Colossal Dreadmaw

Colossal Dreadmaw

Creature — Dinosaur

Trample (This creature can deal excess combat damage to the player or planeswalker it's attacking if lethal combat damage would be dealt to all blocking creatures.)

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Colossal Dreadmaw Discussion

Kazierts on Chad Mode Ultra-Flex Sigma Grindset Windgrace

1 month ago

I see you're trying for an all lands deck, but have you considered adding Colossal Dreadmaw and going cEDH?

wallisface on mono green beatdown

1 month ago

Some thoughts:

  • mono green stompy wants to come out fast, and come out swinging. My main concern is that your deck is quite slow & clumsy, with lots of mana dorks and lots of very-high-costing cards which are going to gum up your hand.

  • Some cards, like Colossal Dreadmaw, are just bad. Regardless of how casual you’re playing, this card is never worth it.

  • I would suggest ditching all 12 of your mana dorks, as well as Dreadmaw, to get some more aggressive low cmc creatures into the deck. I would also suggest dropping Stonecoil Serpent (it’s not great for stompy/aggro), and limit yourself to no-more than 2-copies each of Ghalta, Primal Hunger and Khalni Hydra (drawing multiple will make for bad, hard to play hands)

  • Creatures you should consider replacing the above with include: Avatar of the Resolute, Barkhide Troll, Experiment One, Pelt Collector, Steel Leaf Champion, Strangleroot Geist, and Yorvo, Lord of Garenbrig

  • Overwhelming Stampede is too slow a card, and often overkill. I would suggest running Aspect of Hydra instead, as it can get you wins much, much faster, and more reliably. You should also consider Rancor as another noncreature option.

  • Stompy/aggro has no real reason to run Utopia Sprawl imo. Also, 24 lands feels very excessive. Most mono-green stompy decks are generally looking to run around 18 (maybe 20 at a push).

There are a lot of existing decks built in modern for mono-green-stompy, including budget-builds. Have a google of “modern mono green stompy” should yield a ton of results to help you with your brew

TriusMalarky on State of Mono-Colored Decks in …

6 months ago

For more casual gameplay:

Red is (again) the fast mana color. With 5 low-budget, solid-power rituals, red easily converts cards into mana. Red also has Wheels, so you can refill your hand, although those tend to be a little bit more expensive budget-wise.

Green is the raw ramp color. If you're mono green, then you have lands, lands and more lands, and also mana dorks and probably lotus cobra to go with your infinite pile of lands. Oh and one or two big creatures, gotta win somehow. Colossal Dreadmaw should suffice.

Blue draws cards. Like, seriously, it takes extra turns and draws cards and counters some spells.

Black is whatever you want it to be. Seriously. Like, mono green is tribal and ramp and ramp, but mono black is tribal and pox and ramp and control and storm and reanimator and stax and combo and beatdown and big-things-from-my-trade-binder and demons-are-cool.

White has hatebears. It says "nah, you can't win, oh wait you're not a tuned combo deck I guess I can't tell you what to do"

Minousmancer on Minousmancer

6 months ago


Sparring Regimen is a global enchantment.

Each time you attack you give one of your creatures (a permanent)+1/+1. Then Vigilance.

Throw in the right creature and you PROLIFERATE. i.e. Wildwood Scourge or Conclave Mentor and/or Vorinclex, Monstrous Raider .

Is it good in a Colossal Dreadmaw deck, this is yes. There are better ways to use it as mentioned above. Even if the +1/+1 was only temporary it would still be a good card.

Now I'd agree with you if it was a creature enchantment.

goodair on Jurassic Park

10 months ago

Colossal Dreadmaw deck but no Colossal Dreadmaw in the deck. What kind of scam are you trying to pull!

seshiro_of_the_orochi on Sneaky Dreadmaw Tribal (6/6 Tramplers)

10 months ago

You should play more actual Colossal Dreadmaw. And a Storm Crow would be useful guess.

Jokes aside, what's not to love about this deck? 5-colour Timmy deck peaking an insider joke? Wonderful.

I have to admit, I expected Jegantha, the Wellspring at the helmet, but the Big Old Snake makes perfect sense flavourwise. How about Moraug, Fury of Akoum as an additional Dreadmaw? Also, Fierce Empath and Shamanic Revelation are great value plays for such a deck.

VampDemigod on BCC Week 7 | Kathril, Aspect Warper

1 year ago

Right after I declared the list finalized, a few cards had increases in price. If you want to stay strictly below $50, cut the three nonbasic lands, add one of each basic land, and replace replace Ebon Praetor with any creature with trample (for example, Colossal Dreadmaw).

Or you could cut The Ozolith. The deck functions without it, but, in my opinion, its worth its high cost.

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