Destructive Revelry

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal

Destructive Revelry


Destroy target artifact or enchantment. Destructive Revelry deals 2 damage to that permanent's controller.

Icbrgr on The One Drop Zoo

2 months ago

i hear you Magicus... gotta have those 0 or 2 MV/CMC artifact removal ready... Engineered Explosives, Qasali Pridemage and Destructive Revelry can answer Chalice of the Void but sometimes we just get hosed... it just be like that sometimes lol.

legendofa on Whats the "best" burn deck?

7 months ago

Since it's already been confirmed as Boros Burn (and I agree with that), I'm going to mention the last Naya Burn card that nobody's brought up yet: Atarka's Command, along with Wild Nacatl and Destructive Revelry, were the big cards for RGx burn decks a few years ago.

Basically, if it's not dealing damage, it really needs to justify its place in a burn deck. And the answer's usually "no".

Metroid_Hybrid on Whats the "best" burn deck?

7 months ago

Usually Boros Burn will run a single Stomping Ground (and Fetch-lands) so that they can keep a playset of Destructive Revelry in the sideboard..

I've actually been wanting to put together a Mono-Red list myself for a while now..

Icbrgr on Whats the "best" burn deck?

7 months ago

For a long time now I have thought about building a competitively viable burn list... I know this is a deck that has been around forever but I was curious what people thought the best variant of burn was.

My gut tells be that Boros burn is the way to go; essentially splashing white for Lightning Helix and some utility/removal like Stony Silence and Path to Exile... esentially keeping it very simple/pure with just a little bit of opportunity for tech options.

Honestly budget isnt really a factor in my decision making... ive been collecting for a long time now and have a lot of staples collected already over the years.


If you were gonna build a burn deck what colors would you choose and why?

forneyt on

10 months ago

Eidolon isn't supposed to be played on turn 2 when you have a full hand, it's supposed to be played once you've exhausted your resources and need to lock down the opponent by having the bodies on the battlefield and making them unable to safely cast spells without being punished. If you're casting a lot of spells after you cast Eidolon, you probably played it too early.

Are you trying to get into competitive Modern, or is it a casual pool that you play in? I'm not sure about the exact percentage, but the vast majority of playable spells in Modern are 3-CMC or less. Only certain decks play with cards with CMCs higher than that, like Tron, Eldrazi, Delve, etc. But even they have a good amount of spells that Eidolon will hit. Counterspells like Spell Snare and Mana Leak are very relevant in Modern because the overall CMC of the format is so low, and they are less mana intensive than Ionize and Counterspell. Counterspells are much weaker when you can't cast your own spells while holding up the mana for the counter, especially if you want to go with the Aikido theme.

If you are playing casual, then you have a lot more room for fun cards like Boros Reckoner, but your mana base has to support the color-intense mana cost. If it can't handle Eidolon, then Boros Reckoner will probably give you trouble too, even with the in its cost. Although, it may be safe to play BR on turn 4 or 5 instead of turn 3 in a casual game, and there may be less removal so you can expect it to work out in your favor more often. As for your question about Monastery Mentor, I would expect Monastery Mentor to have a greater damage output than Boros Reckoner because of Prowess. Let's say you play it turn 4. On turn 5, you'll have 4-5 mana available to you and probably 2-3 spells in hand, depending on how the game had gone. You have the option to swing in with a 4/4 and have 2 creatures with prowess ready to block or attack next turn, or you can hold back and bluff combat tricks and get a 2/2 in for the damage and create the tokens on their turn, or you can completely go on the defensive and keep a potential 4/4 + 2 creatures ready to block. Boros Reckoner is a 3/3 and can potentially do extra damage if your opponent has a big creature. Monastery Mentor gives you greater options to put pressure on opponents and gets extra damage with your spells that you are going to play anyway.

Boros Reckoner's 3 damage for 3 mana is not a great deal, unless you are getting additional value out of it. Think of all the two-mana burn spells that we have listed: Boros Charm, Lightning Helix, Deflecting Palm, and Skullcrack. What these spells have in common are that they deal at least 3 damage (save for Deflecting Palm) and offer an additional effect. Lightning Bolt is the perfect burn spell because it costs 1 mana and does 3 damage, so anything that costs more than 1 mana has to give value beyond Lightning Bolt. Many burn decks in Modern splash green for Atarka's Command and sideboard pieces like Destructive Revelry (while this doesn't do 3 damage, it's the best spell for the job). Lightning Strike and Shock are just a bad Lightning Bolt unless you are playing casual/budget. Lava Spike is second best for dealing damage to opponents' faces. Rift Bolt can get the job done as well (better, in some situations).

