Pernicious Deed

Pernicious Deed


, Sacrifice Pernicious Deed: Destroy each artifact, creature, and enchantment with converted mana cost X or less.

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Pernicious Deed Discussion

AkaAkuma on Tayam's Fun and Interactive Combos!

3 months ago

Hey BransBranflakes, I like the list! Thanks for the inspiration.

I play Tayam in the 98 with Ishai, Ojutai Dragonspeaker and Reyhan, Last of the Abzan at the helm. But Tayam is so synergistic in there that i want to put him into the spotlight with his own deck.

But the further i read on Tayam, the more bland he becomes with the same infinite combos between Ashnod's Altar and various creatures you noted (and Weaponcraft Enthusiast ). What is your experience on the diversity of Tayam and people who play against it? Is it the same song and dance with this commander every game, or can you win on different matters?

The ability got me with so many ideas.. I mean its nothing like Karador! First I was thinking of going tokens with a sacrifice subtheme. I could use Teysa, Orzhov Scion that can also create white tokens from the black tokens that e.g. Dreadhorde Invasion or Ophiomancer create. It will be an endless loop!.. Or landfall, as Tayam can make some cool land recurring triggers using Evolution Sage , Felidar Retreat and many more landfall critters. He also makes a cool Abzan coloured Enchantress (recurring Animate Dead or Pernicious Deed while drawing cards from Setessan Champion and enchantresses alike and even a Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons subtheme sounds good, where Ammit Eternal , Devoted Druid and Yawgmoth, Thran Physician are great inclusions.

Dinzoro on Gitrog Dredge combo final

4 months ago

Few suggestions: Beast Within , Emergence Zone , Traverse the Ulvenwald , Regrowth , Casualties of War , Krosan Grip , Putrefy , Buried Alive , Pernicious Deed , Gaze of Granite .

Idk how hard you mill opponents, but if u do this might be funny (also I'm biast hihi xd) Vulturous Zombie .

I know you play Collector Ouphe , but I think Grafdigger's Cage might be worth looking at.

Daveslab2022 on Putrefy or Mortality Spear?

5 months ago

You are most definitely the jerk when you say stuff like “active community member does not equal good player.” That’s absolutely a jerk mentality.

You are fighting so hard for this that you’re making fake accounts. I’m going to concede and let you “win.”


Don’t let fools like this tell you what you can or can’t post on the forums. You have obviously thought about the cards in your own deck and have decided that Putrefy is the weak link. I agree with that statement. I also think Pernicious Deed is great. It destroys your stuff but so does Nevinyrral's Disk and that was a format staple for years.

pimpin69 on Putrefy or Mortality Spear?

5 months ago

Daveslab2022: no i did not prove myself wrong. i said other players do, not demondragonj. im not the jerk here. you are.

yes anything else i say IS relevant. it IS relevant to tell people "hey, not only do you have option A and B, you also have C and D". so yes, telling him to take out Pernicious Deed instead of Putrefy is very relevant.

honestly, this is what the conversation looks like because of you:

me: consider option C and D as well.

you: he obviously already did even though he shouldn't have!

me: um, yes players should, but this one didn't.

you: you're a jerk for pointing out he could run both or neither! you're a jerk for making true statements!

DemonDragonJ on Putrefy or Mortality Spear?

5 months ago

shadow63, mortality spear is a instant, or I otherwise would not be considering it for this deck.

Erza420, it is true that Pernicious Deed can destroy my own permanents, but this deck uses the graveyard as a resource (as made apparent by its general), so that is a sacrifice I am willing to make, plus, I would use that card only when my opponents have far more permanents to lose than I do.

Erza421 on Putrefy or Mortality Spear?

5 months ago

i'd take out the Pernicious Deed honestly. it blows up your own stuff and you have a lot of cheap permanents.

Cravv on The Mimeoplasm [Competitive] EDH

6 months ago

Here is some cards that i think are must have: Insidious Dreams , It That Betrays , Emrakul, the Promised End , Void Winnower , Krosan Cloudscraper , Consuming Aberration , Kozilek, the Great Distortion , Frantic Search , Lim-Dul's Vault , Putrefax , Dark Ritual , Bane of Progress , Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord (great alternative wincon with Lord of Extinction [that is one instainclude too]), Toxic Deluge , Fathom Mage , Cavern of Souls , Assassin's Trophy , Abrupt Decay , Alchemist's Refuge , Pernicious Deed , Phyrexian Dreadnought , Hermit Druid , Rise of the Dark Realms , Reanimate . Those are of the hat that come to mind first when thinking whats missing here. Eldrazis are mainly for counters, Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon and Putrefax are for swinging and Fathom Mage (another zegana) and Bane of Progress are for utility. Also you are in promised land of green ramp so i would take out heavy mana cost artifact ramps and change them to Mana Crypt and green ramp like Birds of Paradise and other 1 mana dorks. And if you want to dig for lands, Nature's Lore and Three Visits are just better Farseek s. Search for Tomorrow is also great. As enchantment ramp i would suggest Exploration , Burgeoning , Wild Growth and Utopia Sprawl . I'm more than glad to answer if you have questions.

Grind on Mutually Assured Dog

7 months ago

U got darksteel plate.
Maybe want Pernicious Deed or Gaze of Granite ?

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