Destructive Revelry

Destructive Revelry


Destroy target artifact or enchantment. Destructive Revelry deals 2 damage to that permanent's controller.

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Destructive Revelry Discussion

dsdude3021 on Naya's Hero

2 months ago

I'm curious what your experience was with Bloodbraid Elf . Cascade also gives you the cast trigger off of Hero of Precinct One . It's also crazy to think it's now a pretty budget card. Maybe because they are not as fun to play with?

I will like to advise that your 6 copies of Destructive Revelry (including Cindervines ), is a bit redundant and harmful. Especially if you already have the champ Qasali Pridemage . If you do put every single one in on a single game, you are very likely to start with one (or multiple) in the early game. This reduces your awesome creature output and likely ending with a poor mid to late game board-state. You don't have big and high CMC threats, so delaying the game into the late game can be a death threat to you. They are also mana restrictive (especially without fetchlands) and are strictly only answers to a particular threat, so they have a strong likelihood to sit in your hand wasting space

Here are some things to think about if your interested.

-The non-land permanent removal enchantments might be an option, if you want answers to specific permanent types in your sideboard, but it not have it as mana restrictive or type specific. Maybe even just creature stuff like Prison Term aggro might be funny against midrange or some aggro decks.

- Yasharn, Implacable Earth --Sideboard? It's at least interesting to think about.

- Declaration in Stone --another removal option like Path to Exile . Doesn't give them an extra turn on your early game, but is one more mana and at sorcery. Cheaper too.

- Remorseful Cleric , Apostle of Purifying Light --Cheaper Rest in Peace alternatives on a creature.

- Rienne, Angel of Rebirth This would essential be the 1 of fun card to put in the deck that is of theme. Not needed.

- Aspect of Mongoose , Valorous Stance , Unbreakable Formation , Dauntless Escort , Gods Willing and many others are much more budget than Heroic Intervention . Plus you mainly want to protect your creatures anyway.

- Shield of the Oversoul may be interesting

- Voice of Resurgence ?

I had more stuff to say but I realize this is alright long enough. Overall, I do like the idea of a multicoloured deck. I can see many possible directions a deck like this can go.

RambIe on I Wanna Rock!

5 months ago

Imo, if going for hard core
I would tweek the curve raising the turn one options
I love the creature choices you picked out
I would definitely suggest upping control and responce. copy spells and redirect spells can be very powerful
Also best part of gruul is breaking people stuff while advancing your own board state
I would suggest cards with these type of mechanics Ricochet Trap,Fork,Broken Bond,Destructive Revelry,

The_Legionarre on Jank Nahiri Boom

8 months ago

Based off your description I assume you know you should be playing Eidolon of the Great Revel so I won't go on about that but you should play it. I'd try out Wild Nacatl and Atarka's Command in the deck if you can, its kind of meta reliant, if your local meta has lots of creature based decks, it'll absolutely ruin them. Plus the green splash gives you amazing sideboard cards like Destructive Revelry which will be really nice against all of the chalice of the void decks you're worried about.

Also, just don't play Abrade. I know what your thought process is around it, but it doesn't go face, so its not worth playing. I'd take it out entirely, replace it with better burn spells, and put 4+ pieces of artifact hate in the board, and take out the stony silence and angel's grace.

abbatromebone on Mono-Red answer for Stony silence?

8 months ago

Wild Swingis the only mono red card. Your gonna have to splash green in for Destructive Revelry

abbatromebone on Temur midrange ramp

10 months ago
  • That tutor is amazing run as many as you can. Not only does it find the creature it puts it on the battlefield. You can alos use creatures to help cast the spell (they don't have to be mana dorks).
  • Unless the indestructible part is happening a lot there are much better spells to run Lightning Bolt Lava Spike Searing Blaze Rift Bolt and Skewer the Critics all come to mind. Cindervines might be better than Destructive Revelry. And running one copy isnt that amazing.
  • I feel its important here to talk about sideboards (SB for short). You can 15 cards outside your normal deck to bring in against certain match ups (techinally after the first game in a round of 3, with friends i let them side board right away). That is where you want to put all of your situational cards for certain decks.
  • Cut Blasphemous Act. There 2 main reasons 1) it kills your big dudes you are ramping to as well as your mana dorks 2) if you are that far behind you've probably already lost.
  • As for the mana base you arfe running 11 red cards 3 of which are double red. They are cards you are playing later due to the cmc so getting that 2nd red isnt as bad. You have 16 red sources which is a lot for that many cards. Looks like 14 blue soruces for 4 cards. Green is clearly fine. ( I count Sylvan Caryatid, Utopia Sprawl, Gateway Plaza and the other lands as sources. I didn't count arbor elf being it has to hit a forest). You are only running 4 non-forest cards which is fine.

lagotripha on Big Red

1 year ago

Would you mind including your sideboard? Its important to get a picture of the full 75 cards, especially with budget decks.

Knowing that you have a sideboard plan which is 15 land destruction spells, or 15 artifacts to side all of them in as madcap hits helps a lot with planning. Red doesn't have great enchantment removal, and tends to rely on janky artifacts or splash colours to fix that- its why its boros or naya burn, with even 'mono red' usually splashing for Destructive Revelry.

You might end up reliant on Blast Zone to kill Phyrexian Unlife which will make ad nausiem/solemnity matchups unpleasant.

In terms of keeping pyrohemia in play, some cheap manlands will do a lot - Lavaclaw Reaches or Ghitu Encampment might not be fantastic manlands, but they will work fine for that.

12_dwarfs on Aristocrats all the way.

1 year ago

So here is what I have come up with, I'm adding Shattering Blow, Seismic Shift, Destructive Revelry, Rubble Reading, Broken Bond, Volcanic Awakening, and Artisan's Sorrow for artifact enchantment destruction. I also added Tasigur's Cruelty, and Smallpox for discard. I like the dredge engine idea and ill look on card kingdom for some of the other suggest cards. Once again thank you so much.

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