I hope I've given you some helpful insight, and if you could tell me what your meta is like I may have more suggestions for you.

tysrob53 on Modern boros aggro (with results)

11 months ago

Hey magwaaf.

Thank you for the feedback.

On the situation of Vexing Devil over Goblin Guide when i originally built this for testing it was running both and took out the devil because it is just very slow compared to the rest of the deck. Yes his affect is cool but i found that most people wouldn't take the damage and then would deal with him before he could do anything. Whereas with guide he's a lot quicker & can use him the turn you cast him plus if he does survive it gives you some card advantage. but that may just be the what my lgs is like but i will be testing this deck for the coming months so that may change.

I have and still am considering running green but it wasn't mainly for Destructive Revelry it was going to be mainly for a playset of Atarka's Command in the mainboard. I am still tossing it up but am working on the mana base because i am running 3 Blood Moon in the sideboard. But i do think it you keep your eyes on this deck it will change quite a bit over the coming weeks and months & most likely will splash green for both of those cards.

thank you for the feedback and i will definitely be looking at splashing green and doing some more testing with devil over guide

ClockworkSwordfish on The Beasty Boys (Budget)

1 year ago

This looks like a really good, solid kitchen table-type deck! It's always nice to see more of those types of casual superstars.

One choice that stands out to me, however, is Warden of the Chained... he seems like a reasonable "underpriced creature with a drawback," but it's actually quite easy to do better in . The best example is perhaps Gruul Spellbreaker, who can be the same size and mana cost but has some other abilities, too, without the drawback. In my experience, the card is dirt cheap, so budget is no worry!

One other option you might want to consider is having a way to deal with noncreature permanents. It would be shut down by something like Sphere of Safety or Call to the Grave. I think one of the most efficient budget options is Hull Breach, though you might also like the incidental damage from something like Cindervines or Destructive Revelry. Ancient Grudge is also super efficient if you're more worried about artifacts in particular. If you'd rather handle it on the creature side of things, Sunder Shaman and Gemrazer are both solid options!

wallisface on Forged Execution (Gruul Land-Hate)

1 year ago

Nice build! Very juicy!

Some thoughts from looking through the list:

  • As you already mentioned, Shenanigans looks really good here. But I wouldn't necessarily drop Ancient Grudge for it, as Grudge will almost always be a 2-for-1, where as Shenanigans will always be a 1-for-1 (it's just you can have it in hand whenever you want it). Shenanigans is better than all of Destructive Revelry, Smash to Smithereens, and Splinter, so I'd suggest ditching one of them (if it were me, it'd be Splinter.

  • Your land count is really low. A bunch of your cards need for you to be at 3 mana, which you're going to only reach unreliably at 20 lands. I'd suggest going to 22 personally. This will also help you actually get Rust Scarab out too (which I personally think works good as a 1-or-2-of)

  • I'm really unconvinced by Splinter. If you're hosing your opponents boardstate, it usually won't matter whether they have more copies of a particular card in-deck. More often than not, it'll be the instants/sorceries giving you grief rather than the permanents (and Splinter can't hit those). This'd be the card i'd be ditching for Shenanigans as mentioned above. Splinter is a sideboard card at-best.

  • You mentioned on the forum-thread potentially using Voltaic Key, but I don't think this is necessary, as once the engine is going, the untap of the Key is just overkill. Something like Ancient Stirrings might be better suited though, as it gives you a turn 1 play, and lets you grab either additional lands, or grab additional Liquimetal cards (I would suggest staying at 20 lands if you added a playset of Ancient Stirrings).

  • Barrier Breach feels really strong here, though probably just as a 2-of. The cycling is nice if you're in a bad spot, but it's also going to end the game on-the-spot if you have multiple Liquimetal cards in play.

  • I reeaallly don't rate taplands (Kazandu Refuge). They're going to trip you up more often than they're going to help you colour-fix. Personally I'd sooner be running all your lands as basics, than include the Refuge. Only running 2 colours, and nothing needing multiple of a particular-pip you're very likely to be fine just running all basics anyway.

If it were me, I'd be ditching 4x Splinter, 4x Tin Street Hooligan, and 1x Smash to Smithereens, for 3x Shenanigans, 4x Ancient Stirrings, 2x Barrier Breach - but that's just me. You'll have a better idea of whether this sounds viable or nonsense.

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