Wall of Denial

Wall of Denial

Creature — Wall

Defender, flying,

Shroud (This creature can't be the target of spells or abilities.)

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Wall of Denial Discussion

Polaris on Does No Quarter Make Your …

3 weeks ago

No. Once a block has been declared, the attacking creature is now blocked. As far as I know, there is no way to actually unblock a creature. Trample gets around this because if there are no SURVIVING blocking creatures left when combat damage comes, trample will let you just assign the damage to the player.

With that said, this card has three uses.

First is obviating trades. They block your 5/1 with a 2/3? Their creature is dead and won't kill yours.

Second is powering through defenders. Wall of Denial or Guard Gomazoa stalling you out for eternity? Worry not, No Quarter has just the thing.

Third is beating deathtouch. Incoming Ohran Frostfang? No Quarter means your 3/3 shreds it with no issues.

chrisiver on Defender Beatdown aka Trump's Favorite Deck

7 months ago

Here's a nonbudget version I made. Tetsuko Umezawa, Fugitive might actually make this deck teir 1 that's how aggressive it is. Against control and combo we just race them, against fair decks we hold them off with walls until we get Tetsuko and then win. Wall of Denial is completely busted in this. This deck is actually nuts dude.


Monomanamaniac on Cancer Ward

9 months ago

Decent deck. You might think about getting that average cmc below 2.5 but besides that I like it

So don't take my recommendations as me disliking your deck, but I'd suggest adding Eidolon of Blossoms,Enchantress's Presence, Fertile Ground, Sigil of the Empty Throne, Wild Growth, Overgrowth, Tuvasa the Sunlit, Setessan Champion, Bear Umbra, Winds of Wrath, Arcane Signet, Thought Vessel. But consider which of the higher cmc ones you y like because average cmc is important

Suggested cuts would be: Charisma, Thornweald Archer, Rofellos's Gift, Grimoire of the Dead, Traverse the Ulvenwald, Predator Ooze, Revoke Existence, Rayne, Academy Chancellor, Lux Cannon, Stonecoil Serpent, Behemoth Sledge, Necropede, Wall of Denial, Spawning Grounds (as cool as it is, it's likely going to get the land it's on blown up), and think about taking out some of your etb tapped lands. Again these are suggestions and in no way am I saying these cards aren't good.

Anyways, hope it helps and I do like the deck, estrid proliferate is a good place for this commander

mrxentrix on Charix, CRAB OF DOOM

10 months ago

Wall of Denial was definitely considered at first but later I have found Deputy of Detention to be more useful.


10 months ago

I feel like making room for maybe 1 or 2 Wall of Denial could be useful, even if only in the sideboard.

Barbarian_Sun_Pope on Erayo, Soratami Filibuster

10 months ago

Glacial Fortress and Temple of Enlightenment are a nice budget replacements for Evolving Wilds depending on whether you want speed or scrying. Cancel is not a good replacement for Counterspell (there really isn't one if you think about it) because there are plenty of counters with the same converted mana cost that does more, i.e. Faerie Trickery//Dissipate, Disallow, Dissolve, Hinder (personal favorite), etc.. If you're looking for 2 mana counters I'd suggest Negate/Psychic Barrier (simple and to the point), Rune Snag (better with time), Remand, or Familiar's Ruse/Deprive. As far as a replacement for Shield Sphere goes, there are cheap defenders out there. While not at the same cost Wall of Omens and Wall of Denial does a fantastic job of keeping attackers at bay, you could also double up on Fog Bank with it's slightly bigger cousin Guard Gomazoa. Lightmine Field/Archangel of Tithes/Ghostly Prison also does a pretty good job of keeping attackers at bay. Hope this helps.

zapyourtumor on The Best Defense is an Unblockable Offense: Budget

1 year ago

Colossus of Akros is pretty terrible in this deck. An 8 mana 10/10 with indestructible isn't very impressive when you have stuff like Assault Formation and Arcades making your Steel Walls into 1 drop 4/4s.

Although it's a little more expensive, Perimeter Captain is really nice. Tower Defense is another classic defender deck card. I would also make some space to put back the Wall of Omens, maybe by taking out some Steel Walls or Wall of Denials.

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