Maze of Ith

Maze of Ith


: Untap target attacking creature. Prevent all combat damage that would be dealt to and dealt by that creature this turn.

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Maze of Ith Discussion

Kamerot on Om Nom Trample

4 days ago

I don't think we've ever discussed Maze of Ith, but I really like the potential. I'm gonna have to playtest it.

As far as Genesis Wave, you're not required to put every permanent onto the battlefield. You get to put any number of permanents, so if Regal Force would deck me or put me in the danger zone, I just opt to put it in the graveyard.

Profet93 on Om Nom Trample

4 days ago

Happy to see that discord is helpful. I'm familiar with Ink's moth's yeva, it is a monstrosity. Glad to see the changes, good work, agreed with your thought process.

Now that you added your 2 land untappers and the inclusion of yavimaya green urborg, have you considered adding Maze of Ith? I forgot if we discussed this prior. During battle phase, attack with land untapper creature, hold priority, activate maze on your creature untapping it. Then tapping the creature to untap maze and another land, rinse and repeat floating 1 mana each time. Utilize this mana with your commander to attack for lethal assuming another creature aside from land untapper is attacking. Given your dorks, I understand the hesitation to add it. But its another potential combo line. Given that you run spore frog, spikeweaver and have obscuring haze in maybeboard , it can be potentially be of use as another combo line.

I can't recall. How do you not deck yourself with Genesis wave and regal force's mandatory draw trigger, isn't that an automatic loss if you put in too much mana, how do you deal with it/determine the value for X?

Gidgetimer on Coveted jewel and Maze of …

3 weeks ago

Hmm, apparently I have never actually read Maze of Ith

Rhadamanthus on Coveted jewel and Maze of …

3 weeks ago

As written, Maze of Ith doesn't remove the attacking creature from combat. It just untaps it and prevents damage to/from it. Contrast this with Labyrinth of Skophos, which does specifically remove the creature from combat. In your example with Maze of Ith, Coveted Jewel will trigger when the creature isn't blocked.

CamraMaan on Coveted jewel and Maze of …

3 weeks ago

I have Coveted Jewel in play, and Maze of Ith, and my opponent attacks me with a flying creature I can't block, but I remove it from combat with Maze of Ith... technically the creature attacked and was not blocked, so does he get Coveted Jewel? I know Coveted jewel checks after blockers are declared, so my assumption is that removing his flyer from combat before blockers are declared will prevent it from triggering Coveted Jewel, but the rules don't make this obvious, and my playgroup will undoubtedly debate it. Help! Thanks in advance! :)

Profet93 on [PRIMER]Parley Girl cEDH

1 month ago


I wish I could +1 again, I don't even have any real suggestions to give you aside from my own personal deckbuilding advice which I don't think is warranted in this type of more competitive build. That being said, I wanted to know your input on these cards have worked for your deck...

Mandate of Peace - Do you just go to combat and not attack, cast it, then proceed to Main Phase 2 and activate your commander? Can't they just cast a spell in response?

  • Compared to Silence, do you prefer it given it stops attacks on your opponents combat step? I guess what I'm asking is, how does one use mandate of peace effectively in your deck? Under which circumstances is it ideal, and circumstances that are less ideal?

Savage Summoning - I don't see it's usefulness here as this is a more competitive build. Could you educate me as to it's effectiveness for you and why you run it over another card like Sylvan Tutor?

While not a serious suggestion given this build, one thing to note is if you were to add in Maze of Ith, it gives you infinite mana during the combat step in conjunction with Argothian Elder. You can then use that mana on staff of domination. Limited, yes, but worth noting if your meta is a bit more aggro than I had first thought (given you're running mandate of peace)

unwucht on [Primer] Political Subterfuge - Marchesa Aikido

1 month ago

As you run Solemnity in the deck, did you consider running Dark Depths, as well? It definitely is another "dead" land not producing any mana like Maze of Ith but can be a massive beater. Probably not in the mindset of the deck to be a threat,

azja on Yuriko (Optimized) Primer

1 month ago

Hey @Spirits, sorry for taking so long to get back to you! You asked such detailed questions, so I wanted to make sure I had time to write out detailed answers :D

Karn's Temporal Sundering vs Capture of Jingzhou:

Like you said, just a budget consideration. Yuriko is my pet deck so I don’t use any proxies, but I highly encourage it for others! While the bounce effect of Karn's Temporal Sundering is nice, I’m thinking of replacing it with Time Warp or just cutting it altogether for Treasure Cruise.


