Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature (Target a creature as you cast this. This card enters the battlefield attached to that creature.)

All damage that would be dealt to you is dealt to enchanted creature instead.

Pariah Discussion

Brutal_B on Avacyn's Angels of the Apocalypse

3 days ago

Not sure why you're running Cascading Cataracts...maybe swap it for Idyllic Grange or Isolated Watchtower. Thought about Defy Death? Bruna, the Fading Light and Gisela, the Broken Blade would be cool additions and they'd fit in the apocalypse theme when joined into their Eldrazi form. Light of the Legion? Seraph of the Suns would be good if you attach Pariah or Pariah's Shield to it if your commander isn't out. Brought Back? Reya Dawnbringer?

king-saproling on You hit like a kobold! - A Brash Taunter Deck

4 weeks ago

Cool idea! You might like these: Mogg Maniac, Spiteful Sliver, Stuffy Doll, Coalhauler Swine, Arcbond, Pariah's Shield, Wall of Souls, Druid's Call, Sheltering Ancient (make opp's dude big, then fight it with taunter!), Evolutionary Escalation, Spiteful Shadows, Binding Agony, Gratuitous Violence, Dictate of the Twin Gods, Trove of Temptation, Lure.

It's too bad you don't have white. There are a lot of white cards that are similar to or work nicely with Brash Taunter. These are just a few: Guilty Conscience, Entangler, Pariah, Boros Reckoner

sub780lime on Zur the Oppressive A**hole

1 month ago

MajordomoTom that does make for a solid strategy and removes the untap shenanigans. I think my group would disown me :). I actually should just consider adding Triclopean Sight. Once Zur the Enchanter is indestructible, it would be very nice to have.

DreadKhan adding Pariah to Heliod, Sun-Crowned would be super fun. He is often a creature as long as Zur the Enchanter sticks around. Some games, that just doesn't happen, but I still think it is worth considering.

DreadKhan on Zur the Oppressive A**hole

1 month ago

Yeah, I'd argue most people aren't huge fans of non-fun strategies, especially if they win very quickly or very slowly, both are obnoxious in their own way. At the same time, other players actively enjoy working out the best deck they can/want to build, and these people would feel insulted to play against a deck that isn't as serious as theirs, that doesn't offer a real 'challenge'.

Zur, Salt Miner is my 'play to win' deck, combining two of people's favorite strategies to play against, fast + reliable combo supported by very hostile Stax. It's very much a work in progress, but it's coming together I think. I think it qualifies as actively unpleasant to play against, despite only running 3 counters.

Back on topic, Pariah is pretty funny on the fetchable Heliod, Sun-Crowned, if you find he ends up a creature often anyways. I think this is less obnoxious than using the Ballista combo, but some people might find it lame.

DreadKhan on Land Burn

1 month ago

A Pariah can be handy, Cho-Manno, Revolutionary, Heliod, Sun-Crowned or another God, these can also make enemy attackers irrelevant (for damage anyways), allowing you time to set up, and then once set up you can just sit back and let the indestructible take the damage.

Idyllic Tutor can help find enchantments and isn't wildly expensive, which is nice.

Last_Laugh on Upgrading Urza's Saga "The Plague"

1 month ago

Last_Laugh suggests Last Laugh. Also Pariah is an all-star in Pestilence decks. Lots of Pro Black creatures (especially pro 2 colors).

king-saproling on White Weeny

1 month ago

Flickerform is a fun aura. It can be used to protect the enchanted creature from both boardwipes and targetted removal. It can also be used in conjuction with dudes like Heliod's Pilgrim, Totem-Guide Hartebeest, Auratouched Mage, or Boonweaver Giant to find more auras (these dudes even find flickerform int he first place, making it easy to set up an aura-tutor engine). You could even use Flickerform to set as a draw engine by flickering a creature that is enchanted with Unquestioned Authority or Sage's Reverie.

You might like these too: Flickering Ward, Kor Spiritdancer, Pariah, Darksteel Mutation, Murder Investigation, Hope Against Hope, Eidolon of Countless Battles, All That Glitters, Retether, Crystal Chimes

Daedalus19876 on Endless Forms Most Beautiful: Vadrok EDH [PRIMER]

2 months ago

Apologies that I haven't responded recently, I've been super busy!

Brefin: I am definitely tempted by Fatestitcher in Ascendancy turns... I could also run Brain Freeze as a mana generator in Ascendancy turns, since they're almost always also Breach turns -- with Brain Freeze, I can generate extra mill and graveyard fuel to play Dockside Extortionist and bounce him repeatedly. My primary limitation when going off with Ascendancy tends to be GY size more than mana, honestly, since my primary engine with Ascendancy (Frantic Search + Breach) doesn't actually cost any mana. Outside of that combo, I use Ascendancy more as a value piece... Also, just be aware that when anything like Inkmoth Nexus is activated, Vadrok is a 1/1. As in, if Vadrok is mutated onto Inkmoth, you can only choose between a 3/3 without infect or a 1/1 with infect -- for that matter, when it's a 1/1, it'll lose first strike too. The "becomes a" clause overwrites anything granted by mutation. The interaction between these lands and Ascendancy is really sweet, though... Maybe I'll put Inkmoth back in. Who knows.

Paeldroth: I'm not sure that those two do quite what this deck wants, honestly. Neither fits on its own, though obviously the combo is awesome (assuming no one has exiling removal) -- neither Stuffy Doll nor Pariah synergize with the rest of this deck, honestly. Also, I'm not super interested in adding another white card right now, especially if it isn't integral to my plans. Thank you for the suggestion, though!

MapPsycho: I love the band :D Endless Forms Most Beautiful is my favorite, haha, which is why I'm so happy I got to theme a mutate-centric deck around it...

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