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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
Vintage Legal


Creature — Human Wizard

Whenever a creature an opponent controls becomes the target of a spell or ability you control, gain control of that creature for as long as you control Willbreaker.

Triton on Targeting Spellslinger Hinata

3 months ago

Reality Spasm is amazing in Hinata, it goes infinite with Soulfire Grand Master. Combine it or any mass tap effect with Willbreaker and you have a 2-mana Insurrection!

I noticed a few cards that I think should be included into Hinata are in the maybeboard (including the Willbreaker), here are what I would try to fit in (plus a couple more):

Here's my (very much in progress atm) list for inspiration:


Commander / EDH Triton


I'm planning on removing all the token makers for more tutors and value pieces, like Feather and Shark Typhoon once I get my hands on said cards.

DreadKhan on MG42

3 months ago

Have you ever tried a Willbreaker in here? It's not fun, but if you ping something big, you just get it. You might want some way to protect it, Shroud/Hexproof sources abound, Neurok Stealthsuit is a fun option, UU can protect any of your creatures, and it sticks around potentially.

Niko9 on Anybody have a card that …

3 months ago

Awesome topic : )

I think that part of it is the deck that things go in and how they play out, but I've definitely had a few pleasant surprises.

Enter the Unknown in my dino creatures ramp deck is actually so good. It's extra lands that I feed into Lotus Vale and untappers synergy and it also can give card selection, pump creatures, or even dig for a land that you then play. I get the big downside of having ramp that's usually not turn 1, but one mana doing three things is exactly what I want sometimes : )

Half-Elf Monk is super deceptive. I just really liked the card, and thought it was no good, but then I put it in my neo-samurai deck to try it out, and it's always an amazing play. Vigilance with the tap ability is surprising. The monk can attack, block, and tap, and that's a lot for one turn cycle.

And in general, my Willbreaker and explore the dungeons deck turned out way, way stronger than I imagined. I thought to make a jank deck out of running through Dungeon of the Mad Mage or Lost Mine of Phandelver and using the dungeon's target abilities to steal creatures with Willbreaker and well, it's viscous in practice. It sounds so terrible, but it became by far my most evil deck. I have trouble playing it a lot of the time because it can just run over most creature decks. And that's a pretty good problem to have for what I built to be straight jank : )

Reynan on blue thievery

3 months ago

Hello fellow blue planeswaker. There a list of monoblue combos right here. I suppose you'll use Thada right? For stealing, there's cards like Willbreaker, Blatant Thievery, you can have a help copying stuff like Clone Legion, more stuff you will find here here.

Inniaz, the Gale Force is a good commander for steal and also gives acess to white color.

I hope have helped a bit.

Orange+ on Any Color You Like

5 months ago

Iluvmygirlfriend, thanks for your suggestions.

I have considered all of those cards, but have chosen against playing them.

King Crab is really cool, but very mana expensive, Willbreaker is just impossible to keep alive, Heartstone is a tad $ expensive, and Im not really that dependant on using Blind Seer's ability, and finally, Dismiss into Dream is a really cool card, but is a bit too mana expensive as well as making me too much of a target.

These might go in the deck at a later point, but currently I dont think they are good enough. They are however really on theme! So great job finding these suggestions for me :)

Iluvmygirlfriend on Any Color You Like

5 months ago

I love the idea of this deck! I have been thinking of some upgrades and have you thought about the following: King Crab, Willbreaker, Heartstone, and Dismiss into Dream

Niko9 on Oddly Venturing

6 months ago

I've been testing this one with the new addition of Slip Out the Back and it's pretty nuts. Because the phasing doesn't come back to owner, it is a one mana instant that triggers Willbreaker or it can break an opponents combo for a turn, or it can even protect my own creature in a pinch. I never thought I'd say it for my janky ventures combo deck, but it may actually be getting too powerful : )

HyrdaDOOM666 on Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better!

8 months ago

Honestly love this build. Maybe consider adding Willbreaker. Copy their creature then steal it.

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