pool

If this card was spent to cast a creature that creature gains a -1/-1 counter, if used to cast a noncreature spell lose 3 life

From Lightning Bolt to Lightning Squall deal 4 damage to any target this damage can't be redirected

From Giant Growth to Giant Surge

Target creature gains +4/+4 until the end and if blocked can deal damage as if it wasn't blocked

KBK7101 on Vadrok (Mutate): Imminent Extinction

3 weeks ago

Nice! I always like seeing decks for the Ikoria apex beasts. They're just so... commander-y, you know?

See the Truth basically acts just like Ancestral Recall in Vadrok decks. Definitely worth checking out!

jaymc1130 on Just Complaining... lol

3 months ago

Don't think it's you mate, it's almost 10 am my time and I woke up yesterday right around... 10 am. So I'm almost at 24 hours straight messing around on the ole interwebs watching League of Legends playoffs from around the world.

My only real point was that there are reasons why, specifically, Welcoming Vampire couldn't be functionally identical to Mentor of the Meek. If Markov decks had a choice between a Vampire or a non Vampire that do identical things there's no real choice to make, there'd only be one right answer. If the cards do slightly different things then being a Vampire isn't really as relevant, the choice a player has to make is more focused on which type of efficiency they want in that card slot, or, potentially even deciding to run both and then be allowed a choice in game when they decide to tutor it up based on what they need at that moment in that game state.

There are tons of functional reprints for tons of cards, so WotC is certainly willing to print cards of identical powerlevels with slightly different texture or flavor, but it's not something they can do all the time because certain circumstances sometimes need to be considered so that a functional reprint isn't actually just an outright upgrade for a specific archetype/format/whatever.

As for Necropotence, it's not a card that's personally on my list of "completely busted degenerate nonsense". Just the watch list, lol, and it's been on that list going on 3 decades now. You want cards that should never have seen the light of day? Look at Hullbreacher, Opposition Agent, Time Walk, Ancestral Recall, Paradox Engine, and the original Moxen (seriously, why play lands at all if I'm allowed to just run 20 Mox Sapphires instead per the original rules of mtg?).

Wuzibo on Zada Hedron grinder + "whenever …

3 months ago

Let me begin by saying I have a Zada, Hedron Grinder modern deck i play around with that i started playing as soon as she was released because I thought and still think that cantrips on her is probably some of the best draw mono red can do. This is going to be more directed at zada decks i see on here in general though.

I wanted to check out some newer decks to see what people are running these days, and i see a lot of people running heroic stuff like Akroan Crusader that triggers, like zada, when you cast a spell targeting them.

The important thing to note here is it says "cast". If i understand right, copies aren't cast unless it specifically says "cast", like an imprint effect. Ideally you use heroic stuff with something like a red cantrip or Titan's Strength, Assault Strobe or Brute Force. However, if Zada is on the field, you want to be casting your crimson whisps, Expedite and the aforementioned buff cards on her, to spread it to your whole field and/or get a lot of scrying or draw. 1 mana draw 3, with a little effect on all your creatures is insane, which you only need 3 creatures to pull off. That's Ancestral Recall level power, but it is gated behind that as a required setup.

In that instance, Young Pyromancer and Guttersnipe only give 1 trigger each. For this reason, i think, like, Monastery Swiftspear and other prowess effects are a better choice, and more ways to put out more tokens. I feel she's better with more creatures. Turning 3 1/1s into 4/4s while making her a 7/7 is game ending. Stuff like Goblin Rabblemaster and any of the little goblins that make more goblins as an etb. Monastery swiftspear still only gets 1 trigger from the original spell you cast targeting zada, but, it still triggers when you target zada, unlike a Satyr Hoplite.

I wrote this to be about mono-red, but it's good to know this for any deck you're running them in. I actually do like Satyr Hoplite and Akroan Crusader. They're good if youre going for like, a thing that cares about auras entering the battlefield, since then you have a good target for your aura. I built a constellation deck once. Why did they get rid of keyworded stuff like that? Red is a hard color to do that with, but, something like that is more where Satyr Hoplite shines.

I hope this helps people build better decks.

achi11es on Timing Is Everything

4 months ago

I am going to have to agree with Luke that this doesnt seem like your flavor of deck, but also I believe in you.

  1. First mission, obliviously.

  2. Blightsteel Colossus is not fun and never has been fun. But its good and it wins if that's the kind of deck you want to play.

  3. Chart a Course is not good and you should replace it with something like Ponder or Brainstorm or if you are gonna proxy anyway Ancestral Recall. Same with Scattered Thoughts since i dont see much graveyard in here.

  4. I like Delina, Wild Mage as a card but I am worried the 3/2 body will just get killed so you'll only get one turn of token making from it. If you get it early great but if you top deck it later youll just cry. Prob better in standard than EDH.

  5. Its not obvious to me how "beginning of the next end step" cards resolve here. A random person on the internet said "at the beginning of the end step: Happens every end step, so if you skip your own, it will just happen again at your opponent's end step." Which is how I would rule it as well, but again I am not sure. Look that up for cards like Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker to be sure before you go all in.

  6. I think Last Chance just has old wording, but it says at the end of that turn, which I am not sure you avoid by ending the turn.

  7. See note 2

zapyourtumor on Dimir Control Mill

8 months ago

4x Drown in the Loch looks like a must here, if you cut the Dauthi.

I don't understand the 1x Into the Story with only 2x Visions of Beyond when the latter is just so much better. I'd cut it and replace it with a third Visions (honestly a fourth Visions is probably worth it, Ancestral Recall is broken even if its conditional.

The Dauthis are a total nonbo with a lot of your cards. Honestly, I don't think its worth keeping them since they prevent you from running Drown, shut down Crypt Incursion, Extirpate/Surgical, Into the Story, Visions of Beyond, etc. It feels more like a sideboard card for grave hate.

Tasha's Hideous Laughter is the main reason mill is even remotely viable nowadays. Not running a single copy seems very dubious.

Oboro, Palace in the Clouds is a nice one of land to help you reliably trigger the crabs.

Field of Ruin is nice to force opponents to search, and with tron making a comeback 3 copies might be worth it over the more common 2 copies. But with all the restrictive manacosts like Counterspell, Archmage's Charm, Fractured Sanity etc. running a playset feels like too much.

SufferFromEDHD on Bruvac - Petitioners Millmaster

9 months ago

I really like your build. Going to link mine now and then get back to yours Bruvac the Grandiloquent Millage Pillage

I too saw the sweet Persistent Petitioners synergy but did not commit quite like you did. Intruder Alarm makes it interesting. Thrumming Stone makes it stupid.

You have some pet instant/sorcery cards that I think could be upgraded for more on theme carnage:

Sakashima the Impostor Bruvac #2

Retraced Image this is my hidden tech in my list but it is statistically better in yours!

Visions of Beyond = is always Ancestral Recall in this deck.

Winds of Rebuke = technically better than Boomerang in this deck.

Archive Trap it's EDH. Everybody tutors. Mill 26 for free.

Long-Term Plans to get your engine pieces and all the cool cards I suggested ;)

rdean14 on Card creation challenge

1 year ago

Er, three-card card advantage. Okay, the ideal case is actually an Ancestral Recall in Red with a 2/1 body. This might be more pushed than I realized at first. This can be flickered and chained together very easily. Well, yeah, probably, not that card exactly, then

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