Fervent Charge

Fervent Charge


Whenever a creature you control attacks, it gets +2/+2 until end of turn.

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

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Fervent Charge Discussion

Metroid_Hybrid on Mardu Humans and their Cat

1 month ago

Your deck seems a little unfocused. For example, you're running Stoneforge Mystic (a non-Human btw), but not enough bomb Equipment to take advantage of her value.. Also, it's hard to tell exactly how you plan on winning in face of a stalled boardstate (outside of Odric).

I suggest dropping the Aristocrat stuff from the 98 (but keep the Xathrid Necromancer ), as well as a boardwipe or two, and replacing them with some fun (Voltron) toys for Kitty.. One equipment in particular is Vorrac Battlehorns , as it renders creatures with Menace effectively unblockable..

On the Tribal side of things, Champion of the Parish & Gallows at Willow Hill are worth considering. Brave the Sands is a thing. And finally, since you're a Mardu deck that likes to go wide, you may really appreciate Fervent Charge . Pair that with repeat combat effects (ex. Aggravated Assault ) for maximum value

LittleBlueHero on [Duel Commander] Help to upgrade …

9 months ago

I can't speak for certain on which cards to keep/cut since I took mine apart and built it up from scratch.

Its still human tribal but I took out most of the aristocrat stuff in favor of building it as "Anthem Tribal" deck. It works out well since Jirina is an anthem herself and so are a lot of other humans like General Kudro of Drannith that you mentioned above.

Being mardu also gives us access to one of my favorite (often overlooked) anthems in Fervent Charge.

I was worried at first cuz the concept seemed so simple. Play a bunch of humans, bunch of anthems and swing away. Buts worked fairly well for me. I tend to take out one or two players at the table with even in the games I can't win, since turning our cards sideways leaves us pretty open to other players. But since this is for Duel commander the concept may work out even better.

It always feels good when that 1/1 token she comes with is swinging for 8+ damage lol.

irish_trunks on 'Tis but a Scratch!

1 year ago

Blackheart426 Thank you very much, that's kind of you! Emblem of the Warmind I had considered but didn't like because although it's a wider enchantment, it still relies on being an aura. Fervent Charge was just a little too much in mana cost for my taste and with the card draw, there's a good chance I'll have a better equipment for around the same cost. Fervor is an excellent suggestion though! I'm gonna include it with the maybe and I'll likely switch it in if my meta gets a little more aggressive and I need them to swing faster. :)

Blackheart426 on 'Tis but a Scratch!

1 year ago

Great Deck! I love it! You might want to throw in Fervor or Emblem of the Warmind to get everyone swinging faster. I've also seen Fervent Charge end a game or two, might be good in the old sideboard. Keep it up!

Tzefick on Fervent Charger

1 year ago

Funkydiscogod Agreed on the losing of haste. The rest seems fine.

Exert would reduce it to a finisher move in an aggro deck, whereas a non-hasty anthem pumper would be more of a mid-range value tool.

Falcoshin No, the wording is fine as it is. It is literally a creature version of Fervent Charge . Flavor would likely agree with you that this needs to be attacking along with the army to provide the pump, but it is little different from Ogre Battledriver that provides its benefits "from the backseat".

DemonDragonJ on Fervent Charger

1 year ago

Fervent Charge is a great card, but the fact that it is useless on its own is a very glaring flaw, so I decided to make a creature version of it, as seen, below:

Fervent Charger Show

This creature has the same mana cost as Fervent Charge , because I feel that that card is overcosted by today’s standards; if it were printed today, it would almost certainly cost 1 mana less. I also gave it haste so that it could attack and gain its own benefit immediately, which means that it will be a 5/5 for 4 mana, but creatures have become far more powerful in recent years, so I feel that this is acceptable.

What does everyone else say about this card? Do you feel that it is a good design?


2 years ago

For your commander, I'd recommend either Mathas, Fiend Seeker or (if you don't need to worry about budget) Queen Marchesa as both fit well into a mardu midrange/control shell

I'd also recommend Crackling Doom as it is a great way to control the battlefield in mardu colors

If you want to go more creature based, Butcher of the Horde , Fervent Charge , and Mardu Ascendancy

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