Since I don’t have any combos, I’m all in on the Yuriko damage plan. So having an enabler at all times is much more crucial for me, which is why I play 15 of them. Comparing my list to others, it seems 15 is on the higher end, so you could probably get away with cutting a couple. You’re correct about Tormented Soul, it can’t be pitched to Force of Will, as well as the mana base being more blue-heavy. As for the flying enablers, they’re included for redundancy (since there aren’t 15 unblockable 1-drops). It’s pretty rare for every opponent to have a flying/reach blocker, and we don’t really care who we attack, so flying does a pretty good impression of unblockable. Plus, many of them have relevant abilities, especially Faerie Seer’s scry 2 and Wingcrafter which can give Yuriko flying. If you’re mainly trying to win with combo, I wouldn’t play any of the 2 mana enablers except Tetsuko Umezawa, Fugitive. But don’t underestimate Augury Owl in the “winning with big spells” shell!

Kaito Shizuki

I haven’t tried him out yet, so I’m also unsure whether he makes the cut. Normally I wouldn’t consider playing a planeswalker, since we’re not very good at blocking to keep them around for longer than one turn. But with Kaito, we’re guaranteed 2 activations since he phases out eot, so I think he’s worth testing out for sure.


I think the wincons you described are all totally viable. Most of the cEDH Yuriko lists win with Thassa's Oracle + Demonic Consultation or Tainted Pact since it’s only 2 cards and 3-4 mana (and tough to interact with outside of counterspells). Doomsday is significantly weaker than fish-consul, but its also a reasonable win-con. It’s convenient that cards that would go in the doomsday pile such as Gitaxian Probe and Street Wraith are already good cards for the deck anyway. When I first built this deck, I didn’t include doomsday for power level considerations. Now, I doubt doomsday would be too powerful for my playgroup to handle, but I decided to leave it out since I prefer to win with Yuriko’s ability.

Scheming Symmetry

Scheming symmetry is pretty much my budget replacement for Imperial Seal until we get a reprint. It’s true that you can do some cute plays with Nashi, Moon Sage's Scion or Fallen Shinobi. But most of the time, I save it until someone is below 16 life, choose them to tutor with me, put Draco on top of my library, and eliminate them before they can use the card they grabbed.


I’m a big fan of Mutavault since it allows me to rebuild a turn earlier after a boardwipe, or just to have an extra ninja that usually goes unnoticed by your opponents. Unfortunately, colourless lands are really, really awkward in this deck, so I wouldn’t play more than 1 or 2 at the most.

Drowned Catacomb, etc.

Since I’m currently playing 10 basics, I usually don’t have any problems with Drowned Catacomb and Sunken Hollow entering tapped. As for Mystic Sanctuary, it definitely sucks when you draw it and have to play it as a tapped island. But, imo it makes up for it in the late game when you can grab it with a fetch land and put an expensive spell on top of your library in response to a Yuriko trigger. If you’re including Tainted Pact, or just playing less basics in general, I would definitely cut those lands for City of Brass or River of Tears, like you mentioned.

Colourless Mana

I touched on this a bit in the Mutavault discussion, but you definitely want to stay away from colourless lands as much as possible. Although Ancient Tomb and Gemstone Caverns are really powerful lands in a vacuum, the early mana they provide isn’t worth it imo. I definitely agree with you that Reliquary Tower is a trap. I wouldn’t play it in very many decks in general, especially not in Yuriko. As for Glacial Chasm and Maze of Ith, they aren’t played enough in my playgroup for me to need an answer for them. But if they did become more popular, my plan would likely be to cut Mutavault and include Strip Mine/Wasteland instead.

I hope everything I explained made sense and was helpful to ya! Don’t hesitate to ask me more questions!

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