Ancestral Recall

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Format Legality
Archenemy Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Highlander Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Oldschool 93/94 Legal
Planechase Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Ancestral Recall


Target player draws three cards.

Niko9 on Has Anyone Tried a Multi …

2 months ago

jethstriker That is very cool with the shadow and reanimator swap : ) I guess I meant more of trying games in modern or something where both players have 2 decks and they can start with either one or switch between games, but both players know the decklists of their opponent, and maybe with a stipulation that the two decks you are playing can have no nonland cards in common.

I'm just thinking of it as a way to both spice up games by adding a, which deck did the players start with, and how do they switch to counter each other.

It may not be the best solution either, just kinda throwing out ideas, but a problem I see sometimes is that side decking devolves to, make a good proactive deck and side in specific answers, then you win if you draw them or don't if you don't.

The big problem I'm thinking about is how rough it is to actually watch competitive play right now. Between Thoughtseize and Grief and The One Ring being a worse Time Walk plus a slow Ancestral Recall is that interaction feels like it's at an all time low because of hand knowledge, ring loops, and cascade or tron being able to break their playstyles by having tons of ways to stall until they explode.

So, my thought was, what if players had two decks they could switch in, but they also had the limitation of nonland cards can only be in one of the two. Could it create more interaction in games? I really have no idea : ) I'm sure someone has tried it.

legendofa on Cast And You Shall Reap

2 months ago

As I understand the Commander banlist (and as a very casual Commander player), it's kind of the "default" rule 0 discussion, intended for people who may not play with the same groups regularly. Personally, I'd rather have a default banlist and play a match than spend an hour debating whether or not Fastbond is fair in a deck that's "about a 7" whenever someone new shows up.

Once you have a dedicated and reliable group, it's perfectly acceptable to make your own banlist. If your group's okay with a proxied Ancestral Recall into Erayo's Essence  Flip + Arcane Laboratory lock in an otherwise mid-power deck, go for it! Your group, your rules. But two groups' definition of what's reasonable and fair can be completely different (which means a whole new rule 0 discussion from scratch), there has to be some level of compatibility between groups (otherwise it's not a meaningful format), and organized Commander tournament settings shouldn't be purely pay-to-win. The ban list is there to give a little bit of standardization for a format that's notoriously hard to standardize.

Gidgetimer on Mystic Remora or Mind Stone?

5 months ago

In that deck Mind Stone is a better choice. As a matter of fact I would say that you are desperately missing mana ramp just period. Unless I am missing something you have 6 total sources of ramp in a deck with a sky high average MV. Speaking of the average MV, if you are in a meta where the linked deck would thrive, then Mystic Remora is significantly worse than in faster metas. Mystic Remora is great when doing a Ancestral Recall impression because you dropped it on turn 1-2 and it drew you a card on each opponent's turn. it is significantly worse when it is a Weave Fate because you paid the upkeep twice and people just didn't cast many non-creature spells.

Quickspell on Does this Dragon‘s Approach combo …

8 months ago

While playtesting I discovered this combo, allowing me to exile my whole deck and play all Dragon's Approach cards in it. Does it work?

Cards on the battlefield:
- Locket of Yesterdays
- Birgi, God of Storytelling  Flip or Runaway Steam-Kin
- Virtue of Courage

Cards in graveyard:
- Dragon's Approach
- Dragon's Approach

Cards in hand:
- Dragon's Approach

I cast Dragon's Approach for because of the Locket of Yesterdays‘ cost reduction. This causes Birgi, God of Storytelling  Flip to produce and Virtue of Courage to exile nine cards. From among those I can play any Dragon’s Approach practically for free as Birgi reimburses any spent. At the end I have my whole library exiled with Virtue, but I only die if I would have to draw a card. So, at the beginning of my next upkeep or instantly to a Ancestral Recall.

But as long as I don’t draw a card, I can cast all Dragon‘s Approaches in my deck.

With Runaway Steam-Kin this should work too, as long as I can repeatedly cast three Dragon‘s Approaches.

Am I missing something?

DreadKhan on No Holds Barred Magic

10 months ago

If you're going with Show and Tell (I'm pretty sure you want 4 of this, and maybe a Mystical Tutor), why not Omniscience? Once that's out you can just cheat out everything. Also, if you're going for no rules magic you want Ancestral Recall, it's really good. Another option to consider is Eureka.

Hope some of this is helpful!

Balaam__ on Turbo Budget Competitive Wake Thrasher

10 months ago

Thanks for posting GrimlockVIII, yeah no draw in this one. All the best spells are banned in Legacy anyway, or way out of price range. No Ancestral Recall or Gush etc. Relying on tempo/control to keep things sedated until the pieces are in place. I considered Remand in an earlier draft, not true draw per se but the replacement card was nice.

sylvannos on Hoax Storm v2

1 year ago

To start with, there's a few cards that have better Vintage equivalents. Overmaster and Spell Pierce should be the 3rd. and 4th. copies of Force of Will. Leftover space from cutting those can be Red Elemental Blast, Pyroblast, or Flusterstorm. You don't need Faithless Looting because we have Paradoxical Outcome, Sensei's Divining Top, Gush, Dig Through Time, Treasure Cruise, and Brainstorm to choose from. Merchant Scroll also belongs in here, because you can use it to grab Ancestral Recall at the very least. Usually you want it to make sure you have protection in hand by grabbing countermagic.

Library of Alexandria isn't good in this deck. And you're not the type that needs 8x sources, so Steam Vents can go, along with a few copies of Volcanic Island (1 or 2). Replace all of these with four copies of Scalding Tarn and basic lands. Or even just play 6x fetches. You need to be able to shuffle after using Brainstorm, Ponder,and Sensei's Divining Top.

From here, you have a solid U/R Storm shell. However, I wouldn't play straight "Modern U/R Storm, but Power 9" dot dec. 2 mana is a lot for Goblin Electromancer, there are easier ways of winning than Grapeshot, and so on. The question then becomes "Where to go from here?"

Hope this helps! Welcome to MtG's oldest and greatest format.

Mortlocke on The Song of Phyresis

1 year ago

Hi Brightwrath - thanks for following my love letter to Phyrexia, even from the shadows. Mystic Remora is a great card for cEDH, and if your meta is all about multiple spells every turn, then by all means run it as it's just an Ancestral Recall with extra text. If not, then this is nothing short of a dead card. Necropotence is a great card as well but this deck tends to lean heavy on using life points. The previously mentioned will more likely than not limit your playing options - making you an even more attractive option to be shoved off the table by opponents. If you run Necropotence, i'd make sure to substitute in more Toxic/Infect creatures with lifelink like Flensermite.

As for my own deck I planned to go into each option at length but I guess i'll explain my rationale on some of the cards officially spoiled thus far:

  • Glissa Sunslayer - I think she is a Phyrexian Arena with extra steps. However, she offers a bit more versatility by allowing you to target an opponent's Enchantments for destruction or remove counters from a pesky Planeswalker. I think she would be a good redundant piece to run alongside Phyrexian Arena of course.

  • Staff of Compleation - This card I'm still trying to process honestly. It does things that could potentially steal the game - if you have enough life to pay that is. This card has the shares the same problem as Sylvan Library in that you have to be disciplined enough to know how much is enough.

ToxicMCTV - According to Card Kingdom it's 6 and a half K :) Honestly I don't think the deck costs anywhere near as much as either site estimates. Sub out the ABUR Duals and fancy foils and I'd estimate this deck to be maybe somewhere around $150. Would you build this deck?

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