Heat Stroke

Heat Stroke


At end of combat, destroy each creature that blocked or was blocked this turn.

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Heat Stroke Discussion

Stardragon on Blowing Stuff Up

1 month ago

FormOverFunction I just removed Dingus Staff from my 99 lol not sure who mauch use the Egg and Ankh are going to be maybe sideboard? have no interest Pestilence but Plague and Heat Stroke could be fun. Inferno i don't think is going to make it 7 mana for only 6 damage to every creature and player? when Star of Extinction cost the same but does over triple the damage sure it can't it players but thats why i added Stuffy Doll, but it another source for stuffy to use just wish it was 5 mana i think 7 is to much. AEther Flash will help with 90% or more of tokens but they also hit mine so I gotta think on that one

FormOverFunction on Blowing Stuff Up

1 month ago

I always liked Inferno, and Spreading Plague makes for fun circumstances in multiplayer games. I was going to recommend Pestilence but that’s reliant on black mana so it’s probably not as great.AEther Flash could also be helpful against a lot of the smaller utility creatures, but isn’t as effective against the big stuff. Lastly, Heat Stroke adds the destroy mechanic regardless of power/toughness.

Gleeock on Cards that are somehow cheap

2 months ago

I think probably with Heat Stroke there's such a large volume of decks that don't worry about the combat phase at all. Though near $10 ain't negligible, it certainly is more of a slow-creep than a price blossom for sure though.

FormOverFunction on Cards that are somehow cheap

2 months ago

I’m always sort of surprised that Heat Stroke never hit as big as I thought it would. I don’t think it’s the best card ever, but it really seemed like one that made enough of a fundamental change that it would be more worthwhile.

FormOverFunction on Boros Land/artifact Hate

4 months ago

I love enchantments, so I’ll try to keep it to a minimum. Because there isn’t a ton of recursion in boros, and boros is sort of a speed-kill operation, I would recommend Citadel of Pain , especially if you’ve got Manabarbs . You’ll get the benefit of dealing the tap damage, but more importantly (imho) you’ll make the instant-players pay for sitting on counterspells and kill spells. Heat Stroke is an old favorite of mine, too, for token/little creatures.

FormOverFunction on Are there any old cards …

7 months ago

I’m sort of surprised Heat Stroke isn’t used more. I know it’s too slow for red burn, but I would assume token decks would get value from it (my goblin deck certainly does). Artificer's Hex is an all-time favorite of mine for my haunted house deck. Equipment cards bug me almost as much as planeswalkers so I love messing with them. It’s strong because it doesn’t outright destroy it, so GY recursion doesn’t save it. It’s weak (but more fair) because the player can still choose to use it if it’s worth the creature dying, which makes the play more engaging. Similar to equipment, other artifacts are so core to Standard EDH Decks(tm) that something like Corrosion can jack up a 4-player game big time. Clearly, I get a great deal of enjoyment out of dragging other players back to 1996 by destroying their insane swords and 1/3 flying first strike 1cmc creatures (or whatever). Giant Oyster is far from flashy, but killing things (even fliers!) with -1 toughness is strong, and especially brutal if they have to watch it happen over five non-untapping turns. (Note: sorry if you’ve looked at my decks before, I’m obviously just scrolling through them at this point) Walking Sponge can sometimes make wild swings in momentum in multiplayer. Hilarious. Homarid Spawning Bed produces so many tokens that I’m certain that if I was better at making functional decks I could misuse that in some sort of sac-outlet jank. How do you get giant creatures into play that are worth sacrificing? Glad you asked! Iceberg is such a crazy amount of ramp for blue I’m astonished that it’s not more popular. My guess would be that it’s practically impossible to find, because blue always wants blue mana rather than colorless and because cool new blue stuff is basically free anyways ;p but I've loved it ever since I found a (one!) copy of it for my Briny Deep deck. Breaking Wave might be something The Cool Kids are still using (sadly I wouldn’t know) but if it isn’t it absolutely should be as it can be bonkers. Paralyze was a lot of fun to use on your own creature that wouldn’t otherwise untap in your untap phase. I hope that still works nowadays. Transmutation had always been fun, and I hope it’s still useful. If you enjoy making deals cast a Callous Oppressor and start the bidding high! Do you like hurling insults down at the two strangers fighting in the ring? Get yourself a Whipkeeper and turn it up to eleven! This is way too long a post, so I’ll stop and see what else comes up in the posts. I’m looking forward to hearing about other people’s favorites!!

Sultai_Sir on Biggest, Dumbest, Craziest Enchantments/Instants/Sorceries

10 months ago

Hey, FormOverFunction, thanks for the suggestion! I've never heard of Heat Stroke, but it looks broken with a flash enabler. "I'll block that, that, and that, sac those spirits before damage is dealt, cast this Parallel Thoughts, and oh look, your board is gone. Such a shame!" Speaking of Parallel Thoughts, it's a shame it's so under-used, in the right deck, it's 5 mana, tutor 7 cards.

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