Sunscape Familiar

Sunscape Familiar

Creature — Wall

Defender (This creature can't attack.)

Green spells and blue spells you play cost (1) less to play.

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Sunscape Familiar Discussion

GrimlockVIII on King Crocodile's Key Party

1 month ago

Sunscape Familiar can make your croc cheaper if you're into that.

Poseidon31 on Arcades, the Aggressive

1 year ago

Sunscape Familiar is a nice Bant Ramp Defender

KayneMarco on Morophon you die now deck(budget)

1 year ago

Here’s a list of cost reducers that are all budget cards that this deck would really benefit from:

There’s 8 others but they can’t really be considered budget. Another card that is amazing in a dragon deck is Sarkhan the Masterless That static ability is amazing because the damage being done to the attacking creatures is dealt before any combat damage. So if you have 6 dragons out they would deal 6 damage to each creature attacking you before they get a chance to deal any damage themselves.

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